This post was written by Morten Lund

People Around Me Want Fun

Withing the last 2 weeks I have talked to 4 people who wanted to quit their WELL PAID BORING jobs and have fun. That seems to be a trend – in reseccion? (Makes no sense). One actually ACT’ed and did it.

  • turbino

    Count me in.. when things get to ISO Certified, I run away screaming..

  • Mads

    I quit 3 weeks ago

  • Dominik

    It’s funny but above words caused the first time in my life I put my opinion on web. Three years ago I’ve worked for Corp and I figured out that after 10 years in deference corporation I should change something. Typically a lot of people are thinking about it, but the way from idea to this step is long and suffer ;-). I made it with support of my wife and daughters. The first 1,5 years was tough, a lot of time I feel that is enough I should back to “safety” corp gulf. I was internal fighting and trade off more freedom, more funny, more risk, more place for your growth but less safe less secure. And what is happen, Actually I’m able to spend more time for my daughters and wife, I’m able choose what projects to carry out, I’m able to get more money, building my company base on my rules which focus on people and backing to my ideas with some start-ups which I have had in my head since 2003.

    To sum up. I suppose that people who trade off what to do with their professional life should share this idea with others. Why, because in this way they can figure out that the same doubt have had, have or will have a lot of us.

    The best way it to try it with support your family and friends.

    I‘ve made it ;-)

  • Rico

    me too, me too!

  • Balle

    I work for free just because its fun !! :) But I am young and have no kids!

  • Charles L

    I must be a trend indeed!!! Maybe cause ppl realize that well paid jobs are not going to be so well paid anymore, or that they will become even more boring with the increased pressure and that it’s time to take those bonuses or savings and invest your time and energy where it’s worth it!

  • El Presidente

    Indeed, Turbino. Same here when places get Zagat rated :oD

  • Stev Stephens

    I quit 15 months ago – started climbing, canyoning and surfing and it really impacted my direction in life. Now I’m refreshed and designing fun entertainment projects. There’s much to be said for good ‘down time’.

  • N!co

    I’m in! Feel free to propose me some fun… and I beg you if it’s well paid!

  • Anton Schlapinski

    Ask for a scheduled cutdown on your timetable on a daily basis.
    Just go sharing. Share your time with your neighbours. GO TIME BANKING wherever you finf the opportunity! it’s just fun and a most buddhist-anti system alternative to this boring way of spending our lifetime.

  • Jim

    I did! I quit on March 13 – beleive me, an extraordinarily crappy time to be a banker in the U.S. So I said screw this, and joined Jennifer in Amsterdam. To stop working for “the man” feels great, now I just ride my bike.

  • sherryayn

    What’s their story ML? The one who ACT’ed?