Posted on November 19, 2007


As Im getting older I think its underwhelming that

1) Swedish waiters ad bartenders are even worse then Danish (its off course just because of the welfare) – but its strange that one have to apologize to get early to a Cafe to the staff – who are all mad and morning pissed (and stay pissed all day)…

2) That its so embarasing to have been wrongly charged at the Hotel Movie system – that even I really dont like to complain… :)

3) Its absolutely UNDERWHELMING to see so many BIG COMPANIES not follow compaetition and open the HIGHWAYS OF OPPORTUNITY to young (and old) and worksome risktakers – in the OVERWHELMING technology space called THE INTERNET

4 ) Its underwhelming that NO ONE does better movies – with the low price of production and the easy access to editing on a PC. In Denmark – HE GOVERNEMENT pay 40% of ANY HALF GOOD MOVIE IDEA – and you cant even imagine the amount of crab comming out – its UNDERWHELMING.

5) Im underwhelmed that I wrote this – in stead of celebrating life… But Im a bit down – and complain about 1000% more then normally…