Posted on September 5, 2007

Lisa 18 Years Old

I cant even find the words – but I’m very very happy and proud of my big girl – who is 18 tomorrow – wow. In my head she is still 9 – and begging for more clothes to her barbies – but now her boyfriend Vallery just left the house and she is mumbling about lending the car… :) IT SHOCK STOCK ROCKING FANTASTIC!!

Posted on April 27, 2006

Me an entrepreneur ?

Last week I found a dream house – it was VERY VERY nice. I had no doubt that I just HAD TO OWN it. The area is AMAZING – the house is cool – and well I had no clue what I wanted to do with it but – well make a place for all the guests we have at LundKenner and maybe a small apartment for Lisa ?

But but but – this project suddenly got to my stomach – I was dreaming about it / and had semi night mares…. Very strange since I normally cant feel stress – and I used to using more money on WAY MORE RISKY INVESTMENTS – and I deal with a lot of stuff I don’t understand (maybe everything I do)… ;) So yesterday I had to use the escape clause at drop it – damn I feel good that I did it. But yet again my inner entrepreneur is standing there on my shoulder with a 3fork shouting: “Chicken Chicken Chicken… “

Posted on February 20, 2006

“Dad, What new invetions can be done”

I went to Berlin with my 16y dauther Lisa – and we had a fantastic time shopping (spoiling her a bit) and visting the booming galleries and I attended DroppingKnowledge (post on that later).
…well – we ended up talking about how connected, cool and smart the info. and tech world is – me chekking hotel on my mobile, her txt� like crazy – and both of us logging on wifi in the hotel – being live with friends as if home… I off course said that that this is only the beginning – and within 5y it will be so way more crazy withtechnology. Lisa jst replied – no way its all here… So I just went online to find some examples of whats comming. This japanese 3D technolgy seems like something that will change the whole media consumtion play. And this touchscreen also seems changing the picture… (Thanx to Marcus for links)