Posted on January 30, 2009

Martin Schaedel 23 has passed away

Photo from Martin to me via MMS
Subject: Look who’s working hard – don’t blog :)

I knew Martin really well (few did). This is approved by Martins family.

“Dear Martin I miss you and I love you. All the time we have spent traveling, talking and partying and all your energy, amassing stories and knowledge – have helped me and the world. I’m crying now – because I have seen you with my kids (playing endless games) and I know how much your siblings and your father and mother will miss you. I hope you are happy where ever you are. I will always miss you (and I meant it when I told you that you were like a son to me). FUCK its unfair.”

Martin was an always online person and the web is already full of beautifull goodbyes Twitter search on Martin (hundreds of comments) –David Naylor (many y friend to Martin)Sullivan (many year friend)–  All Things D – says goodbyeAlley Insider says goodbyeLa Times friends say goodbye

This is impossible to believe in all ways. I feel so bad. I feel so bad for his fantastic family and the Mother (doctor) and Father (engineer) – who created the most unique and outstanding 23y old  Scandinavian kid ever seen in the business world. Because Martin Schaedel:

– was a true self made international bizzman 23y old.
– was loyal – like no one else
– had no fear (unfortunately)
– had gotten so much love from his parents that he dared scratching every surface of the world and did it.

– was smarter then most people I’ve met – and always challenged structures and deals and patterns – people 20y’s older never even understood. And he was following the world news, blogs, deals and politics via his amassing RSS subscriptions on mobile and on his 2-3 laptops.

– impressively made his own money since 17 – and spent it on OTHER PEOPLE (the only one who ever gave me a 1000$ gift – and loved teasing me by paying for big dinners while I was looking away for a second).

– travelled like there was no day tommorow – and max 1% of the readers here will spend as much time in planes. (please send me a link to his insane travelmap if u have it).

– was a boy of energy, energy, dreams, hope and mystery – He stepped into the biggest companies in the world – 100% self confident and gave a bold shot at how to do the next move.

– was driving his cars like a mad man – mad.

(post your own in the comment field)


Yesterday I was contacted via Facebook by Ari (did not know him) – telling me to contact him urgent regarding Martin. I had no clue what it was about – but it has happened quite often that someone wanted to see if Martin was for real :) – and since we shared energy level (on my good days) people had often asked me for a reference check. So I asked Ari to call me and he did in 5min. Within the same minute I received a mail from my journalist friend in NY that something might have happened to Martin. I was in Paris on my way to a meeting – when Ari told me that Martin had been with him in LA all day and Martin went to his flying/pilot lesson after their meeting – see his twitter:

Off to my pilot lesson at Santa Monica Airport .Ari told me that the next thing was news on TV reporting a small plane had crashed and 2 people died. Ari told me that Martin had passed away. I started shaking and crying – but somehow went into action mode – all my brain power went into finding Martins family. I talked to to get confirmation – they unfortunately did. His ID was found on him. They also gave me instructions in how to talk to the Schaeldel family – tell them to sit down and don’t lie and dont say anything if they were driving. I started tracking the family’s phone number – but it was hard to find (in my state of mind) – so I ended up using a danish secret agent – who was really helpful and found the number in 2 min. And then I took a deeeeeep breath and did the worst phone call in my life. (I don’t want to post the conversation). But – Off course I failed 100% and started crying during saying “Hello – this is Morten…”.

There are lots of news out there already and we all feel big pain.

Post your words and links here – and your memories (all of them please – the crazy and good one’s). for his siblings and family to understand how much we all loved him. They never met any of his hundreds of international friends… I will wear the t-shirt he got made for me with Motu Lund in big print (meaning big dick in some kind of Indian) today.

Note: I will update when I know when and where the memorial service will be taking place and if it will be public.

On a last note I will recommend you to go on to this post about his hero Astrid Lindgreen on Martins blog to see how big he was as a person. And yes I often called him Emil.

Posted on January 27, 2009

Change Your Mind

Posted on January 16, 2009

The End or The Beginning (Start)

Yes I’m under extreme pressure. Nothing to hide!!

I’m going to next level of radical truth – after going trough hell and having survived mentally only from the backup from my enormous network in the real world (100= days of traveling pr year), on this blog, facebook linked and twitter…

1 Testing the friend – myth

Everyone has told me that it’s now I will see who my real friends are. And I’m very positively surprised. Everyone + people who are not close has been extremely supportive. The actual price of my friendship has a rate :) – to make my survival fund/bailout.

Best sms from a very strong investor/entrepreneur: “Hey Morten – let me know if you need cash for kids and their schools. We don’t leave soldiers behind”.

2 : Killing negative and conspiracy

I have ALONE TAKEN ALL DECISIONS – and no one (nothing) from outside can be blamed. I have quite some people writing me – to tell how stupid the system is and how everyone tries to cheat.. Thats not my mindset – and not my experience – and don’t write me to get support in that direction.

Best live ACT (proof): – a fantastic guys (not overdressed) went to the tv-studio where  was interviewed – and told me how much the system had been after him… I was very flattered that he went all the way – but had to state that blaming society and conspiracy is NOT ME. Then he gave me a handwritten bizcard – and told me that no matter what I could have his Mac Book Pro. (I was so moved).

3 : Saying – S.O.R.R.Y.

Behaving civilized (not something I normally do all the time) is to solve conflicts. I’m so happy mentally that I don’t have “aggressive daytime visions” anymore about:
A: the guys who took me down
B: how to ever solve my extreme dept generated from the paper.

Its feel like my ass is itching and my arms are to short to do anything about it… But I will invent a mechanism to itch back.

Best phone call: I had BIG TROUBLE calling my guy at the bank during the last many years. He is such a good guy and said: “we will get into fights – but you have been helping so many people and always acted with 100% integrity – so I will try as well”. WOW

4 : Financial Tsunami

When the whole world is collapsing and even USA is on socialistic capitalism (bailout after bailout). Then I’m not very sure that I could sell any companies for the next 24months anyway – the Danish banks are OUT OF MONEY – and all my smaller portfolio companies have been called (means asked to pay their dept) with a 2days notice. Its bad, but also = oppertunity.

5 : Believing my own bullshit

I still do (mostly) and to me “risk equals = reward”. And note that Im serious about not beliving in failure (its Anthony Robbins bullshit but I use it) – its just another experience and I’m used to it and I can and will handle it.

6 : Moving on

I trust in myself (thanx Mum) – I fucked up – but I will solve it. And just 3 days after disaster – Im still getting 1-3 opportunity a day (and looking at the backlog of 200+). And I will be back before you can say – WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

7 : You may that I’m a dreamer

– but Im not the only one. Again thank you for the 3000+ support mails, comments, sms’s, facebook notes.

Funniest facebook message: “I will make u Swedish meatballs and potatoes for free – if u will help me and my friend with our biz – and my mom thinks u r hot.” :) (What the fuck is that about)

no 8 and 9.

Should have been something about green-tech – but I’m looking at a new project that gives my system goosebums – and I’m not ready write about it.

10 : My portfolio

I cant speak about it – rules are rules. But look at the rest of the bullet point and do the math. But I can say that 25% of my portfolio is closing down due to the crisis – startups are so 1999 these days. :(

Will I miss anything. Only two things: My house (if I loose it – it looks like it) and Paying for all kinds of dinners (all over the world). I have payed for 99% of all dinners I have attended the last 10 years – and I like it much more then the other way around. But again – its NOTHING.

Have a great day – and don’t worry about me – it’s 99% about materialistic problems (rich people thinking about what pink hearths in diamonds they want to buy for their stinking ugly dog). There are real problems out there – Go solve them.

PS. Leave a comment. Don’t be soft or unnecessary positive :) – lets go for radical truth.

Posted on January 15, 2009

Sad Sad – Steve Jobs is out

There is not a businessman in the techworld (whole world) that reaches Steve Jobs’ level. Apple, Pixar…. And this video just show how early he got it ALL RIGHT (exept from scrolling is in the right side :) – well the NeXT company did not go really big – but unlike many others he SOLD his “failure” for a fortune. NeXT in Wikipedia

Its just so sad that he is out for now.

(The day I lost my legs and arms part II)

I’m now 5months past closing my newspaper, and it has been ugly – ugly – ugly. I have been using a LOT of mental power to get around this situation and through it. Family, Partners, Banks, Banks, Creditors have been VERY understanding and I have been working like a dog to get through, especially mentally – getting my mind off the huge defeat it was to lose:

a big bet and
a big team
a big dream
quite a lot of money
my head (for some time)
– and then refocusing and coming back to what I’m (supposedly) good at: Starting companies – catapulting people and ideas into reality – and identifying where (big) money meets stellar executors/executable visions.

But I need to confess (I was insecure + afraid + a self-centered dickhead towards 2 of my own soldiers) – but I can only see that now.

I have had a fallout with 2 guys from top management Svenn and Morten, and quite a lot of mud has thrown around. And I have been furious and felt that I was a victim – and I felt these guys where wrong/washing hands/burning me to look good/not sharing responsibility. But Monday this week at a pre-courtroom meeting I realized that it’s all about me being stupid and selfish and NOT LIVING UP TO THE ETHICS I WANT TO – put simply, I realized that my behavior was completely wrong (and yes it took me 5months). But I never had a lawsuit filed against me, never had to appear in court before and I intend to keep it like that. It took quite some time – but Im not too proud to change my mind and give a GIANT APOLOGY !

1) Jan/Feb 2008 I did a deal with my TOP management – I personally underwrote a 1 year salary compensation and some super-warrants (In case the venture should fail) – because I believed in them. I gave them my word.

2) Until the last day Morten (and Svenn) worked like hell – were present 24/7- hyper energetic – always very very very loyal – and hard as steel towards anyone who dared to say anything wrong about the project. Even the final “standing up in front of all employees” – they offered to take care of.


3) During closing I was – scared like hell – didn’t dare to think through all consequences – Chose to listen to the advise of lawyers who didnt know what they were doing – and where our documents where.

3a) Monday morning 8.00 – I told Svenn and Morten that I would keep my word – but would have trouble honoring the money on time – and they would have to wait and help out – I would pay whatever urgent bills and do everything I could. I kept my word! They told me directly: We want our deal – not talk (hey, that’s my motto). NOTE: I was stupid – and I was not negotiating, just demanding – and felt they should suffer with me (also financially) and I did not think about Svenn and Morten’s security and real life economy. They where looking at a guy who just burned 150mio(DKR) – traveled the world – WAS very rich – talked about billions – and had no chance of knowing that I was at the time 99% bankrupt despite my huge portfolio – used private jets – had an art collection – was a clean tech (wannabe three-hugger) investor….

4) Tuesday one week later – During that upcoming week I did not dare to call Svenn and Morten – since I was not myself in the storm! And my x-lawfirm told me that the contract with TOP MANAGEMENT had never been signed – I made one of the worst mistakes of my life (confused, afraid and full of self pity) – I told Morten and Svenn that the contract was not signed and that I would not honour it. I broke my own rule number one I RAN FROM MY WORD – and of course they got insanely mad. I would have gone ballistic as well. Eepecially as the signed contract was at my x-lawfirms other office (Svenn used them). The rest is well know – I was accused of everything possible – and had to defend myself – (of course I had done nothing even remotely illegal – but I was blamed and hurt like very few Danish entrepreneurs my age – actually I felt as if I had lost my arms and legs) – as a guy who runs from his word deserves.

5) Until Monday this week – I had to deal with very strong self pity and emotions against Svenn and Morten – and I felt betrayed (called them the silliest names in the media) – but also – probably because my situation is not solved*. But with the Gaza conflict in mind I had an epiphany and realised that I needed to keep things in perspective. I realized that my situation was more than 90% my own fault – and in the bigger picture my troubles are so small and such wast of good energy, time and money – If I can’t solve my own shit how can there be any hope. Secondly, I have to state that I have been way too close to seeing how you can bend rules and how weak contracts really are (and how much I could have used it – and could be forced to use it) – I’m simply scared that once you end up being on the other side using the rules and the system to postpone simple things, you can’t go back. And therefore this:

Dear Morten and Svenn – I have been acting in a selfish, demanding, foolish way and I did not keep my word. Im sorry – I will of course do so (when possible). And I fully understand that you guys wanted to set me under fire – I would have done worse things if a idiot had not kept his word to me. My deepest and biggest apologies!

*but Im close banks and everyone else has been all cool – and if I will go bankrupt it’s due to the financial crisis on top of this unwise paper investment. My portfolio is GOOD and STRONG – but all creditlines to companies are being called in and some are dying). I have had some legal meetings around this – and felt so bad about it.

I have to finish off with the song from Nike’s Olympics commercial: I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier – and next time I will honour my word to my soldiers.

ps. this is what it looks like: A way to get peace in my soul – and focus on the important stuff. I could easily take 24months in court and get at huge discount on the amount – my new legal guys are fantastic (and hate me for writing this). It’s just not me and its not gonna happen – time spent in court is time wasted!

read to title again