Upside Down – Life Is Beautifull – Not easy


Dear Valued Reader(s)

This picture reflects UPSIDE DOWN TO ME

The Banks Are Out Of Money,

AIG got 180bio$ in Gov Aid – market cap today 5,3bio$

Im Bankrupt but feel better then ever.

Climate change has made Danish summers AMASING.

The Hedgefunds forgot to HEDGE.

56% of all twitter users follow no one.

Obama came out of NO WHERE because he made a deal with the weapon industry and therefor he can challenge doctors and pharma to on a HEALTHCARE REFORM.

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Travel Kit – I might be an expert

Today I asked myself the question, what am I really good at – and I found out that traveling light 2-3nights is something Im really exspirienced in.


1) Laptop – well obvious – if you are a Gmail user install OfflineSync and always have a couple of your favorite TV shows ready.
2) iPhone/iPod and Sync/Charging cable – most hotels have a way to play iPod – but often no power
3) Business cards – well good when you sit next to someone interesting in the plane or …
4) Charger for the Laptop (and US adapter IMPORTANT)
5) Highres pocket Video Camera –

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When Thing Fit Together (Partnerships)

Today I had a lifetime experience in business and people relations. (Ok – I cant talk about it – but I have taken a new job – yes a Job as in 80h workweek). And its much more then carefully selected – I have been 100% true to my rule number one.

RULE #1: No assholes.

Since no company (I ever heard of) has been building itself – I have gone with an extremely smart bunch of guys into something extremely difficult. Off course if 100% disruptive and huge – and potentially big failure –

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Random: A Hero, Some Crazy, Good and Bad



I was 100% in chock when I learned how the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – have been doing a Napster like “industry changing move” on e-procurement. The people behind this MUST get all the awards possible in the world for IMPLEMENTING anup and running alternative to EDS (the OOOLD shit system for companies to exchange invoices) – and breaking the monopoly between IBM, CSC… They simply build an infra structure so smooth and internet driven – that 1bioDKR (around 180mioUSD) in transaction fees disappeared from the BLUECHIP MONOPOLY GUYS –

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Watch This!!!!!!

Amasing Emotional Video
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Nothing’s Strange When You Work For A Circus

Today was a wonderful day.

A) Because I woke up the kids 6.45 with Isak (1 year) walking allover the big ones – and the all kissedand hugged – I just sat there in the morning sun trying to hide my tears… (Im so (too) soft). Then we had a nice breakfast and played and made a new screensaver with horse pictures from Laura and Linus trip to my parets over the weekend. And biked to school…

B) Just in time to make my flight to Frankfurt on a consulting geek – where I had the most amassing meeting in my life.

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Twitter is unreal – The people behind are unreal(ly) real

This viceo shows how good you have to be as a communicator -if you want to build an outstanding company that really changes the world. (And you get the background of the company). WATCH it.

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Wierd Feeling of Absolute Successful Unsuccessfulness

I’m somehow flying between high and lows AND LOWS. Dunno why – maybe because my personal life has changed 100% – bankruptcy/reconstruction is not as pleasant as it might look from the outside. It’s one long string of uncertainties – initially really bad for the mind – but in reality just like any other day in business ventures JUST A BIT TO PERSONAL. You never know what will hit you – and what seems to be the brightest star one day might be a TRAIN COMING AGAINST YOU IN THE TUNNEL.

I’M GETTING much closer to the world where I really belong.

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Start Your Day With A Dance

(I simply get off to this song – its ENRGY!). Run, Dance, THink, Blink, Drink og Act…)

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New Danish Superstars – The usauls, a Bosnian, a Butcher…

“Whats Hot In Danmark, Morten”

I oftenly get the question – what internet companies are hot in Denmark. And for quite some time I’ve just said – I still say that – despite the fact that quite some of their properties (DKBN (Nightlife pictures) and Arto (youth community) is getting their balls kicked blue by FaceBook. These guys are now going international with Spigo (first time in a language different then Jydsk :) – I think its a winner.


I always say Mygdal (23HQ and –

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Gekko if you love travelling (new startup from my friend and partner in (some) crime Dino) does the trick when you travel and you know that Hotels are not just Hotels.

Its still a bit fresh and getting around the site (adding friends, writing reviews) is not optimized yet. But you simply get the hotels and recommendations that suits you (IMPRESSIVE for me). I simply cant wait to more people will involve and share reviews – then this service is a KILLER. And I have really needed it.

Its kind of Social :) –

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Christmas Time at Squitter

Skype to get back on founders hands (NYT)

(I have no inside knowledge and have not talked to Niklas and Janus for 2months).

How would i do this (Skype relaunch):

Well its simple – I would give Evan Williams a call and join Twitter and Skype in a new hardcore gamble against everyone else in the social space. Twitter could be independently run – and Skype could integrate a smooth (WHAT ARE YOU DOING (nearly must) UPDATE) – and you would subscribe to your friends by default –

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People Around Me Want Fun

Withing the last 2 weeks I have talked to 4 people who wanted to quit their WELL PAID BORING jobs and have fun. That seems to be a trend – in reseccion? (Makes no sense). One actually ACT’ed and did it.

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Jeg fejlede alene

Jeg var ikke rigtig klog da jeg gik ind i den avis – men holly christ jeg har laert meget ! Og NU er jeg lidt SUR.


Nu har min tidligere bestyrelsesformand for avisens driftselskaber igen placeret en historie som er 100% opspind i medierne. Jeg skulle uhh ha – have lavet dokumentfalsk.

Men som de sagde i BAGMANDSPOLITIET da han sidst viste sin 100% mangel paa forretningsindsigt (ved at tro at Meecom skulle have vearet istand til at give mig penge under bordet fra deres tomme kasse) og lokkede en taburet polititkere fra enhedslisten til at politi andmelde mig:

“Vi ka tydeligt se at dette er ren chikane (hvem tager dog et papir som dette ud af en samenhaeng) –

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Speachless (@martin)

Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

Nothing to say – just enjoy – music connecting people.

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Love, Pain, Love


I have been going trough hell since my fucked up newspaper project tanked – and I only blame myself. BUT at the same time Ive gotten so much love (my column about the happiness release in will be released soon)- there are two guys in this world who have done really REALLY stupid things – but they are forgiven many times. (that’s my most read story ever as a blogger). After that post I have been called from every part of the world to consult (and speak) for people who have been in my shoes or are one shoe away…

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COMPETITION: World Championship for Evil Parents #WCEP

My kids keep calling me evil :) – whenever I don’t act like they want me to, and buy them whatever crap they want. And I’m tough on the NOT BUYING SHIT. They will get all the love I have!! and all my non-working time – but spoiling them with more and More and MORE silly toys is not an option.

So I hereby kick off the 24h World Championship for Evil Parents


A) You must be a parent to minimum one kid that has a language.

B) Tell in 140 carrecters to tell what evil you will do to your kids,

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Smarter Then Clever – and Random links

THIS VIDEO CLIP: I clicking on a twit from Jason Shellen to go and watch Evan Williams on Charlie Rose Show – and then I was so lucky that the show kicked of with Mr. John Hennessy (head of Stanford University) – and this guy is just something beyond reality – when you start thinking about his impact – Science, Bizz (he is on the board of Google, Standford’s Funds are some of the largest in the world), Politically (education is in my very low educated opinion the most important thing for both social welfare and business and globalization).

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Evan Williams founder of blogger and twitter

I think Ev is fantastic!

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A Real Living Icon and Legend

Richard Branson

It’s has taken me 7 days to absorb the incredible experiences from last week of being with Sir Richard Branson and his crew for 4 nights. (The Crew and surroundings is an important part)

The first thing I ever said to Richard when I first met him (last year) was: “You are one of my few hero’es and please dont fuck up – most other of my hero’es whom I met in person have fucked up.” But let me just confess instantly – He did not disapoint for a second. Not even a small nano second.

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