This post was written by Morten Lund

Sime – news from the corridors…

(one a day where I got on t-shirts)

A chat with Peter a my room
The Pirate Bay has 60% of all BitTorrent trafic – and BitTorrent trafic is 80% of all internet trafic. Im nearly lost my ears when i heard that. (Im getting really handicapped – no legs no arms and now..)

A chat with Dan Dubno on the street
There probobly where some weapons of massdistruction in Iraq – and they where distributed to the countries around… (scary). More scary is the fact that – due to the extreme speed of developement in technology and knowledge sharing – its proboly gonno be very possible to make a Nuclear Bomb in 10 years… And scientists have geneticly modyfied human shit to smell like banana… (sorry Dear Reader its not nice info) – but the point from Dan D is that chemical warfare posibilities will be CRAZY OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS- imagine a chimical injected into water in Israel that would make all men sterile (SCARY – but scientist can do it (Dan is pretty/very much jewish thereor this example – darn Im turning political correct/afraid)….

Lunch with Nobert Teufelberger, CEO BWIN
Nobert made it pretty clear to me that Deutche Bank would have gone down if AIG would not have been saved by the bail out plan.. Also I got a lot of interesting knowledge about the worlds number one gambling brand (sponsor at Real Madrid and Milan) – but I can tell :)… (sorry)

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