were just the idea of sending money from me to my daughter – without a middle man. Think peer to peer of music – Napster, Kazaa turning iTunes. Its early – only wackos are really understanding it (or pretending to) – but see it as boring infrastructure like SMS. SMS did not exist 20years ago (or actually it did – for technicians in Nokia who where lazy and didn’t want to call each other) – and today we don’t think about what it is – it’s just the standard way of getting hold of colleagues, kids and parents…


Same will happen with Bitcoins or whatever we call the next generation of software to transfer money.

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B&O, you owe me 2 hours of my life…

2013-11-20 01.48.10

I’m (still) suffering from some weird idea – that the adults know all of the answers ;) – like the +60 Chairman of Danske Bank and B&O (our Industrial Danish pride) – not to mention the new CEO at Bang & Olufsen – Tue Mantoni – who was at McKinsey and then – for some insane reason got auto approval in my brain – as the man who can save the already failing company. but But BUT – my brain has cheated itself – these guys are seriously hard – because none of them have a clue about electronics and product –

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Wireless Music in Your Home

I have been growing up with butchers and new rich people instantly bying B&O – as soon as the had the chance – and the high flyers had a B&O-LINK system (interhouse). It is a minimum 20.000$ investment – and you need to really be B&O geeky to use it… Now – with music on all devices – PC, Mac, Phones, iPods – it even more relevant with a system for the whole house – and there are 4-5 systems that seems good like

Sonos Digital Music System VERY EXSPENSIVE
Logitech Squize Box

But as (always) Apple seems to be most simple and first –

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Linus asked me “what can Robots do – are they real…” Hard question! Well – they can do nearly anything you can tech them – but cleaning your room might be difficult – but on the other hand they can play soccer… And they are used for industry – and for nerds to play with. A bit scary this movie – but also a proof of the trust we (engineres) have in these machines… And there is a fine line between real and dream with robots – watch this

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New Media Days – Old Media Audience

In Denmark – we have a 100% tax sponsored national radio, tv and – it’s second to none the most amasing television and radio and web you can find. Journalist are top dogs and the quality of the entertainment-  the produce is killer. On top of that the kids content is propably the best in the world (but only in Danish). This institution (Danish Radio) also run a yearly event called

“New Media Days is where Scandinavian professionals from both traditional and new media converge to create the media of tomorrow.

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TV is changing

Im not into cars – but I must say that I subscribed to this show – because the presenter is crazy and the way they cut it is stellar…

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DNA and You

23 and Me – is so interesting when you think about it for a minute. Ad off course just the act that its a Googlewfe behind it – kind of gives another dimension. Off course Ester Dyson is in as investor/help ;) – (ED you are amasing!)

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Keep an eye on

The team is stellar – and advisory board rocks (for a Slovenian biz.. :) – and now the press picks up even before launch – see Techcrunch.

I did invested during summer – lucky again…

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Who Is Who And Who Is Something

loic le web


But I do wonder quite a bit about how networks and circles starts and goes on. Le Web 3 – makes me first wonder: “How the fuck did I get on stage again (after Mountain Partners, Sime (fantastic), TechTour (no good)…) – since I dont really have anything to say – specially since I cant tell my secrets and where I expect to make the next 100mio). Well I really try to be direct – and no bullshit (but then again full of it) and as honest as posible.

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Hello Going Very Very Well


HelloGroup is going really super well – and I cant help it – I just love that kind of optimism when you see people suceed – that smiles get wider and the selfconfidence just boots the people – ad off course you can see that FOCUS and the winner instanct. I LOVE IT.

Seems like the clients do as well:

You’d be crazy to choose anyone else. These guys are a delight to work with. Very efficient. Always on time and budget. Very smart. Focused on demand generation.”
Jeroen Veth,

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Net Jacobsson To Facebook

 Im was so happy to see that my friend and business partner at Maxthon is now going the the hottest online property on the this planet.

“I am very excited to announce that I have joined Facebook as Director of International Business Development! I truly believe that Facebook is creating a paradigm shift in social communication and beyond, and I am really psyched to be part of this fantastic team and opportunity. “

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Bye Bye Office – Hello Google

bye bye office
Picture: Jason Shellen – via twitter – please see this one of my favorite blog posts ever.

I have been playing with Google Documents for some time – and today I really saw the impact. Now that the pacage is complete with Presentation included. I did a small fast presentation – just to keep in practive and see how I could use it. And WOW – its nice – simple simple – and fast. See my kids concept (got the idea friday) – and if you like it – do not hesitate to apply for the job as Store Manager or CFO or Whatever you feel like ;)

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Murti + Ali + Gang

I invested in these guys 18 months ago – and it was classic – all was amazing when I came in XuQa – and then we saw a change in the market. Normal kids – sorry but they are – would have started crying and bitching – but these guys just changed their business and found a new angle – reinvented themselves from being SocialNetwork – to becoming a leader in Virtual Currency…. No crap – no complaining – it just happened over night and bang now revenue is flying in and Im feeling even more lucky!!!

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New Focus On Financial Services

After being psycho aggressively investing in the last 4 months – deploying 10mio€ into 20 companies  I have found a person and a company (structure) where I will spend all my time and focus for the next 6 months. Its all about financial services for ordinary people – a bit like Zecco (the unbelievable success with now 50.000 clients). I think there is an insane and enormous potential. I will off course tell you much more – when I can.

And yes I dare to think that we can create millions of happy clients and billions of value.

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Im really hooked on this water deal that Im doing – more to come…

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TED & “a world stuck in fast forward”


I have been watching more TED video – then I have watched television the last 3 weeks – its amazing. Highly recommended is: A Voyage of DNAThe Secret of Succes In 8 Words (must see) – Slowing down in a world built for speed (must see for parrents). I cant wait to get there for the next show… (If I can get in and its not too 1998’ish).

PS. I think the BMW ad/sponsorship – is the best placed sponsorship I have ever seen – I think I will run out and buy one –

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A HardDrive is cheap

Hardrive are getting VERY CHEAP. Just got this one from Western

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Building an army of robots

Photos: Im so much in Robot mode :)

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I wish I had more time

The I would spend 1/2 days a week with this guy and his company to develope Robots / first as toys then for jobs nobody should have 1) Parking guard 2) Cleaning in the “shit tunnels” under citys…

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“Dad, What new invetions can be done”

I went to Berlin with my 16y dauther Lisa – and we had a fantastic time shopping (spoiling her a bit) and visting the booming galleries and I attended DroppingKnowledge (post on that later).
…well – we ended up talking about how connected, cool and smart the info. and tech world is – me chekking hotel on my mobile, her txt� like crazy – and both of us logging on wifi in the hotel – being live with friends as if home… I off course said that that this is only the beginning –

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