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New Danish Superstars – The usauls, a Bosnian, a Butcher…

“Whats Hot In Danmark, Morten”

I oftenly get the question – what internet companies are hot in Denmark. And for quite some time I’ve just said – I still say that – despite the fact that quite some of their properties (DKBN (Nightlife pictures) and Arto (youth community) is getting their balls kicked blue by FaceBook. These guys are now going international with Spigo (first time in a language different then Jydsk :) – I think its a winner.


I always say Mygdal (23HQ and – its a mantra – he is TRUE TO THE SPIRIT of building. Its not business – or the dream of overnight succes and a Rolls. Its business/change/innovation/imporvements/etichs all in one (with the wunderkid Guan on the board – Harvard, MIT, NYU – the full shabang).


Jacob Wolff’s (no blog – no selfprom – no ceo title) little glass mousepad business – is now beyond 20mioUSD in rev and becomming the Burton of eSports – with a huge line of product and endorsement by 80-90% of all professional computer gamers. And you aint seen nothing yet. Bruce and Tino (CEO and HEAD OF PRODUCT DEV are insanely good)

Jimmy, Moseholm (and Rockstar Balder)

GoViral is in their own league – conering an industry that is huge but has NO IDEA OF HOW TO GENERATE REVENUE to keep up with their insane serving costs. (Youtube, MetaCafe…). Just got funding from Kenneth Ventures. NOTE: Balder got some cash and can now do new spacy things – thats so beautifull so against the “I build a cooperate carrer and become wealthy” – i love it.. Balder is spacy/crazy/honest/good hearted/smart/different/hardworking – and therefor now rich.


Amir & Plurk

Amir, 24 (this Bosnian wunderkids who lived in DK for 17 years) – has build one of the most interesting Danish startups for years. This is Twitter for the MESSENGER GENERATION – super cool – strange – sexy. Growing at nearly same peace as Twitter where in their first year. (I love that we have people in DK with “other ethnical background” who are succesfull – and love to hear how he has been building everything with a global virtual team. KEEP AN EYE on this thing.

The Butcher and The Salesguy – dont be confused by A Gruppen :) – these guys will build an impire around the construction industry and ass the lead services and marketplaces you can imagine. Martin (former butcher – still looks like one) and Partner is just the real thing. (I think)

I have no clue why I just wrote this post – 6.45 in the morning – but its: Done.
Haev a great day – I will :)

  • Ulrik William Nash

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  • Niels

    Hi Morten

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    All the best