Leweb Paris (small speach = interwiev)

Im in a weird stage of my life – so insecure and jet so full of power and new ideas and hope for the post financial crisis… At Leweb I tried not to say anything planned – just talk from the top of my brain.

And I have to say that I get so nervous everytime – but love the effect everytime – 50-100 emails from people who where moved (felt a change in their life) from my silly ideas…

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LeWeb3 – 3

le wib

I had to do his deeper post on this event. And first of all give the deepest of all respect to the team. Its the most welldone conference I ever attended.

Program – was really worked trough – better then any other conference iI attended this year.

Speakers – the best i could imagine (Only Mygdal an Reeboot can match it – but Reboots problem is always that I dont understand how cool the speakers are until 2-3yeras later). I Still dont really understand what I do in this crowd. I must say that I had expected a REAL SUPERSTAR

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