Posted on November 21, 2011

A Win Win Settlement


Act Dont Talk

Friday was a huge day in my life. Alexander (my partner) – managed to settle a very very very complex legal fight (article here).

I have never been a fan of lawsuit and stayed out – for as long as in any way possible. But it got nasty – and our counterpart was both hard and smart (unfortunately). The problem was one of those big ones – that you cant wait out… We had no chance to do any business – and the more heat we had – the more of our clients got scared.

I should have listened 18months ago (but I was too self confident & stupid) when a very good and highly respected friend told me to (lets call him Rob Stavis): “Morten – you must freaking settle instantly and get to business – it does not matter if you are right or wrong”. He was so right. To small new players in a giant market should not spend 1min fighting – they must join forces not to get killed by the Hangar-ships send by the existing big “land owners” in the marketplace.

I was to slow – to much thinking about ego, fairness, rules, laws and pride – instead of just doing what took Us 18months.

I have the greatest respect for our competitors – and specially that we have done it gentlemen style – and will for sure have a beer after the fight.

PS. Im a little very proud (mostly proud of Alexander). Unlike the other day at The Europas (I will post about that soon)….