This post was written by Morten Lund

The End or The Beginning (Start)

Yes I’m under extreme pressure. Nothing to hide!!

I’m going to next level of radical truth – after going trough hell and having survived mentally only from the backup from my enormous network in the real world (100= days of traveling pr year), on this blog, facebook linked and twitter…

1 Testing the friend – myth

Everyone has told me that it’s now I will see who my real friends are. And I’m very positively surprised. Everyone + people who are not close has been extremely supportive. The actual price of my friendship has a rate :) – to make my survival fund/bailout.

Best sms from a very strong investor/entrepreneur: “Hey Morten – let me know if you need cash for kids and their schools. We don’t leave soldiers behind”.

2 : Killing negative and conspiracy

I have ALONE TAKEN ALL DECISIONS – and no one (nothing) from outside can be blamed. I have quite some people writing me – to tell how stupid the system is and how everyone tries to cheat.. Thats not my mindset – and not my experience – and don’t write me to get support in that direction.

Best live ACT (proof): – a fantastic guys (not overdressed) went to the tv-studio where  was interviewed – and told me how much the system had been after him… I was very flattered that he went all the way – but had to state that blaming society and conspiracy is NOT ME. Then he gave me a handwritten bizcard – and told me that no matter what I could have his Mac Book Pro. (I was so moved).

3 : Saying – S.O.R.R.Y.

Behaving civilized (not something I normally do all the time) is to solve conflicts. I’m so happy mentally that I don’t have “aggressive daytime visions” anymore about:
A: the guys who took me down
B: how to ever solve my extreme dept generated from the paper.

Its feel like my ass is itching and my arms are to short to do anything about it… But I will invent a mechanism to itch back.

Best phone call: I had BIG TROUBLE calling my guy at the bank during the last many years. He is such a good guy and said: “we will get into fights – but you have been helping so many people and always acted with 100% integrity – so I will try as well”. WOW

4 : Financial Tsunami

When the whole world is collapsing and even USA is on socialistic capitalism (bailout after bailout). Then I’m not very sure that I could sell any companies for the next 24months anyway – the Danish banks are OUT OF MONEY – and all my smaller portfolio companies have been called (means asked to pay their dept) with a 2days notice. Its bad, but also = oppertunity.

5 : Believing my own bullshit

I still do (mostly) and to me “risk equals = reward”. And note that Im serious about not beliving in failure (its Anthony Robbins bullshit but I use it) – its just another experience and I’m used to it and I can and will handle it.

6 : Moving on

I trust in myself (thanx Mum) – I fucked up – but I will solve it. And just 3 days after disaster – Im still getting 1-3 opportunity a day (and looking at the backlog of 200+). And I will be back before you can say – WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

7 : You may that I’m a dreamer

– but Im not the only one. Again thank you for the 3000+ support mails, comments, sms’s, facebook notes.

Funniest facebook message: “I will make u Swedish meatballs and potatoes for free – if u will help me and my friend with our biz – and my mom thinks u r hot.” :) (What the fuck is that about)

no 8 and 9.

Should have been something about green-tech – but I’m looking at a new project that gives my system goosebums – and I’m not ready write about it.

10 : My portfolio

I cant speak about it – rules are rules. But look at the rest of the bullet point and do the math. But I can say that 25% of my portfolio is closing down due to the crisis – startups are so 1999 these days. :(

Will I miss anything. Only two things: My house (if I loose it – it looks like it) and Paying for all kinds of dinners (all over the world). I have payed for 99% of all dinners I have attended the last 10 years – and I like it much more then the other way around. But again – its NOTHING.

Have a great day – and don’t worry about me – it’s 99% about materialistic problems (rich people thinking about what pink hearths in diamonds they want to buy for their stinking ugly dog). There are real problems out there – Go solve them.

PS. Leave a comment. Don’t be soft or unnecessary positive :) – lets go for radical truth.

  • Morten E. Wulff

    Well, I sure enjoyed that salted pork with chestnuts, apple flowers, and mushrooms from the forest … at Restaurant Geranium (Michelin of course). It was awesome. Thanks dude.

    I think the tide will probably turn pretty quickly.

    Run Forrest, run.

  • Paolo

    The end or the beginning? Well, it all depends and as your blog’s title suggests, luck is always key. I was really hit by your post. You actually express in such a raw, but stil positive way, what I’m also experiencing. Let me just express my appreciation and respect.

  • John

    Hej Morten,

    Vi kender ikke hinanden, men du får lige et par ord med på vejen alligevel. Jeg er selv iværksætter og har været det i mere end et årti på trods af en relation ung alder. Jeg har endnu, 7-9-13, ikke oplevet en konkurs, men har da oplevet oppe og nede tider som de fleste andre. Jeg er rimelig (på jysk=meget) imponeret over den styrke du udviste forholdsvist få timer efter din personlige konkurs i diverse tv-shows m.v. Jeg tror faktisk det er meget få der kan takle et sådan pres og samtidig blive konfronteret med spørgsmål fra journalister, hvor man knap nok selv har haft mulighed for at fordøje de tanker som svarene giver – det er fandme styrke der vil noget! Som leder og iværksætter skal man være tro mod sig selv og passe på ikke at falde i forklædningens sorte hul. Derfor er jeg ikke et sekund i tvivl om, at vi indenfor en overskuelig årrække får dig at se på banen igen som en stærk iværksætter…

    Alt godt fremover.


  • Eniac

    What don’t kill you makes you stronger. So many times said and so true … Loosing money is a temporary problem, but losing faith eternal… Head up and in a few months you will be buying me dinner in Belgrade :)

  • Thomas Schulze

    mr. Lund,
    We own the Brand for Cleantech in Eur and just setting up Cleantech innovation challenge! You are on the list for the jury! We will contact you.
    Best Thomas from

  • m@rco

    Hello Morten,



    Not everything can be succesfull.
    But if you not try you never will know.

    Forget this one as quick as possible.
    And think about Skype and Zyb.
    And maybe something comes up that brings you new succes

    The only thing that matters at this moment is youre family.

    Take care. And keep possitive!!!!!

  • Balach

    If you ever plan on visiting Pakistan, you can stay over at my aprtment, use my desktop and shave using my gillete mach3.. we could also discuss technlogy if u fancy it :P

  • Peter

    Hey Morten,

    I owe you a lunch, so if you feel like vegetarian food, give me a call. I guess I’ll see you at one of the conferences this year anyhow? Will you be given the “honorary sponsor of the year”-award at Reboot maybe? :-D

    Also, you’ve given me a lot of inspiration the past years, and made me actually lend a lot of money to people over at KIVA after our last discussion in Stockholm – so thank you for that. I trust you will be the richest guy I’ve ever known anyhow. I think you already might be. As you know, money is not the thing I strive for, so you understand what kind of richness I’m talking about. Take care!

  • Wendell

    You’ve got an awesome attitude, always. I’m not worried. :)

  • Stefan L-S Jensen

    A lot of respect from me – the world needs looneytechs like you!
    You keep the spirit alive.

    All the best

  • christoph

    Keep it up!!!!!!

    When u in Berlin, give me a call and we go out for a beer

    the guy from berlin middle of december!



  • pr

    Hi Morten
    Lige nu er det som at sidde i en robåd, ude på havet, i kraftig storm og tæt tåge.
    Men alt falder til ro, og tågen letter, og så er det meget smukkere, når man har set den anden side.
    Kom med en god ide.

  • Joseph Dung

    It’s great b to be able to see the “real you” coming off from you pages especially as you reflect on current difficult happenings. It’s nice to see you meek enough to accept responsibility and admit these difficult words to treasured friends “I am sorry”. Most times we get wrapped up in our successes to the point that we feel really insulated from the “real world”. Morten…let me say that the real world full of ordinary average “invisible” citizens trying to eke out a living everyday is not all that scary! I know from your famous “psycho agressive” standpoint…that kind of life may sound too “average”…but in these low points there are very important lessons to learn about out natural limits. If you look very very close from your weaknesses could emerge your very STRENGTH to outlive this period. And of course great revolutionary ideas will always be out there and trained on hardship you might as well get “lucky” again to do even greater things.

    Being a Christian I would also suggest that you do take the time to explore the depths of the Christian faith. There’s a great lesson in humility you could also learn from Christ :). Take care.

  • Ameeeba


    You probably already know you are an inspiration to newbies in the start-up world and now you bring to light something that every would-be entrepreneur should prepare for!

    Shit or bust baby!!

    Good luck and we all will be watching this space!

  • Yvonne Schantz

    Saw you on TV the other night. Was watching it with my stepson, who said: “He is the most trustworthy guy I ever saw!” I am writing a book on crisis communication. I would very much like to talk to you as I think your way of communicating is exceptional and expresses the way your generation of business people think, feel and express themselves.

    Would you be so kind as to contact me?

  • Net

    Morten, happy that I the dinner was on me last time ;) and I’ll buy you next time again!

    You wanted the naked truth: I know that your spirit is not as high as it seems. Its totally ok not be in high spirit after such an experience. Takes time to heal. Take the time! Then come back stronger.

  • Irene

    Hej Morten,

    du sagde en gang til mig, at problemet med at tjene mange penge var den forpligtelse, du følte til at sende dem ud og arbejde igen. Det gjorde du så og det gik galt. Men du sad i det mindste ikke på dem.
    Nu har du givet dine middagsvenner chancen for at give næste – det kan også være en vigtig gave fra en, der normalt sidder med kontrollen.

    Og hvis Obama kan vinde valget ved at skabe en folkebevægelse med stor hjælp fra nettet (og fx Skype) – hvilken folkebevægelse kan du så ikke skabe?

    God vind!

  • Katrijn

    Dear Mr Lund,

    currently I am working on a slideshow in which I would very much like to feature a photograph of you. Unfortunately, the agencies to which I have access do not have a picture of you. Is it possible you grant me the right to use the one on your old website? The one with the caption ‘WILD’?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards and thank you for all your inspirational blogs.

    Katrijn de Ronde

  • gloeckler

    this is by far the best and most moving blog post i’ve read recently.

    looking forward to read more about your green-tech thing.

  • Leon Benjamin

    Hello Morten,

    I’ll always remember the evening we shared in AMS a couple of years back and I hope Independent IP and Martijn will survive the fallout.

    However, I will never forget the insightful wisdom and advice you gave me late last year when I was faced with offers from start ups. It has literally saved my life and career!

    What counts is not only what leaders do and how they do it, but the inner place from which they operate. Morten – there are too few of you out there.

    Finally one of my favourite quotes:

    “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’ll be yours”. Richard Bach

  • Kim Hildebrandt

    Don´t be blinded by others support for past (even todays) actions, the future is yet to come! …no one have experiences from the future…

    Let your clean intuition guide you, and be bold when YOU feel that the time is right!

  • klaucy

    you will not know me, but i’ve been following your activities for a long time – also those during the last days. I know exactly, what you are experiencing right now, cause I went through this by myself. in the 90th i skyrocketet through a thing called multimedia and because of several coincidences and mistskes, it all blew of in 2001. of took me 6 long years (fridays where the worst, because you will get all horrormail in fridays) but in the end I made it to restart after all. it was really no fun at all, but i’m back and I’ve learned a lot about friendship and about how to treat yourself during a phase like this. go into every discussion with everyone – even The stupid ones, stay honest and keep your fightingspirit and most important: don’t worry. the good ones are allways coming back and even if all apears to be an endless Horror: it will end and there is always something great following.
    if you need any tactical or practical help, please don’t hesitate to ask.
    sorry for my style of writing. i’m sitting in a hospital with my son and i’ve got to use my iphone and The stupid textrecognition and so mistakes are not erased, but inserted… all The best, klaucy

  • kenson

    “Sometimes something has to happen
    before something will happen.”

    Johan Cruyff

  • Fred

    Hi Morten,
    I’ve got an interesting project for you. This one will enable you to make a HUGE come back within the next 2 months. Let’s talk. Lunch is on me at Rungsted Marina.

  • Rasmus

    Hi Morten
    Normaly I don’t care when ritch people fails, but I read a interview in Politiken and a I felt a tiny bit of sympathy for you… But seeing all these people backing you up makes me think that you don’t need my sympathy…

    Hope you rise again – And get some work done with that green technologies ok?


  • wout

    Please call me and lets talk. I know the way out and create great value and success/



  • Aashish Solanki


    Any support in Bangalore, India we are here!! :)

    You have shown a lot of courage and really inspire the first gen entrepreneurs. Keep penning your experiences!

    Thanks again.

  • Christopher B

    Hi Morten,
    You inspire me. Just a little thing to think about:
    “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”
    William James
    1842-1910, Psychologist, Professor and Author

    And I am still here and NOBODY will stop me from reaching my goals :-) Mail or call me

  • Alex Haislip

    Morten, I owe you a dinner when you are in California. Why not come by and pitch your portfolio to Si Valley VCs? Set up two-dozen meetings and just run through what you have that needs help. Someone will step up, there are VCs desperate for deals here (always are and always will be).

  • Vivian

    If you don`t get up and fight again it is a failure because you don`t use the experience you gained.
    I enjoyed your speech at LeWeb08 – honest, outstanding.
    All the best for your restart

  • Michel

    us, we fail sometimes, because of this we succeed.

  • Chadwick

    Keep Hustling my man. What you’ve accomplished doesn’t measure to what you have been able to teach others by how you handle your current lost. This is life, keep living it.

  • Daniel

    Morten, I am so struck by your honesty. It’s true there is no formula and we can only try. A lot of entrepreneurs are being hit right now and you are creating amazing empathy with your authentic words.

    A great quote: “Wealth is not how much money you have. Wealth is what you would be left with if you lost your money… it is the riverbed that creates the flow… connections, friendships, ideas, experiences, mindset, passion.”

    Of I love buying dinners for people. If you are in London… Pret is on me :)

  • Stev Stephens

    We live in an opulent and friendly universe. The cool thing is that you already know this. You won’t be back, because you never left. You’re right smack dab in the middle of a great life.

    Ever in Los Angeles, look me up.

  • Ed Celis

    Morten: I have followed your posts for sometime. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in business. I even chatted with you sometimes about opportunities in the mobile world. Now I have been reading about your latest adventures… and it occurs to me that 1) you have lived an exciting life, worth living. 2) Looking at your picture feeds/ feedback/ posts you have a great family, lots of smiles in you life, luck and love. You always will. Me thinks you are still very rich. 3) Mybe you will bounce back to the height of success, maybe you won’t. But you’ve been to the dance, and no one can take that away. Respect, and lot’s of luck.

    I’m just saying.

    :-) Peace

  • Heather White Laird

    You are insanely brilliant. I have no doubt you will reinvent yourself and I’ll be watching. isn’t that what’s it all about. To gain it and to lose it, and to gain it again is the thing. It’s more about the journey than the acquiring but i know you understand. I have shown your speeches to the creatives at my office. Only 50% got it, but that’s not bad. The rest can remain ignorant and I assume they also won’t amount to a hill of beans. So sorry about your friend. He was actually staying with Brad H, my friend in Santa Monica. what a loss. let me know if you’re speaking in LA anytime soon. I’d like to hear you speak. thanks for the inspiration.

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  • signe

    Hej Morten,

    Jeg tager den på dansk … Jeg har en idé til at revolutionere en livsvigtig men på nuværende tidspunkt ufattelig utidssvarende branche. Jeg har før haft idéer men ved ikke hvordan jeg får dem ført ud i livet. Skriv tilbage hvis du har tid og lyst.


  • Tor

    Hi Morten,

    I have been there myself some years ago so I think I understand how it feels. When you recover it will be like a stronger person. That is my experience anyway. Being rich on materialistic stuff is not what makes a person happy in the long run. Family, health and job satisfaction is the key ingrediences for happiness.

  • Morten


  • Chris

    Really inspirational stuff for all the other entrepreneurs out there – thanks for that!

    You’ll be back and bigger. We all fall.

    Dinner in Toronto, anytime.


  • Fabien


    I think, I’m to young (in business) to understand all you says about your faillure… but I learn about your “analysis” about this.

    I think, some mistakes are the best way to learn… and if you don’t takes some risks, you can’t learn. The cost of your lessons are hot, but the good things is that you know today that when you give, people will gives something in return. You know it’s in bad time which we can count their friends.

    You know, about my last comment about Sir Branson, I tell you, he is most looking for make meaning than make money. And people like this way… I think you too.

    Please, come back stronger and biger and …

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  • PeterWWW

    One of the reasons I read your blog is your honesty (appart from your daredevil style and story telling skills). Great post.

    Keep going you’re just to damn smart. You’ll make it to the top again and again!

  • Sean Heylen

    We had beers in Barcelona after the Uni dinner. I told you that you are one of my heroes and that I think sometimes financial failure equals personal success. The way you are dealing with things right now is proof of that to me. I believe the days of “buying dinners” will be back for you very soon. No one can ever take your freedom!

    Always in motion the future is.


  • Melina

    I love your approach… Good luck with everything !! I plan to do a bike tour in Danemark… looks like a really nice country !

  • sharon

    I don’t know if anything bad happened. We came empty hand and will go empty..In between is the journey . You created so many things, consider it to be gods gift for a stronger resolutions in life..I look at this dip as sign of a much bigger rise . Probably you had everything , minus few may be, which you are getting make it a more complete experience, end of the day.. There are very few who get to experience these extremes. There is no success and no failure…is the message.