Dear Valued Reader(s)

This picture reflects UPSIDE DOWN TO ME

The Banks Are Out Of Money,

AIG got 180bio$ in Gov Aid – market cap today 5,3bio$

Im Bankrupt but feel better then ever.

Climate change has made Danish summers AMASING.

The Hedgefunds forgot to HEDGE.

56% of all twitter users follow no one.

Obama came out of NO WHERE because he made a deal with the weapon industry and therefor he can challenge doctors and pharma to on a HEALTHCARE REFORM.

People talk much more to each other during crisis – we suddenly have something in common.

Wireless power seems to be a consumer facing reality soon

I have been thinking lately – (to twitter or blog or video) – I wanted to write a story about how upside down the world is now – how much I have learned from my bankruptcy situation and how my world has changed again. Only for the better. In very short – I’m much better, sharper, ore alert and happier in this situation. I feel like I’m home and I feel richer then ever – since 90% of my friendships showed out to be non related to my wealth – and people still buy into my visions… BASICALLY: I started with NOTHING – and here we go again – Nothing + A Network that beats even the wildest imagination for a dyslectic from suburbia + a bag of experience that NOW consists of things NEARLY NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET HAS TRIED.

To entrepreneurs: TIME IS NOW

Posted on August 10, 2009

Travel Kit – I might be an expert

Today I asked myself the question, what am I really good at – and I found out that traveling light 2-3nights is something Im really exspirienced in.


1) Laptop – well obvious – if you are a Gmail user install OfflineSync and always have a couple of your favorite TV shows ready.
2) iPhone/iPod and Sync/Charging cable – most hotels have a way to play iPod – but often no power
3) Business cards – well good when you sit next to someone interesting in the plane or …
4) Charger for the Laptop (and US adapter IMPORTANT)
5) Highres pocket Video Camera – perfect for documentation – and with – its amasingly easy to share ideas/exspiriences…
6) Purse – well – u kind of need it :) – for specially if you have a creditcard
7) Sunglasses (against head ache) – make’s you like cold and wannabe  cool – but well sometimes you need it
8) Crosscountry sports shoes (Running/Tennis/Basket…) – you never know what oppertunities you get…
9) Bose noise canceling headset (twin jack to share shound and plane jack to use for movies on the plane.
10) A good book – just in case the flight is delayed and you have no more power on ur laptop – or the unthinkable – you have answered all ur mails
11) Running tights (can be used for swimming) + shirts – unless u r a true nudist
12) Something to controle your hair – if you are like me and have so much rage against the fact that you werent young in the 1970’ies – hippie times – and let your hair grow.
13) Key to your home – so that you can get in when you get home unexpectedly – and you don’t want to  wake up everyone
14) Passport – since you need indentification in most places

(missing is toothbrush and maybe a deo)

Today I had a lifetime experience in business and people relations. (Ok – I cant talk about it – but I have taken a new job – yes a Job as in 80h workweek). And its much more then carefully selected – I have been 100% true to my rule number one.

RULE #1: No assholes.

Since no company (I ever heard of) has been building itself – I have gone with an extremely smart bunch of guys into something extremely difficult. Off course if 100% disruptive and huge – and potentially big failure – but that’s a given with me (as you prob know by now). These people are just hammering smart and extremely nice and humble – AND not too young AND know what they are doing.

So – today we met with a partner – and I had goosebumps from 20min into the meeting until the end 2h later. Imagine you meet a soulmate/bizzmate – that is just funny, nice, friendly, no attitude – and on top of that has everything you dont have (and will offer it to make thing happen) – AND you can actually make your bizzmate stronger and more profitable with the joint effort. THAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY for the first time in my bizzlife and Im still have a tickling feeling in my stomach and have no clue how I should ever fall a sleep again :) So the rules for a bizz partnership after today:

#2 Hearth driven – Its the only way to change stuff.

#3 Useful – think about partners/people – how they live, work, dream.

#4 Speed – can it be done in this century.

#5 Simple not easy – no mumbo jumbo – everyone really gets it.

#6 Involvement – does everyone have the needed time on hand.

#7 Innovative – no me 2.

#8 Universal – can it really change bizz in the whole world.

#9 Profitable – well we need lots of cash for new newspaper projects :)

#10 Proud – you cant wait to present it to your mum and your son.



I was 100% in chock when I learned how the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – have been doing a Napster like “industry changing move” on e-procurement. The people behind this MUST get all the awards possible in the world for IMPLEMENTING anup and running alternative to EDS (the OOOLD shit system for companies to exchange invoices) – and breaking the monopoly between IBM, CSC… They simply build an infra structure so smooth and internet driven – that 1bioDKR (around 180mioUSD) in transaction fees disappeared from the BLUECHIP MONOPOLY GUYS – and now everyone can use a FREE OPENSOURCE infrastructure to exchange invoices. IM SO PROUD (not a fan of the Minister (he is like a Nice uncle for the far vest Denmark) – but the people in there are HERO’s). REAL HERO’s. Note: It’s all done in the cloud and has opened my eyes to the revolution just ahead us us – I have been posting about Amazon’s effort in the space before – but have a look at this. Founder Jeff B is a SMART cookie. I will also bable about this in my next post about Masdar…


Its kind of weird to think about what will happen to journalism when all the newspapers are suffering the way they are – and the money from online news websites are absoluty NOT PAYING THE BILLs. And I must say Im a bit worried when I see how much traffic goes to the gossip websites – Wimbledon being live – means that we get the most silly news about tennis players boobs – is that a sign of whats commming?



Our national Telco is fucked up and the management should be taken to court for STEELING MONEY VIA FALSE INVOICING . TDC (monopoly danish telco – now owned by 5 private eqt funds who are all suffering from the insane dept the have loaded on our national carrier) have introduced a new pretty innovative product: Triple Play – phone, broadband and TV (on demand work nicely !!). Today the have blackmailed me 100% – by charging 3 technician hours and a weird fee for setup (500USD). And since we do not agree – they have just closed the lines . GREAT.  Then I did a call to their invoicing department – who told me that they would deduct it – because it was not true and not fair. WTF.

I know everyone has had these exspiriences – but it’s a bit new to me.


Yesterday I went to a local store to buy a Tennis racket for me and Linus (we had everything stolen when the car was borrowed by some “guys” in late winther. And the people at the store are the most amasing – real – family feeling – people you can find. No bullshit – good service – and amasing prising. I really HAVE TO RECOMMEND THEM – (and I have to say that White is refering to Tennis and Badminton – no race’s stuff involved). Go there.

Enjoy the weather – and remember: There is NOTHING to be afraid of.

Posted on June 24, 2009

Watch This!!!!!!

Amasing Emotional Video


Today was a wonderful day.

A) Because I woke up the kids 6.45 with Isak (1 year) walking allover the big ones – and the all kissedand hugged – I just sat there in the morning sun trying to hide my tears… (Im so (too) soft). Then we had a nice breakfast and played and made a new screensaver with horse pictures from Laura and Linus trip to my parets over the weekend. And biked to school…

B) Just in time to make my flight to Frankfurt on a consulting geek – where I had the most amassing meeting in my life. (I cant disclose what its about). But I can say that for once I found some guys who undersold their capabilities and under promised the scope of their project. It was like a divine experiences and cant wait to tell you all more…

C) I got home just in time to put the kids to bed and play School for a while – and draw one glass whiteboard I have installed in their rooms.

Well all this just to say that – Im so in love with life and I have to tell all of you (and wow there is a lot of people reading my bullshit here :) ) – that no matter what you want and what will happen – there is allways light at the end of the tunnel. (And hopefully it’s not a train comming to smash you :). And nothing is strange when you work with a circus – and don’t we all.

My friends, partners and advisers and family is bayond reality.


This viceo shows how good you have to be as a communicator -if you want to build an outstanding company that really changes the world. (And you get the background of the company). WATCH it.

I’m somehow flying between high and lows AND LOWS. Dunno why – maybe because my personal life has changed 100% – bankruptcy/reconstruction is not as pleasant as it might look from the outside. It’s one long string of uncertainties – initially really bad for the mind – but in reality just like any other day in business ventures JUST A BIT TO PERSONAL. You never know what will hit you – and what seems to be the brightest star one day might be a TRAIN COMING AGAINST YOU IN THE TUNNEL.

I’M GETTING much closer to the world where I really belong. But then again – I’m traveling like a mad bird who lost the sense of seasons…

On my mind today

The downturn and psychological hysteria has turned (or reached the button) – everything will not be fine fine ok – but everyone know its serious and managers will start to act responsible and employees will use messenger less and produce more – AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND DELIVER WORLDCLASS SERVICE. Is the future bright (do I have to start wearing sunglasses indoors Michael Jackson style) – well prob not short term. But for you entrepreneurs out there – its OPPORTUNITY LAND a fucking GOLDMINE. The noisy idiots who where there for money alone are LONG GONE – they r now consulting for public institutions (like even I am as long as I’m handcuffed) – and the rich kids playing GONG-Ho for family money are flushed out with the toilet water (stocks and real estate). So, now YOU (yes I’m shouting at YOU) can go ahead and do your thing – fully hearth driven – passion driven and its even possible to hire superstars (or get them on board on a good upside deal). Go GO GO GO GO Go.

Everything seems to be redefined now – BLING IS SO 2008 – SHOWOFF as well – and there must be tons of art deals to do. (I’m out of the loop but I feel such a vibe). And with new printing technology you can make a 2x2m print for less then 150$.

Tell it like it is. I think the truth is the new black. Ive been 100% honest about my situation – and yes it was tough in the beginning. I’M A FUCKING LOOSER – I LOST A FORTUNE. But hey – I’m getting stronger – I started with nothing – I did not own nothing but a bike until 2 years ago  – and here  am again + I have some knowledge that 0,00001% of the world populatin have. I could do an interview everyday with international media (Spain, Holland, Iceland, Brazil, US…) – everyone wants to talk to someone who actually admit that he/she was wiped by the crisis and takes the full blame HIMSELF. I DO. I chose Polish Forbes (because its weird and fun) and German Focus (April) where I wrote the most insane GA’GA’GA-LOGO essay.

NOTE: Survival mechanism #1: Get some kids!!!!!!

In Guatemala is saw the project that have moved the deepest of my entrepreneurial genomes ever. Bio fuel 3rd generation (B100) will really change the world. And Matias T and his amassing farther turned on like a teen on a stripjoint – with their project and knowledge and ACTIONS. I can wait to get my handcuffs of – ohh dear lord.

If you have gotten the Twitter flue like me – (and you are a curious person) you will have one big question nagging you. How the heck do they scale this shit. Well here is a VERY INTERESTING interview. I still hate how fast a culture can become cooperate (some answers are just lame) – but its very interesting philosophy. Ev is just THE MASTER OF ALL PREACHERS.

Thinking about running – I need to get back on track – i’ve really been good at doing it daily – but the last 7 days have been of. Follow my twitter and hopefully you will see I had a run around 17.00 today.

Weird to be SO UNSUCCESSFUL and yet have so much on my mind – and feel so relatively GOOD.

PS. I don’t really want to blog about my consulting work – it’s hard work and not really what I AM. SORRY.

Posted on April 18, 2009

Start Your Day With A Dance

(I simply get off to this song – its ENRGY!). Run, Dance, THink, Blink, Drink og Act…)

“Whats Hot In Danmark, Morten”

I oftenly get the question – what internet companies are hot in Denmark. And for quite some time I’ve just said – I still say that – despite the fact that quite some of their properties (DKBN (Nightlife pictures) and Arto (youth community) is getting their balls kicked blue by FaceBook. These guys are now going international with Spigo (first time in a language different then Jydsk :) – I think its a winner.


I always say Mygdal (23HQ and – its a mantra – he is TRUE TO THE SPIRIT of building. Its not business – or the dream of overnight succes and a Rolls. Its business/change/innovation/imporvements/etichs all in one (with the wunderkid Guan on the board – Harvard, MIT, NYU – the full shabang).


Jacob Wolff’s (no blog – no selfprom – no ceo title) little glass mousepad business – is now beyond 20mioUSD in rev and becomming the Burton of eSports – with a huge line of product and endorsement by 80-90% of all professional computer gamers. And you aint seen nothing yet. Bruce and Tino (CEO and HEAD OF PRODUCT DEV are insanely good)

Jimmy, Moseholm (and Rockstar Balder)

GoViral is in their own league – conering an industry that is huge but has NO IDEA OF HOW TO GENERATE REVENUE to keep up with their insane serving costs. (Youtube, MetaCafe…). Just got funding from Kenneth Ventures. NOTE: Balder got some cash and can now do new spacy things – thats so beautifull so against the “I build a cooperate carrer and become wealthy” – i love it.. Balder is spacy/crazy/honest/good hearted/smart/different/hardworking – and therefor now rich.


Amir & Plurk

Amir, 24 (this Bosnian wunderkids who lived in DK for 17 years) – has build one of the most interesting Danish startups for years. This is Twitter for the MESSENGER GENERATION – super cool – strange – sexy. Growing at nearly same peace as Twitter where in their first year. (I love that we have people in DK with “other ethnical background” who are succesfull – and love to hear how he has been building everything with a global virtual team. KEEP AN EYE on this thing.

The Butcher and The Salesguy – dont be confused by A Gruppen :) – these guys will build an impire around the construction industry and ass the lead services and marketplaces you can imagine. Martin (former butcher – still looks like one) and Partner is just the real thing. (I think)

I have no clue why I just wrote this post – 6.45 in the morning – but its: Done.
Haev a great day – I will :) (new startup from my friend and partner in (some) crime Dino) does the trick when you travel and you know that Hotels are not just Hotels.

Its still a bit fresh and getting around the site (adding friends, writing reviews) is not optimized yet. But you simply get the hotels and recommendations that suits you (IMPRESSIVE for me). I simply cant wait to more people will involve and share reviews – then this service is a KILLER. And I have really needed it.

Its kind of Social :) – need i to say 2.0, sticky… (Bullshit BINGO) – no its honest.

Officially Gekko says

Gekko gives you personalised recommendations you can trust based on your unique profile and the preferences of like-minded people in the community.

UPDATE from Dino: Morten thx a lot….and don’t forget…..this is just a starting point…..the algo is selflearning …..the more people do the better the results get. Restaurants will be in in 3 weeks….thx Dino

Posted on April 13, 2009

Christmas Time at Squitter

Skype to get back on founders hands (NYT)

(I have no inside knowledge and have not talked to Niklas and Janus for 2months).

How would i do this (Skype relaunch):

Well its simple – I would give Evan Williams a call and join Twitter and Skype in a new hardcore gamble against everyone else in the social space. Twitter could be independently run – and Skype could integrate a smooth (WHAT ARE YOU DOING (nearly must) UPDATE) – and you would subscribe to your friends by default – and bingo you have a potential bigger audience then Facebook. (Dont put to much into the Facebook competitoon – that does not matter – Twitter/Skype (Squitter :) – would be something complety different).

Squitter is the new big thing :)

Joltid is a company that controls the core Pier 2 Pier technology that makes Skype so special on PCs/Macs (its not implementet in iPhones) – becuase Skype only needs a fraction of the infrastructure that everyone else in the space needs (read P2P in wikipedia). Its insane to think about the power Nik and Jay has with the terminated contract in hand.

New York Times:
“In a regulatory filing
April 1, eBay disclosed that Joltid, a company founded by Mr. Zennstrom and Mr. Friis, had terminated eBay’s license to Joltid’s peer-to-peer technologies”

Funny note about Joltid.

Its seemed hard to find a name for the company – and someone looked around the room and saw a swedish CD called Jultid (Christmas Time in swedish). So the company became Joltid :) (PRETTY TRUE!!)

Posted on April 4, 2009

People Around Me Want Fun

Withing the last 2 weeks I have talked to 4 people who wanted to quit their WELL PAID BORING jobs and have fun. That seems to be a trend – in reseccion? (Makes no sense). One actually ACT’ed and did it.

Posted on March 31, 2009

Jeg fejlede alene

Jeg var ikke rigtig klog da jeg gik ind i den avis – men holly christ jeg har laert meget ! Og NU er jeg lidt SUR.


Nu har min tidligere bestyrelsesformand for avisens driftselskaber igen placeret en historie som er 100% opspind i medierne. Jeg skulle uhh ha – have lavet dokumentfalsk.

Men som de sagde i BAGMANDSPOLITIET da han sidst viste sin 100% mangel paa forretningsindsigt (ved at tro at Meecom skulle have vearet istand til at give mig penge under bordet fra deres tomme kasse) og lokkede en taburet polititkere fra enhedslisten til at politi andmelde mig:

“Vi ka tydeligt se at dette er ren chikane (hvem tager dog et papir som dette ud af en samenhaeng) – men dette ser vi ofte. Der er ingen sag – men nogle vil have dig igennem presse møllen.”

Ganske rigtigt er der ALDRIG BLEVET ET SAGSNUMMER UD AF DET – og Svenn og politikeren burde have regningen (og noget medicin) for deres konspirationsteoretiske anmeldelse. Spild at skattekroner – Spild af tid – men sikkert godt for Svenn Aaage’s image…?

Nye anklager

Der kan ikke sættes en finger på noget af det der er foregået i avisen!!!


Jeg har selv pådraget mig den ultimative gabestoksstraf – og kan ikke starte virksomheder i en rum tid – jeg er i karantæne. Jeg er nu konsulent med sukkersød stemme, slesk tale og slibrige roser til alle der vælger at hyre mig. MEN JEG TUDER IKKE – DET ER SIKKERT SUNDT.

Jeg er 100% uforstående overfor de anklager som mine ellers dygtige ansatte Svenn og Morten fremkommer med i den nye, og i øvrigt ellers skidegode, bog. (En historie som Berlingske idag vaelger at spinne).

De pisse dygtige bestyrelsesmedlemmer Jimmy Maymann og Herman Haraldson skrev jo ikke under på regnskaberne og tog pa ferie med slukket mobiltelefon uden at se dokumentationen for finansieringen bag regnskabet.

Svenn Dam, som heller ikke var der da lokummet brændte, forsvandt i over en uge. Imens tvang jeg nærmest nogle mine Amerikanske investorer til at købe mit arvesølv – BullGuard – til spotpris. For at faa til loenninger.

Svenn stod i håndvaskens nu glasklare skær og skulle på ferie (ja midt i overlevelseskampen – vær ikke forundret keare laeser). Han skrev, i sin iver for at komme hurtigt afsted, under uden at se dokumentationen for den tilførte kapital!!!! Det må da være en burde vaere en bestyrelsesansvarssag i sig selv vill nogen sige – men ikke mig. Han fik en del opkald fra min CFO – og var hele tiden i kontakt med CFO’en – INTET er nyt for Svenn og det jeg svarede på i artiklen var blot at jeg ikke kunne få fat på ham – resten er fejlciteret. Men han proever at faa svinet mig til – og har vel egentlig succes. For der går vel ikke røg…

At jeg så tryller pengene frem – som der ikke kan sættes en finger på – er jo kun hans held. Rent faktisk blev han på sit feriested telefonisk informeret at vi af rent konkurrencemæssige årsager ikke behøver oplyse beløbet (en god ide fostret af Morten Nissen Nielsen). Dette har han  tilsyneladende glemt i sin iver for at forfølge konspirationsteorier – men det er faktisk en uvæsentlig detalje, sammenlignet med at vi ikke havde den endelige finansieringsdokumentation på plads endnu, da han satte sin underskrift. (Ikke et ord om bestyrelses ansvar, professionalisme eller dybde i sit DKK 1,7 mio om aaret deltidsjob).

Det undrer mig derfor meget at denne mand kan have bestyrelsesposter i nye milliardsatsninger – med endog meget sorte udsigter. I Dansk Bredbaand har man snart brændt en milliard af (hov det ligner en stime for Hr. Dam). Hvis man ringer til AGF (sjovt link) eller til Lars Kolind – som nu også er i retssag med Svenn – bliver min forundring yderligere underbygget. Og sidst han blev fyret fra en avis var det ogsaa de andres skyld – ikke noget med at tage ansvaret for et skole engelsk der fik Montgommery til at grine og Pelle (Metro chefen) kun har hånlig latter tilovers for. Derudover har jeg har haft en samtale med Danmark største avismand som, i den rareste tone kunne berette at manden aldrig havde nået et budget.

For nu at tage den hele vejen rundt – sa er det jo også et sindsygt bevis på manglende forretningstæft at han har erklaeret mig konkurs. Viljen til at destruere opvejer 100% logikken –
1) han kunne sku da regne ud at han ikke ville faa en krone – mine selskaber er intet vaerd i konkurs. 99% af alle mine investeringer har (til min egen overaskelse) en “Change of ownership/bankrupsy clausul” således at de ikke kan sælges til tilfældige hvis jeg er konkurs. Det er 100% standard – saa de  smaa fantastiske startups ikke ender med hostile investorer. Men de betyder at det hele er NUL VÆRD – og i denne krise er det SLET IKKE NOGET VÆRD.
2) Jeg har måtte sige nej til de vildeste nye projekter som allerede ku have tjent 4-5 mio EUR fordi jeg ikke maa eje noget. Det er sku da ærgeligt – men mest for Svenn – jeg har sku godt af at være på pinebænken og komme i god fysisk form – lege med ungerne – og finde den næste version af mig.

Det meget underlige er at jeg faktisk syntes Svenn var god i mange sammenhænge (og for det meste arbejdede om en hest) – men det er ligesom når man starter sin første virksomhed (dette var min første store virksomhed) – så tror man sku på hvad de såkaldt erfarne siger. Man glemmer at de heller ikke ved noget – og man kan ikke se om de er gode mennesker foer til lokummet brænder.

Nu ku vi så begynde at politianmelde hinanden (sæbeoperaen ruller jo allerede) – jeg kunne jo teoretisk set anmelde for:

a) Tyveri og læk af fortrolige dokumenter (men fuck det)
b) Manglende bestyrelses etik (man går da ikke bag om ryggen pa hinanden)
c) Afpresning (Thordis gider heller ikke – men hun har jo oplevet afpresning)
d) Mon ikke jeg kunne få en eller anden til at anmelde for kickback – hvis man ser paa hvor sindsyg vores trykkontrakter så ud udefra? Mon somerhuset i Italien er bygget for helt beskattede midler? Nabo’er der stikker hinanden og børns forældre der sagsøger hinanden – det er sikker fremtiden. Men ikke med mig som medspiller.

Det rager mig langsomt – det hele handler vel om at man kan se sig selv i øjnene. Og jeg forstår på skolekammeraterne at Svenn har haft det meget svært – og jeg ville intet få ud af det.

Jeg var ikke rigtig klog at gå ind i den avis – men slet ikke rigtig klog da jeg ikke fulgte mine instinkter (og min mentors råd), eller lave due dilligence og smide Svenn ud første gang jeg havde følelsen. Dumt. MIN FEJL og kun min. Og Hr. Nissen er en pisse talentfuldt stjerne – der bliver sat i skyggen af sin mentor. Bittert.

PS. Og nej hr Berlingske journalist – du har ikke faaet modstridende forklaringer fra CFO og Jeg – du har ikke hoert efter og vaeret helt fyr og flamme for at lave denne historie. Og professorer der bliver lavet spin paa – spinner på dette som var det dit eget væveri – jeg har ikke været tæt på regnskabdelen – men min CFO havde fuldt styr på det. Og vi lavede ikke fejl – da vi vidste at alle øjne var på os.

PPS. Jeg har massere af tid nu – massere af penge det har vi haft – værdighed ligesaa – og jeg gider ikke mere pis fra sådan en lusker. Brænde andre folks penge af skånselsløst – kun med egen personlig vinding for øje – det er hvad han gør. Rend mig – jeg vil lave mine ting – og jeg er SULTEN TIL DEN DAG DE SLUKKER PULTEN (Jokeren).

Posted on March 30, 2009

Speachless (@martin)

Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

Nothing to say – just enjoy – music connecting people.

Posted on March 29, 2009

Love, Pain, Love


I have been going trough hell since my fucked up newspaper project tanked – and I only blame myself. BUT at the same time Ive gotten so much love (my column about the happiness release in will be released soon)- there are two guys in this world who have done really REALLY stupid things – but they are forgiven many times. (that’s my most read story ever as a blogger). After that post I have been called from every part of the world to consult (and speak) for people who have been in my shoes or are one shoe away… But I need to mention a couple of exspiriences i have had – like Frederik (the absolute fucked up Icelandic guy) who owns

– this crazy amasing lovely mann called me instantly and told me that I could always drop by with the kids for a dinner privately or at the cafe. And I have to say that the Cafe (two locations) is one of the best in the city. Plain straight and GOOD CROWD + fair price. Off course wifi is free.


I have also been contacted by many many nice people who have offered me help in any way shape or form and I simply cant believe it. THE WORLD IS GOOD – REALLY GOOD. And when everything is upside down – this t-shirt says everyting:

buy it here


And then on a last note – I have to say (again) that Mygdal and the BIG THINKERS – with entrapnurial stamina like Hugh Hefner makes me so happy. This message says everything about how vibrant STILL online is:


This week I will speak at it’s a very cool event by the guys from Mountain Partners – at first they are as stiff at a british upperclass upperlip and a teenage dick after a wet dream – but when you get under their skin – they are pretty cool and agressive like no one else…

My kids keep calling me evil :) – whenever I don’t act like they want me to, and buy them whatever crap they want. And I’m tough on the NOT BUYING SHIT. They will get all the love I have!! and all my non-working time – but spoiling them with more and More and MORE silly toys is not an option.

So I hereby kick off the 24h World Championship for Evil Parents


A) You must be a parent to minimum one kid that has a language.

B) Tell in 140 carrecters to tell what evil you will do to your kids, to become the worlds most Evil Parent.
Ex. I will wear my kids hats – with my big head – so that it falls down into their eyes next they wear it. #WCEP

C) You have to have a brain and full of love for children. (for American user and stiff idiots I have to state this is a Joke)


The Winner will be announced when I land in Japan tomorrow at some time.
The price – a pirated copy of Free Willy Editors Edition

Judges Bo Bomuld (formerly Judge at of the competition to elect worst dressed teacher in Denmark) & Me.

THIS VIDEO CLIP: I clicking on a twit from Jason Shellen to go and watch Evan Williams on Charlie Rose Show – and then I was so lucky that the show kicked of with Mr. John Hennessy (head of Stanford University) – and this guy is just something beyond reality – when you start thinking about his impact – Science, Bizz (he is on the board of Google, Standford’s Funds are some of the largest in the world), Politically (education is in my very low educated opinion the most important thing for both social welfare and business and globalization). Wow – and this guys just purely GET IT 360 DEGREES. Lucky America to have such people – picking up 760mioUSD in endowments on a bad year :)… Side note: If we had that kind of institution just one place in Europe we would be very very well of – only FC Barcelone is about there (JOKE!).

THIS VIDEO CLIP: The Twitter interview is not very good – Ev is fumbling in his explanation and Rose is too eager to say how fund he is of the idea. And I can – as Twitter number to in Denmark only beaten by a priest with soft rock as underlaying musik on his website – really not understand how twitter can change so much for me – but it does. I can just log on anywhere – after meetings or sleeping and be 100% updated in no time. And the GMAIL import of friends (I did yesterday) really added 200% ore quality – now I follow all the people i KNOW (who are twitting).

Links from a very informative surfing hour:

Then I watched this piece on US printing money in the wild – and must say its strange – and scarry.

And I considered this conferenceafter reading Gigaom on innovation – even though Im not really hungry for more conferences and mostly look forward to Mygdals Reboot the 25/26th of June – I really hope that Mr. Ev and will drop by. On Mygdal – its interesting to see that the guy is on top of the world with now integrating with Facebook (with new filtering) and really challenging Twitpic (a service i never got to work). AND AND 23 is launching amasing HD Video services – build you own TVchannel for less then 1000USD pr month – niiifty test here. I will just be smooth to watch all this on the brand new iMac – Charlie Rose should by a lisence… Or my friends who are mad heliskiers should buy a lisence.

LASTEST NEWS vie (not suprisingly twitter 28min ago):

timoreilly: Americans cutting 1 serving of meat/week wd save as much carbon as taking 5 million cars off the road (via @SteveKatz)

I think Ev is fantastic!

Posted on February 27, 2009

A Real Living Icon and Legend

Richard Branson

It’s has taken me 7 days to absorb the incredible experiences from last week of being with Sir Richard Branson and his crew for 4 nights. (The Crew and surroundings is an important part)

The first thing I ever said to Richard when I first met him (last year) was: “You are one of my few hero’es and please dont fuck up – most other of my hero’es whom I met in person have fucked up.” But let me just confess instantly – He did not disapoint for a second. Not even a small nano second.

You can buy all the book in the world and read all the thesis in the world about building a spirit in a company – but 4 days with Richard (and crew) will give you the easy answer:

It’s about being real – nice – honest – empathic and really mean it. The guy’s started in Rock and Roll – and know anyone you want to know on the planet – he has all the money you (and your full family three) can spend and he has a sense of humor that can beat any average pro comedian and he has changed the world and he has respect in nearly all layers of socierty. But when you are next to him – the only problem is YOU – handling to be hanging out with your hero. Richard is NOT DOWN TO EARTH underplaying it – no no – but he is (unlike many superstars and superrich) listening and calm (without being ingnoring the souroundings) – and he is lively in all sences – but also very deeply interested in nearly every topic you can bring up. Off course – he also has to cut off a lot of people who just wants to talk to him and have the photo- to show their friends – but that as well is done in a gentle and human nice way.

I could go on for hours – in pure celebration – but I my conclusion is simple. Now I really understand why the TVprogram Xfactor is one of the most successful TVformats in the world – because when some has it – YOU KNOW and THE PERSON CAN BUILD/CREATE/DO everything he/she wants. Mostly because he/she has good karma and raw talent and can motivate others and let them be co-superstars as well. And that’s the big secret: Richard has a crew – wife, executives, staff and followers who are super super smart – and dares to really make a difference (and make failures). And they are all inspired by the leader of the Tribe – who is naturally interested in you and picks up a drink for you – and gives you that extra little feel good feeling… Naturally injects those Virgin values throughout the whole organization – so that everyone around simply has a GOOD TIME and WANTS more.

Its Simple!
Not Easy.