This post was written by Morten Lund

Sell Stuff – funding is not the key – sales is.

Here is a picture of a real entrepreneurial hero.

Sales is the best Funding

Yesterday I tried to tell a crowd of very hungry entrepreneurs that they should go and sell stuff – and not hunt Venture Capital.. Jacob Wolff-Petersen (above) – one of my best friends – he spent the past 10 years building SteelSeries creating +50mio€ in revenue – without taking in 1€ in VC money… beat that.

  • Beijingperspective

    This should be tatooed on every entrepraneur forehead ….

  • Brand Unique

    All the other stuff can be incredible, stuff that might change the way we do things, but if no one knows about it, considers it or buys it, it remains a “could have been”. Selling is often the hardest skill to master because it goes against the grain of powerful emotions like fear of rejection.

  • Baz Riachi

    …. Nice, but as an investor wouldn’t you rather invest to achieve the 50m revenue in 2 years instead of 10?