This post was written by Morten Lund

Designers & Researchers – Your Time Is Now !!!

Im Changing Direction – Again

Tradeshift and Everbread are now running on their own – I don’t have to be there every day. And I see 10 amazing start ups every month – I can’t stop myself anymore – I need to kick a lot of these guys in their bud – and help them to become global and successful. (PLEASE RT THIS TO DESIGN COMMUNITIES).

I’m loosing it – in Design Talent

I’m getting old – and I have lost my touch with the design community and the hackers – who are doing consulting – but really want to do their own Agency or even better a Startup.

Keep Your Real Job (Clients)

If you are one of these Dudes/Duderinas – who are not spoiled by money yet – and who don’t need anything but a MAC in your life. ( = You don’t have very low cost of living). If you also understand that: This requires lots of late night work – since you have to be payed from your real job.

(If you are an existing agency – who wants on this movement – then you just invest X% of your pitching budget – easy peasy).

If You Can Do This Better

If you carry the belief that you can design there even better – make them look even cooler than they are ( I love these sites) / / / / New

You must be a complete design junkie – or have one on your team. And you MUST BE admire and – like you admire your best parrents.

Then Pls Email Me and Get On My New Projects List

And I will send a mail back with the rules. Since I have spend the time – which – to do a pretty specific outline of the rules (and thats hard for me). Email:


PS. Tree huggers and people who love this model – pls dont email me. I want to make money – its the only way to attract the best people. (Charity is something we do later).

PPS. I’m also looking for a platform to run all this talent on… (Facebook Developer ?).

PPPS. And yes – am scared of overdoing it again – like when I went bankrupt – shit scared. But I cant help it.

  • Jacek

    Design Is Everything!!!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely haven’t understood what you offer or what your idea is

  • Erlend

    This model is linear. You need co working, crown, and collaboration. Connect with Chance Barrett ( Venice California), Siggi (yes you know him) and myself and let’s flip this to be a challenge that grows organically. I’m at SxSW with the lunatics now,but I’ll email you when I get out of this crazy bin.

  • Erlend

    Since I’m drunk at a bar at SXSW in Austin I’ll dump one more comment on co working and collaboration and the future of worming together…. It’s all here a Fred Wilson’s blog The disruption is “work” and of course “health” which is related but…. In the end it work…. If we do not solve work we are nothing. Work is where the trouble lies. You want to solve big f’in problems? That is where to focus. So while I rant… Think about what Fred’s investment thesis…. It is no far off is it?