This post was written by Stuart Lansdale


were just the idea of sending money from me to my daughter – without a middle man. Think peer to peer of music – Napster, Kazaa turning iTunes. Its early – only wackos are really understanding it (or pretending to) – but see it as boring infrastructure like SMS. SMS did not exist 20years ago (or actually it did – for technicians in Nokia who where lazy and didn’t want to call each other) – and today we don’t think about what it is – it’s just the standard way of getting hold of colleagues, kids and parents…


Same will happen with Bitcoins or whatever we call the next generation of software to transfer money. It make no sense to have a switchboard like this – when phone calls are routed automatically. Same goes with money – bank are so very very soon to be obsolete.

I’m spending 18h a day thinking about and executing on this – but I don’t do Bitcoins – yet – I just build infrastructure (lets call it adversing channels and marketing partnerships) to help small companies to get their money fast and cheap. Its super simple – not easy!

  • Noa

    Great post, decentralizing money transfer from the big banks and “western unions” is definitely a huge challenge. These are guys from Israel are friends and are actually working on the exact solution to the problem that you mentioned :