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Email From My Friend Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop

How many people dare to talk about whats really on our mind – SEX – and THE DIFFERENT ASPECTS >>> I have spend quite some time with Cindy over the last year – and have been thinking a lot about her amassing – ULTRA CONTROVERSIAL ideas. But Cindy simply HAS IT!!! Read her email (Dear Cindy I know you are OK with me publishing it).
Seems like there is no video on TED yet.

FROM Cindy Gallop (START)

I launched my small personal side venture from the TED stage on the opening day Wednesday Feb 4, straight after Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the World Wide Web).

Immediately following my talk it was BoingBoing-ed and garnered more comments than any other TED talk blogged on BoingBoing that day:

It was also Twittered extensively:

Huge amounts of people came up to me to say how much they loved it and how it is a serious issue that needs addressing.  Robin Williams came up to me in the coffee break afterwards, told me he loved it and went into a completely impromptu, improvised 10-minute standup comedy routine around the subject which was utterly, hysterically funny.   I wished I had a tape recorder – luckily one guy nearby caught some of it on his camera, and has now posted it on YouTube:

Liz Tuccillo, who used to write for Sex and the City (and is one half of the ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ author duo), came up to tell me she loved it and said that if the series had still been running they would have built an episode around it.

It made the BBC:

And a couple of others:

Ethan Z


Jezebel covered it
Plus Fleshbot has done a screen by screen analysis:
Fortunately I’ve been able to channel all this notoriety into some useful connections and conversations at TED for IfWeRanTheWorld, so all goes well on that front..

Do hope you’re doing well –

All the best, Cindy

Why Walk When You Can Gallop?

FROM Cindy Gallop (end)

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