Posted on February 27, 2009

A Real Living Icon and Legend

Richard Branson

It’s has taken me 7 days to absorb the incredible experiences from last week of being with Sir Richard Branson and his crew for 4 nights. (The Crew and surroundings is an important part)

The first thing I ever said to Richard when I first met him (last year) was: “You are one of my few hero’es and please dont fuck up – most other of my hero’es whom I met in person have fucked up.” But let me just confess instantly – He did not disapoint for a second. Not even a small nano second.

You can buy all the book in the world and read all the thesis in the world about building a spirit in a company – but 4 days with Richard (and crew) will give you the easy answer:

It’s about being real – nice – honest – empathic and really mean it. The guy’s started in Rock and Roll – and know anyone you want to know on the planet – he has all the money you (and your full family three) can spend and he has a sense of humor that can beat any average pro comedian and he has changed the world and he has respect in nearly all layers of socierty. But when you are next to him – the only problem is YOU – handling to be hanging out with your hero. Richard is NOT DOWN TO EARTH underplaying it – no no – but he is (unlike many superstars and superrich) listening and calm (without being ingnoring the souroundings) – and he is lively in all sences – but also very deeply interested in nearly every topic you can bring up. Off course – he also has to cut off a lot of people who just wants to talk to him and have the photo- to show their friends – but that as well is done in a gentle and human nice way.

I could go on for hours – in pure celebration – but I my conclusion is simple. Now I really understand why the TVprogram Xfactor is one of the most successful TVformats in the world – because when some has it – YOU KNOW and THE PERSON CAN BUILD/CREATE/DO everything he/she wants. Mostly because he/she has good karma and raw talent and can motivate others and let them be co-superstars as well. And that’s the big secret: Richard has a crew – wife, executives, staff and followers who are super super smart – and dares to really make a difference (and make failures). And they are all inspired by the leader of the Tribe – who is naturally interested in you and picks up a drink for you – and gives you that extra little feel good feeling… Naturally injects those Virgin values throughout the whole organization – so that everyone around simply has a GOOD TIME and WANTS more.

Its Simple!
Not Easy.