Today I had a lifetime experience in business and people relations. (Ok – I cant talk about it – but I have taken a new job – yes a Job as in 80h workweek). And its much more then carefully selected – I have been 100% true to my rule number one.

RULE #1: No assholes.

Since no company (I ever heard of) has been building itself – I have gone with an extremely smart bunch of guys into something extremely difficult. Off course if 100% disruptive and huge – and potentially big failure – but that’s a given with me (as you prob know by now). These people are just hammering smart and extremely nice and humble – AND not too young AND know what they are doing.

So – today we met with a partner – and I had goosebumps from 20min into the meeting until the end 2h later. Imagine you meet a soulmate/bizzmate – that is just funny, nice, friendly, no attitude – and on top of that has everything you dont have (and will offer it to make thing happen) – AND you can actually make your bizzmate stronger and more profitable with the joint effort. THAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY for the first time in my bizzlife and Im still have a tickling feeling in my stomach and have no clue how I should ever fall a sleep again :) So the rules for a bizz partnership after today:

#2 Hearth driven – Its the only way to change stuff.

#3 Useful – think about partners/people – how they live, work, dream.

#4 Speed – can it be done in this century.

#5 Simple not easy – no mumbo jumbo – everyone really gets it.

#6 Involvement – does everyone have the needed time on hand.

#7 Innovative – no me 2.

#8 Universal – can it really change bizz in the whole world.

#9 Profitable – well we need lots of cash for new newspaper projects :)

#10 Proud – you cant wait to present it to your mum and your son.