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Changing Things Bigscale

Dear Valued Read

Let say I told a story about me being on a small Island owned by an exccentric guy who also have started space turism.

Lets say the island had infinite sun, the most amasing villaes, unbelieable staff, food from heaven, sunscreen all over, any kind of sport you want to try – tennis, basketball…watersports…

Lets pretend I was there on a mission to actually do some for real about climate change.

Lets say I was invited together with world class speakers… And lets pretend that the discussion was so untangible due to the difference between people who understand politics – other people who really get business and scientists who are rteally world class – simply all leaders in their different fields…

Let say that it was extremely hard for me to understand what the McKinsey guys actually ment when they presented their roadmap for carbon…

Let say that the leader of Scripps (Tony, scientist and now a friend) gave a presentation that scared me – and only as a bisentece said that salmon somehow had disapeared from California this year…

Let say I told you that we had the meetings outside in a balinese temple – lets say we had world class food, and bonfires at nights – lots of drinks and acted foolish – had lots of fun and at the same time i really started to get a little zimmering feeling in my stomach when I started to understand who difficult this climate situation actually is…

Lets say that after the 3 days of meeting, I was invited to go with a new friend* in his Jet to Miami (despite what Jets contributes to Carbon) – and lets say Im taking of in 1h.

Would you believe it? (I would not).

*who – along with his family, live in villages and cities around the Third World using hands-on perspective and eyeball to eyeball connection to conceive, develop and operate economic opportunity, training and leadership programs in countries including Rwanda, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Palestine. Programs include Teacher Training, Leadership Training, Micro Enterprise, and Peace and Reconciliation Efforts

  • Snob

    I would.

  • alex

    damn,would like to meet r.branson tooo! ^^

  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    > Would you believe it? (I would not).

    I would – but I am also just a naive dreamer :)

  • Mikhail

    Two movies i recommend to see, for anyone interesed in global warming:
    “An Inconvenient Truth” by Alber Gore
    “The 11th Hour” by Leonardo DiCaprio

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  • Stev Stephens

    better than believe it, i’d rather be living it – but not just for the sake of bragging rights, but because it sounds like an opportunity to broaden my horizons and goals.

  • folkerepublik

    bad spelling

  • alexei

    Was the space tourism guy 26-28 yr old from the US? I guess there can be only one, i think i know his partner in Moscow who takes care of the technical stuff.

  • Brett Tabke

    Do tell dude! What is the “rest of the story”!?

  • hannah

    Carl Safina – an ecologist worth listening to

  • Jesper Ellegaard

    Dear Morten Lund,
    Heard you on the radio tonight, good impression. I
    need to talk to you concerning global water idea. pls write.