A Real Living Icon and Legend

Richard Branson

It’s has taken me 7 days to absorb the incredible experiences from last week of being with Sir Richard Branson and his crew for 4 nights. (The Crew and surroundings is an important part)

The first thing I ever said to Richard when I first met him (last year) was: “You are one of my few hero’es and please dont fuck up – most other of my hero’es whom I met in person have fucked up.” But let me just confess instantly – He did not disapoint for a second. Not even a small nano second.

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Financial Crisis Explained

This is just a perfect way to understand a bit of why the world in fucked

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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God Good Google – less flue

Google has launched FlueTrends is so amasing – Google’s real power coming to show. They track how people search for flue’s and related terms – and since its live – they are in average 10-14 days ahead of predicting a flue comming your way (only americans for now). THATs the kind of stuff I LOVE – simply conecting the dots…!!!!!!!!

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Best TEch Movie Ever

Forget about the Matrix – this is endles fun if you have worked with tech ever…

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Changing Things Bigscale

Dear Valued Read

Let say I told a story about me being on a small Island owned by an exccentric guy who also have started space turism.

Lets say the island had infinite sun, the most amasing villaes, unbelieable staff, food from heaven, sunscreen all over, any kind of sport you want to try – tennis, basketball…watersports…

Lets pretend I was there on a mission to actually do some for real about climate change.

Lets say I was invited together with world class speakers… And lets pretend that the discussion was so untangible due to the difference between people who understand politics –

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This Is Science

I think this is interesting

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Use your Voice To Draw

Just found this after a great night of being sleepless in Puerto Rico – try it and beat me /its DIFFICULT

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Whats An Engel Investor?

This is vrey very interesting for all of u who wants to underdtand what I do – and how my hero (and nearly friend who have invited my into a couple of deals) Ron Conway thinks… And also Mike Maples (SMART!!) gives a very very good insight to the really early stage investing.  LISTEN. And please listen to this before you contact me.

Mike: A lot of people want to just have launch and talk about ideas…

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Email From My Friend Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop

How many people dare to talk about whats really on our mind – SEX – and THE DIFFERENT ASPECTS >>> I have spend quite some time with Cindy over the last year – and have been thinking a lot about her amassing – ULTRA CONTROVERSIAL ideas. But Cindy simply HAS IT!!! Read her email (Dear Cindy I know you are OK with me publishing it).
Seems like there is no video on TED yet.

FROM Cindy Gallop (START)

I launched my small personal side venture from the TED stage on the opening day Wednesday Feb 4,

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Dreative You (WATCH THIS)

I have seen a lot of good TED stuff but nothing like this. Integrity and brainy – one nice honest person.

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Picture Pictures….

I can look at the press photo awards pictures FOREVER – link – http://www.worldpressphoto.org

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Sometime you fail

Well – nothing to say

(Via Michel http://www.rvlsgroup.com)

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