This post was written by Morten Lund

Berlin Berlin Berlin

Berlin Rocks Somehow

Good Feeling Berlin

I have no idea what it is. But Berlin somehow has something I have never felt in any of the +120 Cities I have visited. I so much wonder what it is…

Put you idea/comment here…

  • John Ndege

    Its like Paris in the 1920’s, New York in the 60’s and London in the 90’s. A collection of like minded people trying to make change.

  • Svend Mikael Hansen

    I think it is the will to prove something, internationally, by the young generation in Germany.
    From my ears living in Germany, there is a difference young and not-young.
    They now all have all the opportunity in the world. And Berlin is a great city with loads of life and opportunities.

  • Rouven

    In my opinion, the breath you take in Berlin feels free, the size of the city, its active social life and its different cultures and styles in each quarter stimulate creativity. Plus it is affordable to live good. Dreams seem reachable. Already a generation of entrepreneurs have done it there before. Have proven that it’s possible. Guess that’s what fuels Berlin’s aura :-)

  • Kolja

    Move here :)

  • reinier

    berlin is filled to the brim with loads of creative energy and young people taking notice. all the cool cats from other european countries are going or are very tempted to work/live there. it’s the european city to be. and a hot bed for startups. they are making your entrepeneurial whiskers tingle… that’s probably what it is!

  • Jasper

    My theory:
    It’s the economically unsuccessfulcapital of an economically sucesful country.
    Thus, the city is fairly cheap while wages are low and the number of unemployed and the number of students is relatively high.
    But it’s not poor.
    Because the government pumps in money to keep it’s infrastructure running and provide facilities for the civil servants etc.
    And it’s history is so damn interesting it attracts relatively well educated people.

    What you end up with is a big capital city with cheap, smart and thus relatively unpretentious but interesting people.

    Check out the average bar in Berlin: beer’s up to 3 euros for 0.5l, no high heels and suits, everyone’s interested in…well everything.

    But that’s just my theory.

  • Jasper

    To add to that: very much agree with Svend Mikael Hansen that the difference between the young and your average middle-aged ‘Berliner’ is very big.

    Going to a bar in Berlin = great!
    Going to do a supermarket/dry cleaner/bakery in Berlin = a kranky experience!

  • Benjamin Rohé

    it’s more a EU / global capital city then just “Berlin”. People from all over the world are visiting the city, feel home, stay here or move here later on. I’ve worked with people with so many different nationalities and life-stories – all have one in common: they where not satisfied with what they had and they wanted to go for more.

    I think this is what drives this city: never rest, never be satisfied – always on the move.

    it’s been almost 10 years for me here and it feels better every day.

    feel free to join us here, Morten :-)

  • Triestaan

    It’s a great place to stay, but not the best in Germany (join Düsseldorf ;)
    For me its the only city in Germany where you have the best chance to start a new creative business at the moment.

  • itschn

    move here, stay here

  • PeterWWW

    energy, variety, fun, opportunities without bling-bling B.S.