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B&O, you owe me 2 hours of my life…

2013-11-20 01.48.10

I’m (still) suffering from some weird idea – that the adults know all of the answers ;) – like the +60 Chairman of Danske Bank and B&O (our Industrial Danish pride) – not to mention the new CEO at Bang & Olufsen – Tue Mantoni – who was at McKinsey and then – for some insane reason got auto approval in my brain – as the man who can save the already failing company. but But BUT – my brain has cheated itself – these guys are seriously hard – because none of them have a clue about electronics and product – its all management crap and spreadsheets. Today I discovered that their product is solely working on iPhone  – yes – iPhone the new Nokia :) – yesterday’s phone… WOW.

Here we go:

I have just spent an evening at one of my few real friend’s house. His wife somehow liked the new speakers from B&O and it was next to me for 5 hours. While looking at this beautiful* speaker – my friend got the idea of … listening to some music. Biig problem – we are both Android users (like +65% of the world smartphone users)….

We tried with all means – while keeping the weird and distracting conversation one has to while needing to connect a device…… we ended up having installed 3 Apps that could not get a soundbite out of the speaker – totally confused and “tech-bitter”….. fuck that. Not even a mini Jack was the way – it doesn’t exist on the creature of a misplaced good looking device in the generation of connected devices.. .

When finally finding a B&O app for Android the confusion was clear. Even though I’m quite technical and my friend is a top 10 tech entrepreneur in Scandinavia (now he will be mad) – We don’t really know what they wanted us to do with the App. Something about adding the loudspeaker as a wifi access point. It never showed up on my list of access points and if it had I’m not sure I would have known what to do with it.

It just feels wrong to sit next to a 2.000$ loud speaker listening to music from your mobile built in loudspeaker. But at least we got some music. Thank you Marie Key …

I’m charging 2500$ pr hour consulting these days – so all in all the 2 hours fumbling with this crap – makes B&O owe me 2.5 of their next speaker – hopefully with Android.

And as for the CEO and the Chairman – Christ…. – they should step away and get a Tech savvy guy – like Bruce H, Tino Svendsen and Jacob Wollf-Petersen from . They built their company in Jacobs house (like Mr Bang and Mr Olufsen many many years ago) – and Steelseries will have a higher market cap (value of the company) – in 24.36 months…  #DirtyHandsOverIndustrialRoyalty

*Disclosure: Johannes Torpe, head of design at B&O & The Steelseries guys – has been my personal  friends for +12years .


  • Henrik Christensen

    Right on Morten. As a former employee of Bang & Olufsen Global Service I share your frustration with the incompetent non-tech Board and so called leadership in Struer. Oh, that´s right, they don´t even have their office in Struer anymore. B&O has some what lost track of their customers needs and that hurts my patriotic heart. Luckily for Denmark, there are new companies lurking to take over their position.

  • Kenneth Schmedegaard Rasmussen

    A bluetooth receiver (f.e Belkin – works with both Android & iOS) + a set of TP Tubes (Danish Active speakers), would be the way instead ;-)

  • Doctor LG

    Newest Lumigon controls B&O doctor Lund ;-)

  • andersen

    Use airfoile

  • Brian

    Well there are alot of Android apps running DLNA stream like Twonky Media, Bubbleupnp etc. And if you want to use Airplay here is a link, so you know your Android product a little better
    If you want to use cable you have two RCA input on the back of your B&O product. See all this I know eventhough you have not told me which model it is. And that is because B&O is just so easy to use, thanks to Tune Mantonis and the Boards vision to make it simple.
    So you have just wasted 3 hours on this case, which I wouldn’t be braging about because it flashes your lack of knowledge in your own phone