This post was written by Morten Lund

Sad Sad – Steve Jobs is out

There is not a businessman in the techworld (whole world) that reaches Steve Jobs’ level. Apple, Pixar…. And this video just show how early he got it ALL RIGHT (exept from scrolling is in the right side :) – well the NeXT company did not go really big – but unlike many others he SOLD his “failure” for a fortune. NeXT in Wikipedia

Its just so sad that he is out for now.

  • Keith Butler

    It seems Steve will be back, while the company continues to move along. I’ve worked with Apple over the past years, and it’s interesting to see a company that is so strongly directed by the CEO’s vision, driven by technology and usability. I believe Apple will continue to grab share over the long term. We know it’s not a case of the ‘best’ products winning (or Microsoft wouldn’t own the market share it has), but maybe there’s redemption coming.

  • Morten

    true! but still sad also the Microsoft part :)

  • Benjamin A. Wendelboe

    He’ll be back! Definitely..! But it doesn’t change the fact that we’ll at some point have to face a version of Apple without Steve Jobs, and I think this whole thing has opened a lot of eyes to that..

    Being said how much I’d miss Steve Jobs, I also have to point out that both Phil Schiller and Jonathan Ive seem like really cool people in each their own way.. Whether they’d be able to run a business like Apple, I don’t know – but keynotes wouldn’t be all bad with either of them running the show..