The New Sheriff In Town

  Mr Lanng – is one of the guys with the fastest and most focused CPU’s in town. He has been so generous – to start as blog today. And It only shows his absolute mastering of communication and transparrency in running a StartUp on speed. Here is a snippet: “It scared the shit out […]

A Win Win Settlement

  Act Dont Talk Friday was a huge day in my life. Alexander (my partner) – managed to settle a very very very complex legal fight (article here). I have never been a fan of lawsuit and stayed out – for as long as in any way possible. But it got nasty – and our […]

Look – It Failed – What Did I Say

The “What did I Say” pessimists Avoid lazy negative¬†pessimists¬†in startups. Im having a blast these days. Its too good to be true – life simply has played the best of all tricks on me. Now that Tradeshift is showing traction – and now that it looks like I will be part of something really disrupting […]