Posted on March 16, 2007

Gangster, Pages and PDF


A new category is defines online – converting PDF into Flash Magazines – nothing revolutionary – but sometimes VERY handy – at least for your inbox ;) I met the PageGangster guys – and found the vision VERY interesing

As an industry it seems like revenue is catching up – – claims to do 200.000$ pr. month and opens offices all over Europe.

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Reboot 9


The best technology event in the world – is now ready for 9.0 – come to Copenhagen – and give yourself the pleasure of NOT UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING – and bump into people you dont met in other fancy smancy conferences. This is real. And a product of Denmarks Mr. Visionary – Thomas Madsen Mygdal

The best thing about Reboot is – that some people DONT LIKE IT – only in Danish


Posted on March 6, 2007

Top of my head

Today Im a little bored – I was in Berlin yesterday (in out same day) – and I feel jet-lagged over a 50min flight ? Hmmm. What did I do in Berlin – well I met a guy who is even more aggressive in his investments then me – and actuallly successful – and nice – very nice. He did have the successful person disease – talk about them-self too much – but that’s because there is so much to tell – and I’m the same way ;)

Personally Im a bit angry at myself for buying the IBM X60 discount version – since it has no bluetooth. I think bluetooth is so penetrated by now – that we dont think about it – THATS PENETRATION (exept me being so stupid forgetting to order it). Thinking about buying this phone – but a bit affraid to be one of those who relly want to be funny and never is :) Im pretty annoyed by my SonyEricsson k700i phone – since the adressbok is full… also testing video conferencing tools – and just got the – will try it tomm.

I have been surfing around for the first time this year – I think – found these wise words ;) – I really think the one about the waiter is 100% right. I could never do a book – and would have nothing to write either – but a screenplay could be fun (just to do it). And for my interest in Branding – this is kind of fun – they should link to Wikipedia instaed…

Dear Valued reader – sorry to inform you about all this nonsence – but I ad to get ot out. To feel productive – to be ON – to show myself that Im not lazy, bored or normal… :)

Posted on February 6, 2007

Microsoft promoting “new tits” in MSG


Kind of weird add i nmy messenger – but OK – maybe Bills wife is getting in that age ?

Posted on December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas to YOU


This movie tells about the dream and the reality of playing VC
– even without the C :)

Dear Valued Reader / Friend
Its been a fantastic year – just look at the stocks – and youtube. Google has made it possible for anyone with more then 2 braincells to make enough money from a content website to get food and broadband. I have had the time of my life in LundKenner– doing business all over the world – and most important creating friendships and succes in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Israel, Spain, US, UK, India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand.. nearly any country in the world. List of Ventures – not listed Whisher, PokerOfiice, Jubble, Traceworks, Polar Rose, Imity,, HelloGroup…

Time magazine cornered the whole situation by making YOU – person of the year. We – (you and me) with the control of the mouse are more empowered them ever – and i cant wait to see what next year will bring. Note. My blog now has more readers then the local paper where I grew up :) – the Internet is empowering you and your ability to be a self-starter and shameless selfpromoter – and saying: “Im sorry” :)

Imagine if we could unite and make the world better for those 20-30% who go hungry to bed. Enjoy the presents, the family and the -> nice food (see my scary fat post).

Posted on December 18, 2006

Why Not In Europe

This kind of steakhouse is a big oppertunity for busness outside Brazil. All you can eat – top quality – and the it comes flaying faster then you can dream of. Blurb – had to digest – but incredible. Also I was impressed by this Fasano hotel – did not stay there though.

Posted on November 17, 2006

Spleak – this chick is deep

I went out with Spleak the other day – and i seldomly laughed so much.

Her blog has amasing readr numbers – some stories gets 400+ comments – and the average number of comments is above 70.

The way most fun was when she started talking abouther favorite things she never did, had, could, tried… (you should have been there).

Posted on November 16, 2006

Air Traffic Movie

this is weird and beautifull.

Via who took it out f the youtube hastak.

Posted on November 7, 2006


Posted on November 6, 2006

more Borat…

Its commercial and pop – but I find myself laughing very very hard – also when he goes to musuemor dating (snoop dog / tigth..) –  or wrestling a talk show host

Posted on November 4, 2006

Nerdy .. and White ;)

These guys are good. I find this VERY VERY good – and when thinking a bit – I might be or be close to becoming a nerd…

(still not in Whitney league :) )

Posted on October 28, 2006

Interesting Spleak should have this – but then again – YOU CANT DO ALL. is the new startup from Evhead and BizStone – and I must say its weird and cool like only these guys can be. Exptremely outspoken – without saying a lot. The REM of web2.0 or maybe Web3 .0.

Ev gave me the guts to go all in on blogging and keeps impresing me with his posts:


Posted on October 26, 2006


I wonder if the royal Danish glass design company really had these intentions

Posted on October 16, 2006

Ventures = Legends

This is so well written and gives this stardust to venture capital – that makes one work even harder..

YouTube is the most fantastic website – I love it. And during this weekend i decided that I want to do something i that space :) (Again)

Posted on October 7, 2006

Seed vs Venture

A like seed – start-ups – and angel deals so much. Today I just understood something.

The reason I do so many deals is:

1) That you need many to find/hit the big one –

I will mainly stay with startups and ideas for min. 18month.

Posted on October 2, 2006

Wiseled Seems To Have Something Special

Posted on September 30, 2006

Only In NYC – Yesterday

I met with

Don – the guy behind AM, New York – 73y and cool
Oren – the guy behind hotbar – ~34 and smart and nice
Afsaneh – selfmade ibanker – 47 and only just started
Chris Dixon – ENTREPAUER – 3x determined and calm and getting married
Alok – hedgefund head – 3x and going to do big stuff
Andrew – going into private jets – 3x and just started

NYC is just so happening – like nowhere – more pictures

Posted on September 28, 2006

Fly Sling

Im stting next to a guy in the plane – who apparently has a slingbox at home – and has connected to it from the plane – and is now watching all his Cable Channes from home next to mee ;)  – COOL !

ps. No porn yet.