This post was written by Morten Lund

Sometimes Right = Tradeshift

Sometimes:- You just know when something is RIGHT
You find the right PEOPLE
You have the right STRATEGY
– You have the right INVESTORS (and enough$)
You get the BUSINESS MODEL right!!

Tradeshift is one of those companies you only see very very “sometimes”: And now finally we told the world about it the real deal: Tradeshift Instant Payment

With Tradeshift – its really hard not to smile as a chairman. Founders are off course kick ass – but I must say that Im nearly more impressed by the people they have managed to hire. We have real ROCKSOLID TALENT & EXPERTS at every desk at that office. But we need MORE PEOPLE – see – have a look – sometime you can be lucky.

Sometimes: Im shocked by the traction I see in Cloud Enterprise Software… If you (dear reader) have the brainCPUpower and interest – I will really recommend to do you next startup in Cloud based Enterprise Solutions…

PS. sometimes you can also be lucky to have a media (Techcrunch post) – that have all eyes from the industry plastered on the site…. And Mike Butcher always dares to promote hope – instead the killing depressive financial news… Mobile-Web/Cloud/Technology can and will change the business world – and there is a party going on for technolgy entreprenuers. FULL ON: Technolgy/Revenue/Profit/Champagne/Exit. The eco-system of trading – has found its way to technology – and wholly crap I meet a lot of young people who will change the world – and be millionaires before they are 30 years old. God forbit the last part :) – been there – fucked up…

PPS. Im getting really interested in the whole “CoWorking” -Space idea – and would love to have links to good articles about the topic. Sometimes: I feel that it could make room for a new investment vehicle…

PPS. Sometimes you need help – ASK FOR IT!

  • Florian Komm
  • Juergen Hoebarth

    Hy jep CoWorking and HackerSpaces are a nice way to collaborate and act somehow as a kind of beehive. We run a HackerSpace in Hong Kong founded a view month ago. As we are in Hong Kong People here are more focused on making products. And what is interesting a lot of people from all over the world are stopping by and showing us what they are doing even we are not really visible but those who want to find fiind us. So totaly on your side with this CoWorking HackerSpace Idea.. So if you stop by once in Hong Kong let me know :)

  • Thorsten Boeck

    always interesting reading about your adventures.
    Regarding the Co-working concept, I am working in a great co-working place in downtown Madrid, It currently houses some 80 co-workers of both creative and non-creative nature. An inspiring place to work, I can assure you. They have combined it with a ‘school’ and an event bureau, which seems to work very well.
    This is not exactly the article you asked for, but a real-world example of the concept well executed. Perhaps an idea for a future field trip. I have no financial or other interest in this, so I am only writing this as a happy customer.

  • Craig

    Hi Morten.

    Your views on “coworking spaces” that might lead to a new type of investment vehicle is something I have been thinking about for a while. In London (and Europe) there are a lot of smart ass tech guys and business people but they either lack certain skills to make things happen. If we had a CoWorking space, or a sort of incubator that attracted all these people to come hang out under one company and helped them to launch different products it could be quite cool. So a sort of Y combinator in London but perhaps all the new products (software etc) come under one brand.

    What are your views??

  • mortenlund

    Im not sure what you mean. But – I think that an analytics driven aproach and some connection to CoWorking spaces – might be a very big oppertunity. For the right investor team – who can handle that many companies..

  • mortenlund