Posted on January 16, 2009

The End or The Beginning (Start)

Yes I’m under extreme pressure. Nothing to hide!!

I’m going to next level of radical truth – after going trough hell and having survived mentally only from the backup from my enormous network in the real world (100= days of traveling pr year), on this blog, facebook linked and twitter…

1 Testing the friend – myth

Everyone has told me that it’s now I will see who my real friends are. And I’m very positively surprised. Everyone + people who are not close has been extremely supportive. The actual price of my friendship has a rate :) – to make my survival fund/bailout.

Best sms from a very strong investor/entrepreneur: “Hey Morten – let me know if you need cash for kids and their schools. We don’t leave soldiers behind”.

2 : Killing negative and conspiracy

I have ALONE TAKEN ALL DECISIONS – and no one (nothing) from outside can be blamed. I have quite some people writing me – to tell how stupid the system is and how everyone tries to cheat.. Thats not my mindset – and not my experience – and don’t write me to get support in that direction.

Best live ACT (proof): – a fantastic guys (not overdressed) went to the tv-studio where  was interviewed – and told me how much the system had been after him… I was very flattered that he went all the way – but had to state that blaming society and conspiracy is NOT ME. Then he gave me a handwritten bizcard – and told me that no matter what I could have his Mac Book Pro. (I was so moved).

3 : Saying – S.O.R.R.Y.

Behaving civilized (not something I normally do all the time) is to solve conflicts. I’m so happy mentally that I don’t have “aggressive daytime visions” anymore about:
A: the guys who took me down
B: how to ever solve my extreme dept generated from the paper.

Its feel like my ass is itching and my arms are to short to do anything about it… But I will invent a mechanism to itch back.

Best phone call: I had BIG TROUBLE calling my guy at the bank during the last many years. He is such a good guy and said: “we will get into fights – but you have been helping so many people and always acted with 100% integrity – so I will try as well”. WOW

4 : Financial Tsunami

When the whole world is collapsing and even USA is on socialistic capitalism (bailout after bailout). Then I’m not very sure that I could sell any companies for the next 24months anyway – the Danish banks are OUT OF MONEY – and all my smaller portfolio companies have been called (means asked to pay their dept) with a 2days notice. Its bad, but also = oppertunity.

5 : Believing my own bullshit

I still do (mostly) and to me “risk equals = reward”. And note that Im serious about not beliving in failure (its Anthony Robbins bullshit but I use it) – its just another experience and I’m used to it and I can and will handle it.

6 : Moving on

I trust in myself (thanx Mum) – I fucked up – but I will solve it. And just 3 days after disaster – Im still getting 1-3 opportunity a day (and looking at the backlog of 200+). And I will be back before you can say – WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

7 : You may that I’m a dreamer

– but Im not the only one. Again thank you for the 3000+ support mails, comments, sms’s, facebook notes.

Funniest facebook message: “I will make u Swedish meatballs and potatoes for free – if u will help me and my friend with our biz – and my mom thinks u r hot.” :) (What the fuck is that about)

no 8 and 9.

Should have been something about green-tech – but I’m looking at a new project that gives my system goosebums – and I’m not ready write about it.

10 : My portfolio

I cant speak about it – rules are rules. But look at the rest of the bullet point and do the math. But I can say that 25% of my portfolio is closing down due to the crisis – startups are so 1999 these days. :(

Will I miss anything. Only two things: My house (if I loose it – it looks like it) and Paying for all kinds of dinners (all over the world). I have payed for 99% of all dinners I have attended the last 10 years – and I like it much more then the other way around. But again – its NOTHING.

Have a great day – and don’t worry about me – it’s 99% about materialistic problems (rich people thinking about what pink hearths in diamonds they want to buy for their stinking ugly dog). There are real problems out there – Go solve them.

PS. Leave a comment. Don’t be soft or unnecessary positive :) – lets go for radical truth.