This post was written by Morten Lund

Wireless Music in Your Home

I have been growing up with butchers and new rich people instantly bying B&O – as soon as the had the chance – and the high flyers had a B&O-LINK system (interhouse). It is a minimum 20.000$ investment – and you need to really be B&O geeky to use it… Now – with music on all devices – PC, Mac, Phones, iPods – it even more relevant with a system for the whole house – and there are 4-5 systems that seems good like

Sonos Digital Music System VERY EXSPENSIVE
Logitech Squize Box

But as (always) Apple seems to be most simple and first – iTunes in mind – but Airport Express and iPhone with Remote Access is simple and not that expensive. WOW – see this simple Apple tutorial Video

  • kahrzdn

    If you combine Ipod Touch and AppleTV 40GB/160GB and a shitload of Airport Express it is much cheaper than the Sonos bundles. (

    All we now need is a somebody that produces a product that combines an active speakerset and a airport-express – preferably a stylish flat wall-mountable one.

  • Brian Brandt

    that is so cool.. now that I just got an iPhone, I just have to get that Airport Express… thx for the tip..

  • Morten

    There must be active speakers and Airport express out there – in any shape and form and color?

  • kahrzdn

    I haven’t seen a active speaker Airport express combo on the marked or even an activespeaker panel with Airtunes.
    I think the latter could blow into a big marked like the ipod docks.

    I have surveyed the marked for wireless music the last couple of years and after some dead years it seems like everybody is on the wireless wave. But they invent their own proprietary standards around 2.4 GHz as a carrier and want to sell both the sender and the receiver.