Wow – Watch this (no comments)


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Start Your Day With A Dance

(I simply get off to this song – its ENRGY!). Run, Dance, THink, Blink, Drink og Act…)

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New Danish Superstars – The usauls, a Bosnian, a Butcher…

“Whats Hot In Danmark, Morten”

I oftenly get the question – what internet companies are hot in Denmark. And for quite some time I’ve just said – I still say that – despite the fact that quite some of their properties (DKBN (Nightlife pictures) and Arto (youth community) is getting their balls kicked blue by FaceBook. These guys are now going international with Spigo (first time in a language different then Jydsk :) – I think its a winner.


I always say Mygdal (23HQ and –

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Gekko if you love travelling (new startup from my friend and partner in (some) crime Dino) does the trick when you travel and you know that Hotels are not just Hotels.

Its still a bit fresh and getting around the site (adding friends, writing reviews) is not optimized yet. But you simply get the hotels and recommendations that suits you (IMPRESSIVE for me). I simply cant wait to more people will involve and share reviews – then this service is a KILLER. And I have really needed it.

Its kind of Social :) –

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Christmas Time at Squitter

Skype to get back on founders hands (NYT)

(I have no inside knowledge and have not talked to Niklas and Janus for 2months).

How would i do this (Skype relaunch):

Well its simple – I would give Evan Williams a call and join Twitter and Skype in a new hardcore gamble against everyone else in the social space. Twitter could be independently run – and Skype could integrate a smooth (WHAT ARE YOU DOING (nearly must) UPDATE) – and you would subscribe to your friends by default –

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New Rules Wanted / Needed

I think this guy is on to something.

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People Around Me Want Fun

Withing the last 2 weeks I have talked to 4 people who wanted to quit their WELL PAID BORING jobs and have fun. That seems to be a trend – in reseccion? (Makes no sense). One actually ACT’ed and did it.

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