Posted on January 30, 2009

Martin Schaedel 23 has passed away

Photo from Martin to me via MMS
Subject: Look who’s working hard – don’t blog :)

I knew Martin really well (few did). This is approved by Martins family.

“Dear Martin I miss you and I love you. All the time we have spent traveling, talking and partying and all your energy, amassing stories and knowledge – have helped me and the world. I’m crying now – because I have seen you with my kids (playing endless games) and I know how much your siblings and your father and mother will miss you. I hope you are happy where ever you are. I will always miss you (and I meant it when I told you that you were like a son to me). FUCK its unfair.”

Martin was an always online person and the web is already full of beautifull goodbyes Twitter search on Martin (hundreds of comments) –David Naylor (many y friend to Martin)Sullivan (many year friend)–  All Things D – says goodbyeAlley Insider says goodbyeLa Times friends say goodbye

This is impossible to believe in all ways. I feel so bad. I feel so bad for his fantastic family and the Mother (doctor) and Father (engineer) – who created the most unique and outstanding 23y old  Scandinavian kid ever seen in the business world. Because Martin Schaedel:

– was a true self made international bizzman 23y old.
– was loyal – like no one else
– had no fear (unfortunately)
– had gotten so much love from his parents that he dared scratching every surface of the world and did it.

– was smarter then most people I’ve met – and always challenged structures and deals and patterns – people 20y’s older never even understood. And he was following the world news, blogs, deals and politics via his amassing RSS subscriptions on mobile and on his 2-3 laptops.

– impressively made his own money since 17 – and spent it on OTHER PEOPLE (the only one who ever gave me a 1000$ gift – and loved teasing me by paying for big dinners while I was looking away for a second).

– travelled like there was no day tommorow – and max 1% of the readers here will spend as much time in planes. (please send me a link to his insane travelmap if u have it).

– was a boy of energy, energy, dreams, hope and mystery – He stepped into the biggest companies in the world – 100% self confident and gave a bold shot at how to do the next move.

– was driving his cars like a mad man – mad.

(post your own in the comment field)


Yesterday I was contacted via Facebook by Ari (did not know him) – telling me to contact him urgent regarding Martin. I had no clue what it was about – but it has happened quite often that someone wanted to see if Martin was for real :) – and since we shared energy level (on my good days) people had often asked me for a reference check. So I asked Ari to call me and he did in 5min. Within the same minute I received a mail from my journalist friend in NY that something might have happened to Martin. I was in Paris on my way to a meeting – when Ari told me that Martin had been with him in LA all day and Martin went to his flying/pilot lesson after their meeting – see his twitter:

Off to my pilot lesson at Santa Monica Airport .Ari told me that the next thing was news on TV reporting a small plane had crashed and 2 people died. Ari told me that Martin had passed away. I started shaking and crying – but somehow went into action mode – all my brain power went into finding Martins family. I talked to to get confirmation – they unfortunately did. His ID was found on him. They also gave me instructions in how to talk to the Schaeldel family – tell them to sit down and don’t lie and dont say anything if they were driving. I started tracking the family’s phone number – but it was hard to find (in my state of mind) – so I ended up using a danish secret agent – who was really helpful and found the number in 2 min. And then I took a deeeeeep breath and did the worst phone call in my life. (I don’t want to post the conversation). But – Off course I failed 100% and started crying during saying “Hello – this is Morten…”.

There are lots of news out there already and we all feel big pain.

Post your words and links here – and your memories (all of them please – the crazy and good one’s). for his siblings and family to understand how much we all loved him. They never met any of his hundreds of international friends… I will wear the t-shirt he got made for me with Motu Lund in big print (meaning big dick in some kind of Indian) today.

Note: I will update when I know when and where the memorial service will be taking place and if it will be public.

On a last note I will recommend you to go on to this post about his hero Astrid Lindgreen on Martins blog to see how big he was as a person. And yes I often called him Emil.