This post was written by Morten Lund

Travel Kit – I might be an expert

Today I asked myself the question, what am I really good at – and I found out that traveling light 2-3nights is something Im really exspirienced in.


1) Laptop – well obvious – if you are a Gmail user install OfflineSync and always have a couple of your favorite TV shows ready.
2) iPhone/iPod and Sync/Charging cable – most hotels have a way to play iPod – but often no power
3) Business cards – well good when you sit next to someone interesting in the plane or …
4) Charger for the Laptop (and US adapter IMPORTANT)
5) Highres pocket Video Camera – perfect for documentation – and with – its amasingly easy to share ideas/exspiriences…
6) Purse – well – u kind of need it :) – for specially if you have a creditcard
7) Sunglasses (against head ache) – make’s you like cold and wannabe  cool – but well sometimes you need it
8) Crosscountry sports shoes (Running/Tennis/Basket…) – you never know what oppertunities you get…
9) Bose noise canceling headset (twin jack to share shound and plane jack to use for movies on the plane.
10) A good book – just in case the flight is delayed and you have no more power on ur laptop – or the unthinkable – you have answered all ur mails
11) Running tights (can be used for swimming) + shirts – unless u r a true nudist
12) Something to controle your hair – if you are like me and have so much rage against the fact that you werent young in the 1970’ies – hippie times – and let your hair grow.
13) Key to your home – so that you can get in when you get home unexpectedly – and you don’t want to  wake up everyone
14) Passport – since you need indentification in most places

(missing is toothbrush and maybe a deo)

  • khalil

    ..and now tell us the TRUE 3 items you need to travel. I leave you the Paulo Coelho as extra gift.

  • Simon

    it looks like an article from “Monocle”, very hip…

  • Asgeir

    The book I like, but would rather have taken my “bible” The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.
    One question: If I had an idea of a new internet company that in my business plan can create $100M a year, where to should I turn my self?
    Pls. respond (required).
    A little fish in a frozen pond.

  • Fabian Kliem

    Haha….just the same like me :)

  • Philipp

    Very interesting insight..thanks!!

    Quick question: no pen and notebook? Everything digital?

  • http://none marc fischer

    dear morten lund
    i am sitting here in switzerland and wondering how the f… can we get in contact – directly?! if i write you my phone number everyone (and i am shure there are quite many everyones following your twittering and blogging) will have-it too, which i wouldn’t want to. and maybe even someone who could have the solution to get the two guys out of congo with less than 2’000something. i have one something to talk to you about and would veryvery much appreciate you to contact me back – somehow. can we talk pls?
    tnx – peace – marc