This post was written by Morten Lund

God Good Google – less flue

Google has launched FlueTrends is so amasing – Google’s real power coming to show. They track how people search for flue’s and related terms – and since its live – they are in average 10-14 days ahead of predicting a flue comming your way (only americans for now). THATs the kind of stuff I LOVE – simply conecting the dots…!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Haislip

    This tech is scary stuff. What happens when GOOG uses this to predict stock prices? Could you back test google searches against the 9/11 event to find what people were searching up to the event?

    It’s tapping into the collective consciousness — If I were at 8200 or the Puzzle Palace, I’d be all over this stuff. Google is a database of intentions and mining that data might be EXTREMELY interesting.

  • Ilkka Hirvonen

    And the same idea with Twitter: using nearly real-time (hourly) Twitter data to find signs of flu epidemics.

    Still an early beta, just recently launched and still gathering first datasets, but later on really good results should be possible…