Tell Me Something – Recommendations WANTED

Dear Valued Reader

Special note: To the hundreds of you who have asked to invest in my fund: I’m sorry – the paperwork to get this approved is insane (it’s not legal to take money from normal people – only rich people are allowed – hmmm…).

Today, just a bit below, I will tell you the fastest way to become a millionaire—no guarantee that its fun, but rich you can become.

(I am so happy to have all of you guys following up on all my weird requests) – My blog and my twitter account simply makes me one of the fastest business developers in the world.

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You Can Invest (and loose)

The Best Enterprise Software deals in the world.

I have Funds and Institutional investors from all over the world – trying to get in. And I get 2-3 emails pr day from private people who wants to invest smaller with the companies I’m into.

Before dec 28 2011 – I will let everyone get a try – since that’s more fair (this should be for everyone – not only rich peoples funds). And after seeing how the banks fuck over many people in their investment advice – I have taken this decision to open up.

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StartUps Northern Europe Is Exploding

I See & Feel A revolution

Nearly all the people who have been visiting my house over the last decade more then 5 times – seems to be on steroids entrepreneurs . Most of the people I have know for a long time are Danish (and its off course easier to drop by – when you live in Denmark (where my 4 kids live)).

I made a drawing – while bored in a meeting – and my eyes nearly popped out when I starting looking at it – and understanding it. Most of my close friends are doing pretty big stuff –

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Personal Assistant (Nr. 5184)

I Love Berlin With A Taste of Swiss

I have started to work a lot with a group of 4 people in Berlin. They are not only special – they are a phenomenon – a pure real ones. I cant wait to tell who it is – but not now. This post is just to show off German/Swiss “grundigheit” – and to give You: My Dear  German speaking  readers – this incredible chance.

PDF goes here -> Stellenausschreibung Personal Assistant


PS. (If someone you know –

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The New Sheriff In Town


Mr Lanng – is one of the guys with the fastest and most focused CPU’s in town. He has been so generous – to start as blog today. And It only shows his absolute mastering of communication and transparrency in running a StartUp on speed.

Here is a snippet:

“It scared the shit out of me. Being from a nation where government welfare is the default, a nanny state, I can see how “hygge” can kill any startup. The reality is that Tradeshift is still very much a startup: we might look like a real company,

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A Win Win Settlement


Act Dont Talk

Friday was a huge day in my life. Alexander (my partner) – managed to settle a very very very complex legal fight (article here).

I have never been a fan of lawsuit and stayed out – for as long as in any way possible. But it got nasty – and our counterpart was both hard and smart (unfortunately). The problem was one of those big ones – that you cant wait out… We had no chance to do any business –

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Look – It Failed – What Did I Say

The “What did I Say” pessimists

Avoid lazy negative pessimists in startups.

Im having a blast these days. Its too good to be true – life simply has played the best of all tricks on me. Now that Tradeshift is showing traction – and now that it looks like I will be part of something really disrupting again. A lot of the people who have been: “What did I say – you fucked up” – are starting next wave: “Bravo – Tradeshift is impressive – Will but will it ever make money???

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17.000.000$ into Tradeshift

Today I Feel Lucky

If you have been following me closely, you would have seen some crazy shit come out of Tradeshift. Instant Payments, SHIT HOT customer wins, Tradeshift App Store and now an IMPRESSIVE investment round. The secured $17 million – valuing them at $137m, making this one of the largest investment in a Euoropean tech startup this year!!

The investment is led by ru-Net and Kite Ventures.

Tradeshift will use the investment to accelerate their already AWESOME product development, sales & expand the company into North America (watch out competitors –  » Read on: 17.000.000$ into Tradeshift  »

Berlin Berlin Berlin

I have no idea what it is. But Berlin somehow has something I have never felt in any of the +120 Cities I have visited. I so much wonder what it is…

Put you idea/comment here…

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I Have Fucked Up (a Bit)

This is a long message to officially apologize to my friend Eran Davidson at HPV – with a lot of background. I had a bad day – I forgot the power of my word – and I was angry (self generated rage is a huge driver for me).

A TUESDAY in Berlin, sept:
I had a good meeting with Rouvan and Eran Davidson (from Hasso Plattner Ventures) – about a new project Im doing – and since Im so much in love with it. I GOT FURIOUS (mostly at myself) WHEN THEY DID NOT WANT TO INVEST INSTANTLY.

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Sometimes Right = Tradeshift

Sometimes:- You just know when something is RIGHT
You find the right PEOPLE
– You have the right STRATEGY
– You have the right INVESTORS (and enough$)
– You get the BUSINESS MODEL right!!

Tradeshift is one of those companies you only see very very “sometimes”: And now finally we told the world about it the real deal: Tradeshift Instant Payment

With Tradeshift – its really hard not to smile as a chairman. Founders are off course kick ass – but I must say that Im nearly more impressed by the people they have managed to hire.

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RIP Steve Jobs – the tech hero #1

3 Apples changed the World

1st one seduced Eve
2nd fell on Newton
3rd was offered to the World half bitten by Steve Jobs.

I will watch this incredible speech over and over again – and use all my Apple gear forever… Maybe.

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Greek Tradegy with EU as featuring act

short comment on EU. Its pretty fucked…

I Have To Get It Out (in Danish sorry)

The Danes are the luckiest people in the world. But even in paradise the world occasionally changes faster then the Eden Gardeners Inc can restructure the flower fields. Im sorry to put this out in Danish – but its national matter :)

Venture Capital i Velfærdsland

– ja det er jo åbenbart en selvmodsigelse. For vi har ikke ret mange mennesker i dette land som virkelig har prøvet og mærket hvad Venture Kapital er.

Jeg er meget inspireret/uinspireret af Børsens skriverier om Statens Vækstpakke og David Trads artikel idag i Berlingske (om USAs foundere der geninvesterer).

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Is it like Google

(the service you know – that made the web worth using after ALTAVISTAs poor poor take),
– its shit simple (se my profile here)
– shit effective and looks/feels KILLER NICE & EASY (when you get it)?
– It’s like Google, but with faces and its your second chance to get your social network and HOW to share with WHO – right.


Google+ is a advances contact manager – (and Contacts in Google has always sucked bigtime –  » Read on: MY TAKE ON GOOGLE+  »

A Good Opportunity ( from Tradeshifts CEO)


Remember we started Tradeshift – via a couple of twitter messages and some sweat for equity (shares). And the companies and people who took shares – are some of the happiest in my business network… Also they where all kickass smart and has worked hard. Here is a chance for a small/medium sized team in India (preferable some champions like Real Entrepreneurs, x McKinsey, Accenture, Bain Indian dudes with lots of drive and energy – and a intense sense of urgency).

Message from Mr. Lanng (our CEO)

We are looking for a joint-venture partner who can deliver standardized integration and conversion services between Tradeshift and the millions of small business suppliers who need to be on-boarded.

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Nervous or When You Really Have To Pee

When You Really Have To Pee

I feel exactly like when I have to pee while parking my car – its easy to manage. But then when I open the frontdoor to the house – and the toilet is so close – then it’s really hard to manage… :)

I’m getting so close to really ending my bankruptcy.

I run EVERBREAD – AND we are making a kill/homerun (and its ABSURDLY DIFFICULT TO MANAGE THAT MANY PEOPLE and EGOs) – AND I advise (Chair) Tradeshift and they are always a bit ahead of EVERBREAD or just a bit behind (in new clients,

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What Investor To Take

think it over

I get the question all the time:

What kind of investor should we take..

Well its really hard to say – I will go as low a making a small list of things that it depends on:

THE “How hungry are you for cash” TEST

1) Its too yearly – we dont need $
a) It would be fun to try – but we havent got a clue
b) We are confident and have an uncle who can help with the language
c) We have done it before and know some VCs
d) We are just teasing until someone talks to us
e) We are silly bad at selling but the product is HOT LAVA

2) We have quit our Jobs (if you ever had one)
a) and forgot to raise (product ate the attention)
b) we heard it was so easy / but shiaat…

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A Real Hero – Bill Gross

Morten Lund speaking

Business Philosophy Secret

I have lots a secrets business wise. A very important one is the usage of heroes. Well – my narcissistic self has been very open about Bransson and Clinton as heroes – but the lower level hero’s has never been something I have been unveiling. (comming back to that)

Speed Speed Speed

Mostly because I find it to be a very useful way to stay just a littlebit ahead in the HighSpeedTurboCrytonite-online business world. Things are moving faster then ever in history. Yesterday I watched some TV from 1970 –

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The Strategy - not

Here are some personal notes – just to make sure that you know how my mind works –  before getting the full understanding of the last mile of this amazing and huge industry : Travel

Every Back-End Technology (and Philosophy) is +30Y Old

For the sake of argument, we can pretend that all the systems to support flights, tickets reservations and bookings were born (at the conceptual level) on April 6, 1926 when United Airlines was formed. The date when mail, passengers and cargo really started functioning in an organized manner through flights being attached to schedules.

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