Random: A Hero, Some Crazy, Good and Bad



I was 100% in chock when I learned how the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – have been doing a Napster like “industry changing move” on e-procurement. The people behind this MUST get all the awards possible in the world for IMPLEMENTING anup and running alternative to EDS (the OOOLD shit system for companies to exchange invoices) – and breaking the monopoly between IBM, CSC… They simply build an infra structure so smooth and internet driven – that 1bioDKR (around 180mioUSD) in transaction fees disappeared from the BLUECHIP MONOPOLY GUYS –

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Financial Tsunami Bad For The Healthy Ones

Im scared – really danm scared. As I wrote some weeks ago – the banks dont call their bad dept (keep your head up). This weekend I saw the worst possible thing: A GOOD and HEALTHY real eastate company (400mioEUR was injected and 600mioEUR lent) – was forced into bankrupsy bacause one of the smaller loans was called from a suffering bank – this will mean that we are ONLY SEING THE TIP ICE THE FINANCIAL TSUNAMI.

Have a great day – and think about something positive / PLEASE!!

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Ohh Iceland – clouds are dark

This FT article is tough shit

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Super Cool Stuff

I seldomly get really impressed with websites – but here is an eyeopener to USERINTERFACE+CONTENT+MAGIC – all in one. (You have to update Flash – but its SO WORTH IT). And OK – I admit it – Im a big Oasis fan.

Via TP from HelloGroup

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The Day I Woke Up Without Arms And Legs.

First of all I’m really really sorry to say that my Newspaper project did not survive – not sorry for me (I take all responsibilities) – I just hate myself for bringing other people (employees and partners) and service providers into trouble – it feels unfair and coward-like… The recession and my stupid communications over summer (we delivered the yearly report 2 months too late) killed us. The simple explanation is that sales did not meet budgets and therefore since Thursday I have been talking to the people backing me and to myself (I have personally put DKK 105 million into this project –

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Best Technology Ever

Try this and imagine what it can be used for www.20q.net
This is intellectual hacking to me.

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Friendship Business


I’ve been VERY VERY squished  in a couple of deals – and was a little scared wheather i could solve things. But I must say that everything I was ever told about how bad and cruel business and capitalism is suposed to be is WRONG. I have been heped out by my parters, my investments, my advisors, friends and my team – in a fantastic way.

Its all about LUCK ?

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Investing is Really Relative


A lot of people around me have quite stiff smiles these day because of the financial markets downturn. But its all so relative – when people talk about their losses. I have a meeting with a very nice guy from the bank tomorrow and just checked up on the potential of his option package ;)

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Wierd Trend – Adrenalin, Deathwish and Youngblood

I feel that I turned 50y last time not 35y – when I see this new crazy jumps and running trend – even in my neighborhood… Its like JackAss as a sport – will it become an olympic sport ?

[GrandDaddy me is just hoping that Linus will never hear about it – and not hurt himself ;) – how wacked am I… Also thinking seroiusly about buying a helmet for bicycling…]

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Real Luxury

This is NIICE

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Suddenly I understood why sex is so endlessly facinationg (and nice). The ourcome is the only way I see that makes 1+1=3. ENDLESSLY INTERESTING

PS.Imagine how much power, money and energi the business&research-world is putting ino making 1+1=2,01 ;) – that migth save our energi problem. (my brain is a little strange today)

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Danmark – a joke

Dunno if this is funny for others then Danes – but for me its amazing. From CNN / COMEDY CENTRAL – What wrong with Denmark

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Patents are from hell

The whole BlackBerry patentcase has been petetic – and only an advantage for lawyers and greedy monkeys – probobly already loaded.
Just heard this insany story in the kithen – a small startups patents AJAX… INSANE.

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Dropping Knowledge

aseems to be one of the biggest idea I?ve been close to for a long time. My friend Duco (from L43 – keep an eye on him) is a part of it – and I think Im invited to their next big table thing…

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