Remember we started Tradeshift – via a couple of twitter messages and some sweat for equity (shares). And the companies and people who took shares – are some of the happiest in my business network… Also they where all kickass smart and has worked hard. Here is a chance for a small/medium sized team in India (preferable some champions like Real Entrepreneurs, x McKinsey, Accenture, Bain Indian dudes with lots of drive and energy – and a intense sense of urgency).

Message from Mr. Lanng (our CEO)

We are looking for a joint-venture partner who can deliver standardized integration and conversion services between Tradeshift and the millions of small business suppliers who need to be on-boarded. This really need to be a factory with standardized fixed cost per integration. Our estimates is this could easily be a 30m € business by 2012.

We will need this to be a joint-venture partner, as this is too strategic to outsource completely.

I’m in Bangalore from the 7th-10th of July, with the aim to finalize a deal.

(email to chl @ tradeshift.com )