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Tell Me Something – Recommendations WANTED

Dear Valued Reader

Special note: To the hundreds of you who have asked to invest in my fund: I’m sorry – the paperwork to get this approved is insane (it’s not legal to take money from normal people – only rich people are allowed – hmmm…).

Today, just a bit below, I will tell you the fastest way to become a millionaire—no guarantee that its fun, but rich you can become.

(I am so happy to have all of you guys following up on all my weird requests) – My blog and my twitter account simply makes me one of the fastest business developers in the world. And I can’t thank you enough. Crazy Crazy CRAZY things are happening and the next 2-3 months will change my life – again).

BASIC premise for this blog:
To start your own company or work for a really early startup – You must love change. One day you are about to close the company – next day you have the big deal signed and a company pays 27mio$ for a license to your software. Welcome to my world.

A. My Blog and Twitter

When Tradeshift was founded by Lanng and his friend/colleagues Gert and Mikkel, they got 40.000h of code from my twitter followers after my tweets (Note to self: I must find that tweet). Via twitter/Facebook  – because Im using it a lot – I have gotten a piano teacher, cool iPhone Apps, investments, nice restaurants that way…


B. I need Help (Again)

Well what’s help and what recommendations? I think I need a recommendation: Everything will be about DATA-DRIVEN recomendations – EVERYTHING. If you fix that – you will be very succesfull.  Remember when I said how to become rich above?

Anecdote: I went to see Chrix Dixon (we were kind of friends – but his IQ is my IQ-75% and his ego and mine are to alike so he stopped answering my emails). Never mind – he is one of the smartest (FOR REAL 360% SMART) guys in venture today and really cool. Well – I went to see him in 2009 about 12 months before he/they launched Hunch – and he explained how everything would be about recommendations – and how they wanted to build something smarter than where you think of something and 20Q will read your mind by asking a few simple questions (very interesting). I got seduced by his idea – and started researching a bit – but it did not turn me on. I could not see it – I did not really see the use for the consumer (It’s one for the antiportfolio)….. 2010 they sold to eBay for 80mio$ – bingo. And of course we can say now,  “it was a super cool product”, “they got the users”, “they educated eBay/PayPal in their own need.”   BIG RESPECT.

C. Recommendations Is All

We need them. And now I ask you to recommend to me – all the recommendation start ups and ideas you know ( ALERT: solid shit only . no dreams without technology- or market- proof behind).

Preferred people, teams, ideas:

  1. You are an expert
  2. You are deep into a weird niche (with lots of transaction i.e. payments, logistics…)
  3. You are a team (can stop doing it)
  4. You have 2-5years of real business experience in something boring
  5. You hate that the huge company you work at – dont just fix that database – and make an API – so that your job would be 100x easier.
  6. YOU ARE LAZY – and automate everything
  7. You love alerts – and setup “alerts to self” all the time
  8. You think Mark Zuckerberg will be the first Jewish Pope (Note to self: This is shit ass politically incorrect).
  9. You are in bed with someone who has big data
  10. You fundamentally believe in: It’s simple not easy.

I recommend for you

to do a startup in this recommendation space – NOW – or email me and my team   Remember when I said above that I’d tell you how to get rich? This is the real one. :-)

I dare to recommend this – because I know 3000% more about business software and enterprise software today (but I still feel like a freshman to the industry) – and I spend 20h a day with the hottest enterprise software startups in the world. And now I FU&#”€! NEED ONE ofr 2 projects – again because its ALL ABOUT Recommendations.

4. mail to

So please let my know if you are into recommendations technology wise, business sector wise (grocery, books, sports.. whatever) –



Note To: Bizz Journalists

Everyone is speculating on Facebook going IPO. I have a very clear opinion on that: “Facebook is worth 2x Apple – any day – buy all the shares you can get – and lend money to buy more when they doubled in 3 months”. Facebook is Apple without hardware production – apples hardware will go to Samsung and the Asian sons (Note to self: and daughters)… Apps and Payments  and Advertising and all business processes – from buying grocery, servicing your car to chatting with financial tax adviser – ALL WILL BE ON FACEBOOK in 2-3 years. Facebook is the next platform – we don’t need anything else – just a browser. Some are Journalists are JALOUX that Mark Zuckerberg makes a gazzzilion – and some are worried about privacy. BUT FUCK THAT – its free – if you don’t like it: GO AWAY – become or stay lonely. Facebook is helping us with democracy – and for me (since I have absolutely nothing to hide) FACEBOOK brings social relations back into play on a global scale. Small villages often has little crime – its stupid to rape someone if you know the parents – and maybe FACEBOOK can lets us become a global village. (And yes there are lots of problems with bullying and racism- but its nothing compared to the upside). And every quarter from now I predict that FACEBOOK will buy a recommendation engine (from me, You…) – :) (Note to self: Did I just use a smiley … that’s gay … gay is fine with me – stop thinking about that…).


  • Anonymous

    The Tweet that started Tradeshift…or “Project Abu Dhabi” as it was called back then.

  • Ozmanzia

    Have Sent you an idea on the same email. Hope to hear you soon.

  • Anonymous
  • /claus

    So, Morten, I read the above as it’s been a long time and sometimes I like to help ppl out. But, eh, you talk too much… as usual – well, so do I :)

    It’s not clear to me what you need help on, except for making mulah… Well, I could probably do all of the above but I’d be damned if I wanted to! No way! Where is the love and compassion, I ask? Not there for sure! I really don’t give a damn about money, and persuading other people to consume more is to me — just like the massive surveillance and registration you are so delicately avoiding to mention — just plain wrong.

    As for profit: He who dies with the most toys is the biggest loser of all ! As for technology, nobody can eat a facebook anyway, and none of that crap gives you that warm fuzzy feeling hugging a loved one does. That last feeling… is what “being rich” is really all about.

    Rant over. I’ll give you the key to any kind of succesful recommendation in plain text: Respect, and Compassion.

    Disregard these two and your would-be recommendation engine will be like getting recommendations from a casino slot machine… Get them right… not technically or legally right, but right as “in-your-heart-right” – and you win… but only beause everyone else wins.

    From the above it seems to me like you could soon face the choice between improving the life for ppl… or polluting the life of ppl. Many greedy people will stand in line helping you to do the latter, some perhaps even thinking that they are doing the former. Please choose wisely.

    With much respect, and kind thoughts

  • /claus


    @ “GO AWAY – become or stay lonely.”:
    LOL! You will discover that those who opt out (first) are not the weak, but the strong. It’s just another “walled garden” variety web page like the late AOL. Life (and the www) is much bigger than that.
    Anyway, OFF-line is the new black! And it feels GOOD. Get in the driver’s seat of your life in stead of staring at a window, I say.

    Over. And out :)

  • Freddie

    These guys are making waves. Smart ceo too.

  • Daniel

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