Designers & Researchers – Your Time Is Now !!!

Im Changing Direction – Again

Tradeshift and Everbread are now running on their own – I don’t have to be there every day. And I see 10 amazing start ups every month – I can’t stop myself anymore – I need to kick a lot of these guys in their bud – and help them to become global and successful. (PLEASE RT THIS TO DESIGN COMMUNITIES).

I’m loosing it – in Design Talent

I’m getting old – and I have lost my touch with the design community and the hackers – who are doing consulting –

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I Have Fucked Up (a Bit)

This is a long message to officially apologize to my friend Eran Davidson at HPV – with a lot of background. I had a bad day – I forgot the power of my word – and I was angry (self generated rage is a huge driver for me).

A TUESDAY in Berlin, sept:
I had a good meeting with Rouvan and Eran Davidson (from Hasso Plattner Ventures) – about a new project Im doing – and since Im so much in love with it. I GOT FURIOUS (mostly at myself) WHEN THEY DID NOT WANT TO INVEST INSTANTLY.

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I Have To Get It Out (in Danish sorry)

The Danes are the luckiest people in the world. But even in paradise the world occasionally changes faster then the Eden Gardeners Inc can restructure the flower fields. Im sorry to put this out in Danish – but its national matter :)

Venture Capital i Velfærdsland

– ja det er jo åbenbart en selvmodsigelse. For vi har ikke ret mange mennesker i dette land som virkelig har prøvet og mærket hvad Venture Kapital er.

Jeg er meget inspireret/uinspireret af Børsens skriverier om Statens Vækstpakke og David Trads artikel idag i Berlingske (om USAs foundere der geninvesterer).

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Nervous or When You Really Have To Pee

When You Really Have To Pee

I feel exactly like when I have to pee while parking my car – its easy to manage. But then when I open the frontdoor to the house – and the toilet is so close – then it’s really hard to manage… :)

I’m getting so close to really ending my bankruptcy.

I run EVERBREAD – AND we are making a kill/homerun (and its ABSURDLY DIFFICULT TO MANAGE THAT MANY PEOPLE and EGOs) – AND I advise (Chair) Tradeshift and they are always a bit ahead of EVERBREAD or just a bit behind (in new clients,

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What Investor To Take

think it over

I get the question all the time:

What kind of investor should we take..

Well its really hard to say – I will go as low a making a small list of things that it depends on:

THE “How hungry are you for cash” TEST

1) Its too yearly – we dont need $
a) It would be fun to try – but we havent got a clue
b) We are confident and have an uncle who can help with the language
c) We have done it before and know some VCs
d) We are just teasing until someone talks to us
e) We are silly bad at selling but the product is HOT LAVA

2) We have quit our Jobs (if you ever had one)
a) and forgot to raise (product ate the attention)
b) we heard it was so easy / but shiaat…

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Can You Come … Later

Im angry…

Bla bla bla bla..

Well in reality Im happier then ever.

I have tried a LOT – but nothing like this travelshow EVERBREAD had 4 people participating in, in Singapore. With the creame de la creme of the Travel Industry at WIT Singapore ( The lady behind this show Yeoh Siew Hoon – is the REAL ENTREPRENUER – someone who does stuff that is really challenging and risky. EVENTS like these are game changing for any disruptive B2B company.

Rmember: Only B2B

When good becomes great.

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We Techies Are Wining Pussies – or just lucky?

An email this morning from my friend Matias – made me feel stupid.

During 2009 – I have felt some self petty and I have been thinking that life was hard – but imagine if I was into real old school business – like farming (where we all came from – and yes my grandfather has a medium sized farm until early 1970’ies). But fuck me – and all the spoiled kids in the tech world. Its hard but NOT THIS HARD – as in farming where:

  • Product cycles are 3-4 years
  • Weather can kill all
  • Its hard physical work
  • Capital requirements are insane
  • Lots of heritage
  • Lots of environmental trouble

I feel humble that I can work in a sector where the screen always lets me work when and where I want to –

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What a Day (Update)

So the cocktail party ended at 5 in the morning – and was one hell of a mingling and “friendling” session. Thanx a billion to Tommy and the amasing people Fiskebaren for sponsoring a bankrupt friend. It was a bit more then wild to get a call from Richard that he wanted to have dinner and exspected a cocktail party for the people. But – who in this world would say No? Ricard and Nick (his right hand mann) told about they whole group strategy nd made lots of jokes about themselfes –

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The Day I Woke Up Without Arms And Legs.

First of all I’m really really sorry to say that my Newspaper project did not survive – not sorry for me (I take all responsibilities) – I just hate myself for bringing other people (employees and partners) and service providers into trouble – it feels unfair and coward-like… The recession and my stupid communications over summer (we delivered the yearly report 2 months too late) killed us. The simple explanation is that sales did not meet budgets and therefore since Thursday I have been talking to the people backing me and to myself (I have personally put DKK 105 million into this project –

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Nyhedsavisen – Press Release

Only in Danish sorry

Kære alle
Interessen for Nyhedsavisen har de seneste dage været enorm. Det forstår jeg godt. Og jeg er stolt over og glad for at kunne fortælle alle, at vi i aktionærkredsen i 365 Media Scandinavia A/S er blevet enige om vilkårerne for tilførsel af den fornødne kapital til fortsættelse af driften i Nyhedsavisen og Morgendistribution Danmark. Vi indsender derfor vores regnskab torsdag morgen.

1) Jeg vil gerne UNDSKYLDE overfor alle vores kunder og ansatte at forhandlingerne mellem aktionærerne har trukket ud.

2) Jeg medgiver at det kan virke uprofessionelt –

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Zyb Sold

Its not possible for me to describe wth words how proud I am of Tommy Ahlers – with whom I started Zyb. Its sold today for 31mio€ to Vodaphone – and besides a THE VERY BRAVE VC
(Henrik Albersen from ) only Tommy and the amasing team can take credit for this one…

And for me: Its incredible to do it time after time ;) – sorry – I had to say it. AND IT IS!

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Speaking in Dubai

Im proud to be in the panel at this event in Dubai

– Here is some interesting info and Video on Dubai via Dan Roth (now Wired)

Faisal Belhoul, Founder & Managing Partner
Ithmar Capital

Ali Erfan, Senior Advisor
Ithmar Capital

Joe Lacob, Partner
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

Khaldoun Haj Hasan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Ithmar Capital

Michael Queen, Managing Partner – Infrastructure

Dr. Ahmad Khayyat, Chief Executive Officer
Emaar Industries & Investments (Pvt) JSC


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A Super Kid


Just had a skype call with Murti from – started jan 07 – and now doing 5mio$ rev this year. Please tell me stories that beat this (in comment).

Someone in the deal called them 4 founders – a bunch of unorganised kids :) – I originally invested in their social network – – now a 70k$ a month business in Turkey. This is such a seldom story – and now they are even doing one more thing.. So I can end up with 3 companies instead of one… Wholly cow…

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Nyhedsavisen Officially Number One

Today was a FANTASTIC day for my newspaper – Nyhedsavisen is now officially number one in readers in Denmark. Dont mix it up with being number one in profitability – but its a VERY VERY good start 4 weeks after taking over. Im still feeling trouble in my stomach when I think about the 180 people we have fired – but its time to move forward. Humble and Ambitious and Positive – and get the media buyers to use our product.

Extra info: Hardcore article about NYT

About Unions

Im a socialist (believe it or not) comming from working class –

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BullGuard – Finaly Getting There


The AMASING TEAM at BullGuard – (my consumer Anti Virus baby) – is really having a breaktrough (basicly we always just wanted to beat DanWare in revenue for some srange reason – sorry Peter :). But its also 6years – and more then 12mioUSD we have spend to build it. Im so proud of this award – and all these reviews.

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Dark Day – Bright Light in the Horizon


Today we had to layoff quite a lot of people at my newspaper and restructure quite a bit. I really rally hated it, Im simply to soft for shit like that. But it was simply needed to make our profit plans work. And even though Im really hard to myself on it and have to face that “thats business”- I cant stand the idea of some people going home to thier families and have to tell the terrible truth – BUT it was highly needed (and the alternative would off course have been worse). But urghh –

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Someone Asked Me

Someone asked me what stuff I owned (invested in) that no one knows about and that is super cool.
I have to say that is supercool just going BIG BIG.
Why its killer: The person
This thing is killer – – people simple build maps from scratch with GPS equipement and entusiasm…
Why its killer: The idea
Nothing beats the team and the quality ad the revenue.
Why its killer: Idea is simple and amasing
Gateway Technology Labs
Simply amasing people –

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Keep an eye on

The team is stellar – and advisory board rocks (for a Slovenian biz.. :) – and now the press picks up even before launch – see Techcrunch.

I did invested during summer – lucky again…

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Im Now Majority in Nyhedsavisen

Wow I feel lucky – I took over controle of the paper with the management and some of my most admired Danish online entrepanuers ( – lots of people dont know them – but when you say,,, – everyone knows – they are by far the biggest danish online media company – AND MOST PROFITABLE).

So my trip to Iceland in the weekend was very good ;) – I admire those Baugur guys SO MUCH (had NOTHING 17years ago – and now own 10.000 reatails stores around the world – and take risk!!).

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Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh


I here to meet with my fantastic partner Tariq Shaikh. He is one of my very most smart and interesting partners – and his for the last 14months been setting up a very special private equity company – something I cant really go deeper into – but you can see on the website and beneath. Its a really REALY big idea – and very hard for my micro patience – but I cant wait until we can tell more…

“RHT Partners is a private equity firm that brings together top calibre investment management professionals,

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