This post was written by Morten Lund

Martin Schaedel 23 has passed away

Photo from Martin to me via MMS
Subject: Look who’s working hard – don’t blog :)

I knew Martin really well (few did). This is approved by Martins family.

“Dear Martin I miss you and I love you. All the time we have spent traveling, talking and partying and all your energy, amassing stories and knowledge – have helped me and the world. I’m crying now – because I have seen you with my kids (playing endless games) and I know how much your siblings and your father and mother will miss you. I hope you are happy where ever you are. I will always miss you (and I meant it when I told you that you were like a son to me). FUCK its unfair.”

Martin was an always online person and the web is already full of beautifull goodbyes Twitter search on Martin (hundreds of comments) –David Naylor (many y friend to Martin)Sullivan (many year friend)–  All Things D – says goodbyeAlley Insider says goodbyeLa Times friends say goodbye

This is impossible to believe in all ways. I feel so bad. I feel so bad for his fantastic family and the Mother (doctor) and Father (engineer) – who created the most unique and outstanding 23y old  Scandinavian kid ever seen in the business world. Because Martin Schaedel:

– was a true self made international bizzman 23y old.
– was loyal – like no one else
– had no fear (unfortunately)
– had gotten so much love from his parents that he dared scratching every surface of the world and did it.

– was smarter then most people I’ve met – and always challenged structures and deals and patterns – people 20y’s older never even understood. And he was following the world news, blogs, deals and politics via his amassing RSS subscriptions on mobile and on his 2-3 laptops.

– impressively made his own money since 17 – and spent it on OTHER PEOPLE (the only one who ever gave me a 1000$ gift – and loved teasing me by paying for big dinners while I was looking away for a second).

– travelled like there was no day tommorow – and max 1% of the readers here will spend as much time in planes. (please send me a link to his insane travelmap if u have it).

– was a boy of energy, energy, dreams, hope and mystery – He stepped into the biggest companies in the world – 100% self confident and gave a bold shot at how to do the next move.

– was driving his cars like a mad man – mad.

(post your own in the comment field)


Yesterday I was contacted via Facebook by Ari (did not know him) – telling me to contact him urgent regarding Martin. I had no clue what it was about – but it has happened quite often that someone wanted to see if Martin was for real :) – and since we shared energy level (on my good days) people had often asked me for a reference check. So I asked Ari to call me and he did in 5min. Within the same minute I received a mail from my journalist friend in NY that something might have happened to Martin. I was in Paris on my way to a meeting – when Ari told me that Martin had been with him in LA all day and Martin went to his flying/pilot lesson after their meeting – see his twitter:

Off to my pilot lesson at Santa Monica Airport .Ari told me that the next thing was news on TV reporting a small plane had crashed and 2 people died. Ari told me that Martin had passed away. I started shaking and crying – but somehow went into action mode – all my brain power went into finding Martins family. I talked to to get confirmation – they unfortunately did. His ID was found on him. They also gave me instructions in how to talk to the Schaeldel family – tell them to sit down and don’t lie and dont say anything if they were driving. I started tracking the family’s phone number – but it was hard to find (in my state of mind) – so I ended up using a danish secret agent – who was really helpful and found the number in 2 min. And then I took a deeeeeep breath and did the worst phone call in my life. (I don’t want to post the conversation). But – Off course I failed 100% and started crying during saying “Hello – this is Morten…”.

There are lots of news out there already and we all feel big pain.

Post your words and links here – and your memories (all of them please – the crazy and good one’s). for his siblings and family to understand how much we all loved him. They never met any of his hundreds of international friends… I will wear the t-shirt he got made for me with Motu Lund in big print (meaning big dick in some kind of Indian) today.

Note: I will update when I know when and where the memorial service will be taking place and if it will be public.

On a last note I will recommend you to go on to this post about his hero Astrid Lindgreen on Martins blog to see how big he was as a person. And yes I often called him Emil.

  • Numair Faraz

    Truly, utterly, sad. His story has to be told, Morten. We’ve gotta put it together!

  • Yuka

    Thank you for making this page. You described Martin very well. I am a friend of Martin who spent sometime together in Tokyo and traveled with him in Malaysia. Also, his grandmother stayed with me in Tokyo. I have received a NY greeting postcard from Martin’s grandmother, but there was no return address. So e-mailed him but no reply…I looked all over the Internet but haven’t found any way to contact Martin’s grandmother. It is just not fair…but at least, he died when he was doing what he loved. Martin will stay in my heart and will live with me together. No fear…

  • Shak

    I can only echo what Morten said, Martin sure was 1 in a billion

    I met Martin back in 2002 and for 3 years He and I were very close, he used to sleep on the sofa in our Shanghai apartment when I moved there. we travelled to quite a few places together and I truly loved him like a brother.

    My thoughts go out to his family and friends


  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    It is not more than a few days ago I had my last emailing with Martin. He wanted me to take over one of his online projects. I unfortunately didn’t have the time.

    This is truely sad!

    I’ve known Martin since he “sneaked” his way into Search Engine Strategies Copenhagen 2001 that I hosted. Even back then, at the age of 14, I saw a person that was something very special. As he grew he just got more amazing.

    I am happy to have known you, Martin. We will never forget you! I am sad that you left us this early. Rest in peace.

    > did the worst phone call in my life

    This the THE one kind of phone call I just hope I will never, ever have to make to anyone. I am pretty sure I would not do any better than you, Morten. How could anyone make such a call in a calm way?

  • Thomas

    Here is Martin’s 2006 Travel map, the latest I found:

  • DougS

    Wow and sorry is all I can say. Me and Martin had our disagreements over the years, but he was a character and full of life, and I am sure some of his arguements with me were just so he could mess around.

    A shame and a great loss.

    All the best to his family


  • James

    That photo was taken on a boat we were on together in Dubai.

    Needless to say Martin, after getting me addicted to grey goose vodka-“its the only one to drink mate!”, and lusting for the Amex cut from Kryptonite, made me hire it….and boy did he love it :).

    He was charismatic and confident and embraced life-Too often we shy away from adventure. There are many who will not acheive in a lifetime what he did in such a short spell.

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to write this as it is so clearly from the heart- What great people doing justice to such a sad day.

  • benjamin rohé

    oh my god! this is insane! i’m really speechless – the only thing left to give are my condolences to his friends and family and hope he will rest in peace.

    my deepest respect for you, morten, what you have done!

  • Joseph Morin

    Martin really was the ‘International Man of Mystery’. I met him when he was 19 in Stockholm and would run into him all over the world – we hung out in at least 3 countries. He’s one of the few poeple that I would just ‘run into’ randomly all over the world – oddly turn the corner and he was there. I even ran into him once on the London Underground and I never run into people there being from California. He always looked me up when he was in town and would ask for interesting people that he should meet so made many introductions for him – I think he sought me out because I too am a worldwide networker. I would get random emails from him asking just one question prompting me to always wonder what the heck he was up to now. I’m shocked at the news yet not surprised – this is exactly how he would have wanted to go out but certainly not this young. RIP Buddy.


  • Kasper

    Unbelievably sad, this accident!

    Only thing I can contribute with are the mile stats you asked for, Morten….

    – Miles flown: 138852 miles
    (5.5 times around the equator, or 58% of the distance to the moon)
    – Countries visited: 16 (on 4 continents)

  • Nick W

    I met Martin a few times back when he was still heavily in to Search and just before he started working more with you Morten and though my wife and I only met him those few times in bars and conferences he had a way of truly being great friends with you, and making you want to be a great friend back — we always loved martin, and always knew he’d end up doing great things.

    What a horrible, horrible waste of a life that at 23yrs would not have really even started for most young people, but for Martin…

    well, he was very, very different.

  • Dave Naylor

    the speed boat picture made me laugh, that was taken in Dubai James sent me about 5 pictures of Martin on that trip telling me what i was missing and that i needed to get on a plane there was a gt40 waiting for me at the airport ..

    Martin was a really pain in the arse friend and I won’t have had it any other way, a super smart kid that had such a awesome future ahead of him.. man I miss his yo yo yo what’s happening IMs

    I still remember the first time I met you Morten, Martin was so proud to be apart of your world.

    peace dude
    Dave Naylor
    Dave Naylor

  • Nikolaj Nyholm

    reminds us how fragile we all are, even super-heroes like martin. i can’t claim to ever really have understood him, but am sorry it’s been more than a year ago i really tried.


  • Jeff

    I met Martin at a business meeting in the PhoCusWright conference in 2007. He arrived late and we had just met his colleagues. When Martin walked up, my first impression was that he was so young, he must have been an intern. Once he started asking questions, I knew he wasn’t.

    In the two years since, Martin has been a remarkably supportive friend. I can’t tell you he was a good friend. We saw each other once every six months. But he was on my phone, text and IM almost daily helping me get through one of the toughest years of my life. I cherished him as a confident and counselor. Amazing, in that he was half my age.

    God speed, Martin.

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  • ukgimp

    I remember getting an email from Martin asking if I was free for a meeting in London, I was and I met him for the first time. This was 91 or 92. I turned up. He used to have a lot of influence in who got invited to these private meetings.

    I am glad he took a liking to me and and for the times I met him and all the other people I now call close friends because of Martin..

    He always intrigued me, and made me laugh with his honesty.

    Condolences to all and his family.


  • Spencer Morgan

    Dear Friends of Martin,
    I am very sorry for your loss. I did not know Martin. I’m a reporter for the New York Observer, and I’m interested in writing a story remembering his life. I’d be grateful to speak to anyone who knew him. Please email me at

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  • Timo Heuer

    Altough I did not know him personally, I feel really sorry. And Morten — great blog post!

    I am 17 and European, too. I much respect his career and his extraordinary accomplishments! He definitely is one of the heros!

    -Timo (from Germany)

  • Hlin

    Martin was a great guy and i really enjoyed the few times he came to dinner in our house. I could listen for hours to all the amazing stories from his unique life. He was so full of life and energy.
    My deepest condolence to his family and friends

  • Daniel

    I knew Martin growing up, we went to school together. 5th and 6th grade. Knew his family. We used to hang out when we were young. We actually played alot of golf together…not a pretty sight back then =) But then we grew older and didn’t really hang out anymore. Went different ways. Used to bump in to him once a year maybe, when he was back in town. He was definitely one of a kind, and I’m glad to have known him!! I know he’s in a better place now.

    All my love to his friends and family.

    …Rip friend

    – Daniel

  • Flo

    I was so shocked when I heard that Martin died! I still can’t believe that such a great person left us. I met Martin the first time at his parents’ house where I lived for some weeks until I got an apartment in the same town (I’m studying there). Getting in contact with the Schaedel family was the best thing that could happen to me here in Sweden – such nice people. I really feel so sorry for all that!

  • Josh Mather

    I truly feel this story, my best friend with similar characteristics in many ways died last year in a climbing accident, it brings more than a tear to my eye…the heartbreak and the beautiful life that has left this world too early. Thoughts and prayers go out…

  • Bjarke

    I can’t believe this. I had frantic meetings with Martin in NY but even though we both had NYC as our base we mostly had to hook up on Skype and email (even now I am looking at his signed out Skype name with an empty feeling). First time I met him was at NY Fashion Week and I though he was a total wacko. It made it even more amazing to get to know him for real (all though understanding him for real is different). This is yet another reminder to seize the day. Martin surely did that.

  • Christiana Drea

    Not sure if you would like to see my tribute to Martin — a man I did not know — but he moved me — his words moved me. After I wrote about how he made me think about life, I then put together some of his Tweets so people could read him in his own words.

  • Johannes Bertorp

    Me and my girlfriend used to call him “small martin”. The nick was not much appreciated by him, but to me he will always be this little boy travelling the globe, reading his books and not cleaning up his room. In one moment super materialistic and obsessed with senator/centurion cards and the next second very sensitive and caring. He was the first much-younger-than-myself person I met that impressed on me both from a internet/business point of view, but especially his social-skills. I had to some extent a similar background with internet business from a young age, but lacked the social/networking skills and still do :-)

    This was London and it was back in 2004/2005 I think. I have not met with him much since he left London for Shanghai, but he was really a person you could meet anywhere – and i have – without either of us knowing the other would be there. It makes me sad to read old emails from him and realizing how many ideas and project he had and that I may not have been as good in keeping in touch and getting back as he did.

    I am sure Martin had a very very special life with more experiences, good and bad than most living creatures will. You will be missed, small martin, you will!


  • Alex

    Very sad to hear this. I met Martin in London 2003 when he was a kid. We’ve socialised on and off depending on were in the world we where.

    He visited our home outside Lund several times last year and I recall him saying he would get a flying license. It’s such a tragedy for someone so young to go so early, but atleast he left this world doing something he loved. He also had led a very full life for a 23 year old.

    My thoughts are with his family friends.

  • Patrik Johnsson

    Haven’t cried for a long, long time but did today. Lived with “little” Martin in London for a couple of years and feel absolutely heartbroken after hearing the news. Will seriously miss listening to all his crazy stories about Klum, Murdoch, Victoria Secrets and ridiculous airmiles… My thought go out to his parents and siblings. God bless him.

  • Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

    R.I.P Martin.

    Young man of flow, always out there experiencing life to it’s fullest and connecting with people everywhere, always chasing the next deal/the next experience. Just getting started in figuring life out.

    However how meaningless this is i’ll always think of Martin with a smile knowing he lived more in his short life than others do in a lifetime.

  • Jason Shellen

    Morten – I think I met Martin when you first introduced me to him years ago. Since then I’ve seen him in NY, LA, SF and spent hours on the phone, IM, drinking and talking about everything under the sun. His frequent IM and SMS pings will be missed. He sent me an email a day before he died congratulating me on a product launch and asking who he should meet up with in LA. Networking to the last! I told him to just have fun.

    RIP Martin.

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  • Megan O’Brien

    I don’t know why this didn’t publish but I apologize if it shows up twice…

    Martin was staying with me during this tragedy. We were very close friends and this has been awful. There is nothing I can say about him that has not been already said but I would like to share this story.
    I was filled with terror and sadness at the task of having to go through his things and give them to the Swedish Consulate. The one book I found in Martin’s backpack?….How To Win Friends And Influence People.
    I thought Martin had written that book but perhaps he travelled with it like some do with a Bible.
    Finding that was just so Martin, it turned my hysterical tears into laughter. I’m sure he was laughing with me.
    Always a sense of humour that one. I’ll miss him forever.

  • Jennifer Slegg

    I still can’t believe Martin is gone. He had brought me on board several projects of his, and I value the time we spent together working on FareCompare. It is such a loss he is gone, he was one of those people that could make a success out of anything. I will truly miss all the conversations I have had with him since I first met him so many years ago.

  • ferninter

    I’m sorry to have never crossed paths with him. Although, it sounds like we probably rubbed elbows, since he got around so much. I’ve never read or heard about anyone like him before, and his life is an inspiration. Guys like that exist momentarily, yet long enough to positively influence those around them. I’ll try to bottle this inspiration, and not let it go to waste. My condolences to his friends and family… it sounds like he was a fountain of positive action.

  • Jenni

    R.I.P Baby…Cu some day, ok?…Xo J

  • Bashkim Krasniqi

    I never met you before neither did I ever hear about you before. But from what I can see and what people are saying about you. It seems to me that you really were a great person. I am really sadden whenever I hear young people passing away. May you rest in peace and my thought are with your family and friends. God Bless You! R.I.P

    P.S My ex boss was called Martin he was such a nice person.

  • Nikolaj Sadolin

    My wife Funda and I “only” had the pleasure of Martin for three day, and believe me, it became three busy days (with full speed – also in the rented car, in which he later got a huge speed ticket). We both got very sad, when we read the e-mail from my friend Eric, that Martin’s unexpected had died at Santa Monica Airport.

    Just before Martin went to Turkey last summer, where he in one week would drive from Antalya to Istanbul – passing Izmir, Eric wrote us, that Martin, who we did not know, were passing by Izmir, and we of course invited Martin to stay with us.

    Before arriving here in Izmir on Friday August 29, 2008 at 9:30, Martin made several stops at the many coast towns, visited Ephesus ( ), and taken a swim in the Aegean Sea, which says a lot about Martin’s constantly energy.

    The first day after arriving at our home, Funda, as Turkish woman would do, asked Martin’s for his dirty clothes, which she wanted to wash. Martin had nearly not accepted it. Funda and Martin ended up in a compromise: Martin would help Funda in the kitchen – making brunch. After brunch, Martin went on balcony where he followed Morten Lund’s struggle with Nyhedsavisen, which he spoke much about (not understanding why Morten Lund had made such a huge investment in an “old” media), and prepared for his travelling after Turkey. Before dinner, he again went for short swim.

    In the evening, Martin told us a lot about his childhood, family and friends (all around the world), as well as the stays in London and Shanghai. He also told us about his different business ventures, and showed us how to use and many other websites. It was very interesting for both of us to hear such a young man with so many experiences.

    The second day, Martin went swimming again and then around the city. Later in the afternoon we all went with my friend Orhan on sightseeing downtown Izmir – visiting the bazaar, and then we found a place for drinking. Martin – were like Orhan – talking about settling down and getting married. It was very funny for Funda and me to hear these two young men telling about their expectations to their future wives. They were nearly negotiating to find out how the perfect woman and the perfect marriage could be.

    The third day Martin again went for swim, came back, and we had breakfast together, where after he took off for a business meeting in Istanbul. It seemed like Martin enjoyed relaxing on our balcony with his carbon computer these three days.

    The last time, Funda and I heard from Martin were at December 24, when he wished us a merry Christmas, and then on December 31, when he wished us Happy New Year. Martin then reminded us to send him an e-mail sometime before we arrives to Copenhagen next summer, so we can visit him at his parents in Lund, Sweden, where he will show us –and especially Funda – his hometown, which we both looked very much forward too.

    Martin was truly one of the most interesting persons both of us have ever met. He had already tried more than most people do in a lifetime – and he was still heading for new personal adventures as well as business ventures. I think he had a plan about seeing the entire world before getting married, so he would know which place were the best place to live.

    We will both remember Martin as an extremely positive, open-minded, and innovative person, who always looked for new challenges, had no fear, and appeared to be happy.

    It is so sad Martin had to leave the planet he loved so much travelling around on. Our thoughts go to his family, but also his many friends around the world, who like us, meet.

    Thanks for making life richer, Martin!


    P.S. Umar Akram has on Facebook made a memorial fan page for Martin, who loved networking. I am sure, that Martin, who networked more than anybody I have ever known, would enjoy to know, that all the people he left behind continues to enjoy networking on in his spirit. So I hope you will join the memorial page, which is here:

  • Jony

    Shocked. Sad. This terrible news found me in Panamá. Still can´t believe it.

    I knew Martin for three or four years. Met him when the first visited Buenos Aires, then spent time with him in Denmark and New York. He was an incredible boy. WIll miss him.

    Rest in peace, dude.

  • EK

    I cant fucking believe it. I’m so extremely sad.
    Martin was shining and smart and absoultely unique, and he we will be dearly missed by all.


  • maxd

    I heard of him in 2002 at a pubcon in London and was described as a 17 year old turbo search engine spammer. Never met though. I have seen this story a few places. Sad to leave the earth at such an age.

  • Chris

    Such a waste of so much promise and potential. My memories of him are on the link below – he talked me into giving him his first ever job in London at just 17! A true maverick who will be missed.

  • Fredrik

    Morten, I just received the annoncement of Martin´s public funeral which will take place on March 27 in Lund, Domkyrkan at 13:30. Got the info from his father Bertil who also sent the details as a pdf. If you don´t already have it, email me and I´ll send it to you.

  • Mark Mangan

    If anyone is going to be in NYC, some of us are organizing an event to remember Martin on April 7. Please get in touch if you can make it.

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