PREMISE for this note:

I have not been too focused on all the tech news in the  – ever – but the lack of exits compared to the number of startups and MONEY spent scares me a bit. And since I went bankrupt in January – I have had a 1000% focus on making money and do it FAST (without rushing into stupid stuff). It’s been healthy and actually really interesting. Since, while I had lots of cash – I got sloppy and sprayed my money (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Time) into too many things – and to much consumer stuff. It’s focus time…

Reality shapes Philosophy

So it’s been so cool and fun to be Santa Clause since I was 27y (and sold Neo Ideo) – arriving to meetings with a loaded bank account and an untamed lust to help small start-ups. PLUS I have had an extreme self confidence in building disrupting and revenue free consumer applications (Skype) and websites (Zyb and more) – since thats simply what I have done until now – risky risky. I was lucky. But if you are in that game – you need more then luck – you also need to be with fantastic people and have the right timing… (Well that’s what I talk about weekly in my speaking geeks). But let me confess – it’s too hard and the most ones are to small to do it when you are bankrupts and on the way up or lets say back…

“The Core of all enterprise IT – is going to be mesenging”

George from Charles River they did Twitter and now Jammer

WTF @ML are you going B2B

Well – yes – enterprise it is. There are numbers of studies showing that people who go bankrupt – often make it back faster then they made their first money – and YES ITS ABOUT MONEY. Money as in: The greens you pay your rent, food and kids winter boots with.

And HTF does it work when you are bankrupt

Well its pretty simple. I own NOTHING and I cant own ANYTHING. Easy peicy. But I can take consulting jobs and speaking geeks (everything with travel and consumtion paid upfront) – and then rent a house (try to keep my xwife and the kids in the old house by paying the bills I can afford until the bank claims it) – take (lots of) loans from friends who believes in me – and then let the crisis be my best friend (when BMW don’t even want the leased car back – because their CTO believes I will be back soon). And here I am. Working extremely focused to first of all get my self confidence back (or get a real one – an updated self confidence from producing and not only placing bets – not living in the 90’ies and a noveu rich hippies – who felt stupid that he missed the 70’ies – in a yuppie world). So I live day to day – and wait to see what “they will take tomorrow” – or what some asshole will try to steal… But hey – it’s just reality – just money – and I’ve seen friends stand up and take care of me – like I took care of some of them once. AND I have more time for the kids.

This means I have to focus on building value and making MONEY. Focus on putting my time into a TECHNOLOGY company (no newspapers or landmine detection stuff) where I can use my skills – motivate, product develope, raise capital and SELL. (Remember: Revenue comes from SALES – product over the counter in exchange for CASH). And do it with my full integrity and since my only fuel is passion (absolutely not IQ) – I had to identify companies that would have the best people and the best ideas and the biggest market – AND THE FASTEST chance of making it BIG. And here it comes – very surprising to myself: Its B2B guys. Not some hyper risky role-game for Twitter or some other hot sexy thing like Spotify – loosing gazillions a day with a stiff smile and tons of users. It simply takes to much risk for me NOW. (And yes it’s one big fat contradiction of myself). But Im involved with 2 companies in the B2B space – still shitass cool technology and bizz models (AND YES I STILL WANT TO BE A PIRATE AND MAKE BIG STUFF) – and it just feels so much more likely to happen – therefor that’s what I’m doing. Running after 10-30mioEUR revenue first year of operation and a healthy scalable company – surrounded by the very best people and CLIENTS!!!

Sorry if I’m not motivating

To all of you dear valued consumer startups following me – don’t give up – it’s just a period (might be 4-5 years) – but I really pray for you and hope that I’m not killing dreams with this post. (Just hate to think about how many Facebook games and iPhone apps out there – who are burning – and only burning CASH).


I find good inspiration in Saul Klein (I was NOT impressed with him at Skype) – but this is a FANTASTIC ARTICLE – I follow many good twitter people – I leverage twitter to the max – and actually helped 3 upper smart guys to build the company via my RECRUIT TWEETS. And I once in a while read David’s article: Overnight success takes years and get reminded of 1996 when he was working for us batch scanning pictures – crazy kid (SUPERSTAR). And then I must admit – I get more calls from the Business Angels “who knows I will be back” (they think). VC’s then ever – and that feels nice – that the guys with the oil – still finds my ability to burn and heath worth throwing money after.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – focus you know – and today instead of getting hammered it got: rid of these thoughts.

PS. Cant wait to tell you more about my stealth stuff. But let me unveil – its about search and real time.

Pps. Whatch this Video and keep on until you get what they are talking about – ITS THE FUTURE. And the MS guys is fucking brilliant.


I forgot to underline that Im so focued that I dont do new deals – so please dont sendt things to me (it’s hard for a deal addict) – and they havent made any pasters or chewinggum for that yet.