Posted on September 13, 2011

Greek Tradegy with EU as featuring act

(Dear highly valued readers – Im sorry but I need to put this into words. Its a bit boring).

The EU and US financial world is ill – really ILL – it’s crazy – everything is upside down. Its nearly  impossible to understand the impact of the crisis in Greece, Spain and Italy. The shit is 1mm from the fan in Italy and Spain. And some very few people in Europe has to take some game-changing decisions (aka Merkel and the two horny stallions from (F)+(I)).

I have a feeling that Greece will be left out – EU will not save Greece. EU needs to save the gunpowder – and be prepared to help Italy and Spain. EU cannot handle 3 countries going down financially (because most of the money is owed to brothers in other EU countries = read EU Banks)  – EU can only handle ONE small country falling apart financially . We have really ugly stuff coming – but dont be over scared we can all survive and still have fun.

There is a very weird an strange chance that US – will come ridding in with financial AID. The Marchall plan repeated – and the US can easily do it. Stuff more dept on themselves – and get security in the EU heritage. I know its sounds whacked – but I think its viable.

The problem is just clear: We will have ugly social uproar.  Because of the fact that GDP in most EU will go south for many many years. Im probably too exited about actually understanding some of this –  via a new friend to be really afraid – but the warning signs should be raised. Im really not doubting that a Greek full on Tragedy will happen – its just a matter of when. And then its impossible to understand or predict how EU can handle this. EU has been build on success stories of rolling in in one country after the other – and all negative debate has been called non-democratic. NOW when EU will be in bad shape – have bad press – and be in trouble for a long time. We will see if anyone of the countries actually cares for others then themselves. Is EU just a club of teens who will all run away when the heat is on- AND THERE IS A BILL TO BE PICKED UP?

I really have no clue how it will pan out. But – Wow – I’m so exited to experiences this part of history.

PS. I’m actually very pro EU – but I have always felt strange about all the infrastructure that Greece suddenly got after they received the badge with 12 stars…