Posted on December 12, 2009

Twitter Q & A



  1. moritzde

    @ML Morten, you asked for questions: why isn’t there a secondary market for medicin & medical tools, e.g. splints? let’s create one! r u in? about 11 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Im not into it. But I have been helping a guy who is selling non prescription medicine and devices in retail – and there are big opportunities until you u get on the radar of the BIG KAHUNA’s.

  1. ronnierocket ronnierocket

    @ML How do we get our customers to embrace open source and social media technologies more quickly? How do we eliminate the ignorance? about 13 hours ago from CoTweet in reply to ML


I think open-source is a given way for the future of very big and complex software solutions (not to be stuck with IBM, CSC or whomever) – and end-users should not even know about it. For me it’s just a simple and smart way to have something open ended – AND ITS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT when in function as a service  – its closed and not accesible (took me looong time to really get it). But Hartvig’s UMBRACHO thought me. I don’t see feel any ignorence – in my world. But I understand your worry..

  1. Jacek Kozera jacek_kozera

    @ML are u still around in paris? How about à downtown Beer? about 13 hours ago from Twitterrific in reply to ML


Great idea. Im at my hotel.

  1. Jack Oelkers JackOelkers

    @ML Not started yet ;o) I would like to build a company though. With a foundation of a good idea, lots of passion and the “six human needs”. about 13 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Nike cornered it: Just Do It..

  1. Sebastian Brandes Brandesme

    @ML Could you explain that a bit more? about 14 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to ML


I tweeted: Important question for entreprenuers to ask themselfs: are u building a company – or just building company (around u). Well – I just see quite somestartups with no substance beyond a bunh of people hanging out together – they are just building a live social-club, hangoutplace. And they are not selling, producing or working hard/focused enough. .

  1. Thom Fischer Thom_Fischer

    @ML You want more Questions? So, how successfull you are in the Meantime, using the f-word? about 14 hours ago from web in reply to ML


Well that word is not very strong to me. Im not english native speaking and not highly religious – and to me the f-word is just representing something most people I know love to do and think about more then 10% of theyre awaken hours… :)

  1. lu luduong

    RT @ML: Please ask me more questions…@ML: Do you find yourself more “hungry” this time around? about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck


Good question!! The answer is

YES – very!

  1. Søren Sprogø SoerenS

    @ML They’re (we’re) all competitors mate, trying to figure out what you come up with next! Prepare to get paranoid :-) about 15 hours ago from TwitterGadget in reply to ML


Its not about whats next – its a flow of actions – and some works and some fails. I will alwayshelp people to build companies. Now compensation is in honor and petty cash – when Im out of bankruptcy it will be in shares. (Or compbined)

  1. Emmanu Romero emmanurom

    @ML Are you rich again? about 15 hours ago from web in reply to ML


No. Im living from day to day working my ass off (in fantastic job) – begging everyone I know to lend me money to get out of my bankrupcy. And Im getting closer.

  1. Frederik E. Dejgaard Dejgaard

    @ML Mac or PC ? about 15 hours ago from Chromed Bird


MAC ! Im moved 2 years ago and I still impressed just by the lack of bluescreen.