Posted on March 16, 2007

HelloWeb now public


Formerly known as Jull og Stejle – and with a history going back to 1992 – HelloWeb – is now a part of HelloGroup. I cant wait to see what will happen when this giups turs just one year old in July ;) – its good people and powerfull execution. Personally Im very much looking forward to the days when they can do more stuff for LundKenner

Posted on November 7, 2006


Posted on November 3, 2006

Jens Heimburger Is Smart…

I must say that I have a strange relationship with this Danish Entrepreneur. He is – without having ever talked to him – (called once a got negative response) – a conservative. Background in Danish
In the early nineties – when I was trying to go to University (with bad luck) my friend (Henrik) was working at Heimburger Advertising – a VERY COOL Agency – that reminded me of my at the time favorite TV-soap: Melrose Place :) – everyone was wearing VERY COOL 1993 clothing style – belt just under the brest ;) – and they had free soda and the very newest computers and even a T1 line.

In one line: All I could ever dream of!
– simple as that.

So – I was often at the agency with my friend – hanging out when they did sysadmin stuff – or just scanned some of the bosses private pictures…

Jens Heimburger was a legend – I never saw him there – but he had real Art (not something we had in my childhood home) and he had the A-list client accounts (Bestseller & AcceptCard and used top models – uhhh hot) – and he was friends with bizz celebreties – wow – only weird thing was his political standpoint – and the fact that he fucked up in his was to the political power – and one of the most interesting Danish movies ever was supposingly build on his story . And the Heimburger (the Agenzy) later stole an employee from us (at Ne@tWork)- and we got really angry – really.

Just lately Mr. H has made one of the best deal in Danish history – m2 designer homes – all he did was to produce 10 ads around the theme designer architecture – and put them in Danish papers – and without selling ONE HOUSE – HE SOLD THE CONCEPT for 20mio$ – thats impresssing (if one is into kapitalism).

Posted on November 1, 2006

I love – specially the people

Hjem.dkis a killer oldshcool web1.0 (i luuuve that) e-commerce website – with indredible traction. As always its about people and Thomas Dybdal is just a true master. Apparently he has a past as a soccer patriot :) after Denmark became European champions in 1992

Posted on October 28, 2006


The reason I chose the username sexism – is that I originally was opening a blog on wordpress to post on sexism – and how to get around it. I work with 40 startups and there are nearly NO GIRLS – and what does that mean for my 2 daughters?

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Interesting Spleak should have this – but then again – YOU CANT DO ALL.

Posted on October 27, 2006

YouTube Ballistic

Im so a wannabe – 6motnh after getting a bit of Do – I start having interest in art. duuh…This is my new admired artist – crazy dude.

Im going 100% youtube ballistic these days (actually I’m hiding in my apartment posting this – while moving) .

Posted on October 19, 2006

Hjalmer & Rebtel & Index


Hjalmer is a very nice guy – and a superb serial entrepanuer – who havent forgotten where he came from (zero). But I have to say that I think he gut starstruck by the size of the numbers on the Rimmer families calculator (Rebtel Dials up $20 Million in Series A Funding) – when he took in all that money. Im about to raize money for 6-7 companies now – and I really dont want to have those insane evaluations – even though they are in the air.

Posted on October 17, 2006

BullGuard Breaking Their Records

I love BullGuard – and specially the people. I must admit that I had a small tear in my eye (yes Im emotional and silly but I risked a A LOT WITH BULLGUARD) when i read this mail to the sales department today. Extremely ambitious and still human!! All I want to be.


Q4 looks like a very interesting quarter for BullGuard, with some fantastic opportunities and challenges for everybody. We have a new version of BullGuard and 2 new products in BullGuard Online Backup and SteelSecurity. We also have largest sales target in the history of BullGuard. Should we reach the target then BullGuard will be selling for more than XX million USD per month, as the target for the quarter is XX million USD. Our online revenue will be around XX million USD so it is highly likely that we can reach the target of XX million USD.

This will however not come easily, it will take blood, sweat and tears. I will be asking for an extra effort this quarter so that we can make this target and move BullGuard into the super league of security vendors. This will of course affect your partner as he and she won’t see you that often, so here is a short message for your partner:
——- send to partner start ——-

Your partner goes to work every single day to contribute to BullGuard’s amazing success and this is something we’re grateful for. The next 3 months will be very demanding for your partner and he will need your full support. We’ve set out some very demanding targets for everyone at BullGuard. We at BullGuard would like to compensate you for the lost time with your partner. Should we reach the target for Q4 then BullGuard will invite you and your partner to sunny Alicante in February 2007 for a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday. All expenses will be paid by BullGuard.

P.S. Please do not hesitate in asking your partner, on a daily basis, how close he is to target ;)

——- send to partner end ——-

Posted on October 10, 2006

Zecco now live – 5000 visitors pr. minute


9 months ago Zecco was a bizz idea – yesterday our guys took it live with a power Ive NEVER SEEN BEFORE. And we got 20 times more accounts opened then we where even dreaming of first day.
Enjoy the video its about a free launch :)

HelloGroup has done everything on this – and gives me a wink that we have a good model for the future.

Posted on October 7, 2006


Yesterday was one of the few days in a long time where I was actually really worried and upset in my work-life. HelloDigital responsibility) did not get up – until 23.58. And I was more or less on that ALL DAY – in this weird way: Not really into last detail and why “the requests to the Papers CRM – returned wrong result”. And the guys at HelloGroup who had no sleep since Wednesday – where all totally trashed – and really sorry not to deliver… I hate those situations – only created by everyones over enthusiastic involvement with the bi-effect: lack of reality in time schedule… And I blame myself – and only myself for PUTTING SO MUCH PRESSURE ON THE HelloDigital guys. Its hard to be over enthusiastic and have the ability to get others with you ;)

Last update: The site is up – but all the cool stuff is still to come over the next days.

Posted on October 2, 2006

As Happy As Can Be

Today I did one of my most important deals ever – and I really have a hard time controlling myself – darn Im lucky. Feel like going nuts with a couple of friends and a box of wine. But I just reached home after a oneday trip to London. (sorry to keep my secret)

Posted on September 30, 2006

Only In NYC – Yesterday

I met with

Don – the guy behind AM, New York – 73y and cool
Oren – the guy behind hotbar – ~34 and smart and nice
Afsaneh – selfmade ibanker – 47 and only just started
Chris Dixon – ENTREPAUER – 3x determined and calm and getting married
Alok – hedgefund head – 3x and going to do big stuff
Andrew – going into private jets – 3x and just started

NYC is just so happening – like nowhere – more pictures

Posted on September 25, 2006


I feels like Copenhagen is getting so much hipper and more happening then ever. 5years ago I would never get a call from foreigners who where suddenly in Town – but now it happens quite often. Thats NICE.
And somehow even MTV called Copenhagen :)

Posted on September 21, 2006

Indian Talents To Google

this is fun and Im stupid to help by linking ;)

Posted on September 15, 2006

I Love Being Part Of Hello

Off course its mostly because I liked Melrose Place in the 90’eis and was in love with Heather Locklear (Ive always had superb bad taste in tv, movies and music). But its also because you can make supercool design skietches on interior design – when you are a marketing/advertising company like HELLO.

– and actually people are serious about it.
I LOVE IT – chekc this out <- fixed  – stellar!

Posted on September 11, 2006

Xuqa A Killer Story

This fantastic story – again on Techcrunch. Im just hoping the VERY BEST.

Posted on September 3, 2006

Office Space For You In Copenhagen

The spleak guys have 2 seat for rent (2000dkr pr. seat all inclusive) at their office – as their are slowly moving more workforce to San Francisco – head by the energi booster Morrie Eisenberg. Here you see more nifty pictures from the office – if you are interested email Morten Hessellund mh -AT-

Posted on August 31, 2006

Web 2.0 – we are lucky expirience this

I just realised today how endlessly lucky we are to expirience this era of time. The era where internet really takes of and mobile phones are getting faster connected then slow computers.

1) BROEADBAND IS REALLY GETTING USED – I was at my new neigbourhs today – very nice elderly couple – who had been cut off from broadband due to the work in our house. They had asked me if I could do anything to get them broedband back – the did not care about the phoneline (landline) since they have cellphones. So I took my WIMAX BOX – and a wifibox – and installed in ther computer room (YES THEY HAVE EACH A COMPUTER and they are above 65).

2) SLOW PCs WITH BROADBAND ARE SLOWER THEN CELLPHONES – the lady nextdoor had so much spyware and stuff on her PC that starting a browser took 2min. And it suddenly got to my mind that CELLPHONES are now WAY FASTER THEN most offf all PCs – since they are full of spyware and strange apps – that people download and forget about…

I wonder if this is 2.0…