Designers & Researchers – Your Time Is Now !!!

Im Changing Direction – Again Tradeshift and Everbread are now running on their own – I don’t have to be there every day. And I see 10 amazing start ups every month – I can’t stop myself anymore – I need to kick a lot of these guys in their bud – and help them […]

Look – It Failed – What Did I Say

The “What did I Say” pessimists Avoid lazy negative pessimists in startups. Im having a blast these days. Its too good to be true – life simply has played the best of all tricks on me. Now that Tradeshift is showing traction – and now that it looks like I will be part of something really disrupting […]

17.000.000$ into Tradeshift

Today I Feel Lucky If you have been following me closely, you would have seen some crazy shit come out of Tradeshift. Instant Payments, SHIT HOT customer wins, Tradeshift App Store and now an IMPRESSIVE investment round. The secured $17 million – valuing them at $137m, making this one of the largest investment in a […]

Sometimes Right = Tradeshift

Sometimes:- You just know when something is RIGHT You find the right PEOPLE – You have the right STRATEGY – You have the right INVESTORS (and enough$) – You get the BUSINESS MODEL right!! Tradeshift is one of those companies you only see very very “sometimes”: And now finally we told the world about it […]

What Investor To Take

I get the question all the time: “What kind of investor should we take..“ Well its really hard to say – I will go as low a making a small list of things that it depends on: THE “How hungry are you for cash” TEST 1) Its too yearly – we dont need $ a) […]

A Real Hero – Bill Gross

Business Philosophy Secret I have lots a secrets business wise. A very important one is the usage of heroes. Well – my narcissistic self has been very open about Bransson and Clinton as heroes – but the lower level hero’s has never been something I have been unveiling. (comming back to that) Speed Speed Speed Mostly because I find it to […]

Lets Meet Under A Common Religion: Entreprenuership

(can also be read if you are working for an entrepreneur and find him/her weird some times) To all of you guys out there who work every day on your dream. Who get up every morning and work like ants on creating you dream. You guys who don’t get disturbed by the common rules – […]

Money, Succes, Suicide and Love

My small debut on triyng to write a bit structured.

Whats An Engel Investor?

This is vrey very interesting for all of u who wants to underdtand what I do – and how my hero (and nearly friend who have invited my into a couple of deals) Ron Conway thinks… And also Mike Maples (SMART!!) gives a very very good insight to the really early stage investing.  LISTEN. And […]

Crisis – Yes – but now is the time to build…

Someone (maybe me) did this very simple to inspire and kick start your inner entrepreneur… Everyone and his dog is talking about recession – and NEARLY EVERYONE is HIT. But lets turn it upside down – this is the period of time where opportunity is MAX. WARNING: its simple – not original / copy / […]

Meeting With Sir Branson

Last week I had the incredible fortune to meet with Richard Branson – after he invited me into his latest project. I cant say much – its about enviroment. What I can say though – is that the mann and his team is even more impressive then he apears when you read about his power […]

Wamba – 3rd biggest… Looking like a billion (EUR) ;)

3 rd larget social network in Spanish speaking worldEnrique whos is running this show – is just stellar – and I cant wait to se what will happen after the whole thing has been shaped up and given the look of a supermodel with a usability gurus touch ;) – we are now getting offers […]

Speaking in Dubai

Im proud to be in the panel at this event in Dubai – Here is some interesting info and Video on Dubai via Dan Roth (now Wired) Faisal Belhoul, Founder & Managing Partner Ithmar Capital Ali Erfan, Senior Advisor Ithmar Capital Joe Lacob, Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers Khaldoun Haj Hasan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner […]

Friendship Business

I’ve been VERY VERY squished  in a couple of deals – and was a little scared wheather i could solve things. But I must say that everything I was ever told about how bad and cruel business and capitalism is suposed to be is WRONG. I have been heped out by my parters, my investments, […]

A Fun Article About Being A Morten

Kind of weird but fun (only in danish)

Keeping Busy

These last weeks have been fun, Im really happy with my wrklife – the newspaper seems to be doing realy gd – and takes a lot of time. I spend a lot of time on my water project (if you feel like helping out – drop me a mail at m aatt lundxy dot com […]

Who Is Who And Who Is Something

STATEMENT: I FEEL SO LUCKY But I do wonder quite a bit about how networks and circles starts and goes on. Le Web 3 – makes me first wonder: “How the fuck did I get on stage again (after Mountain Partners, Sime (fantastic), TechTour (no good)…) – since I dont really have anything to say […]

Get Lucky (maybe rich)

Sneak Intro Conferences Sit next to toilet – then you meet everyone at least once.. I just remembered that I used to go conferences as a journalist… :)

Net Jacobsson To Facebook

 Im was so happy to see that my friend and business partner at Maxthon is now going the the hottest online property on the this planet. “I am very excited to announce that I have joined Facebook as Director of International Business Development! I truly believe that Facebook is creating a paradigm shift in social […]

Murti + Ali + Gang

I invested in these guys 18 months ago – and it was classic – all was amazing when I came in XuQa – and then we saw a change in the market. Normal kids – sorry but they are – would have started crying and bitching – but these guys just changed their business and […]