Posted on October 10, 2008

New Media Days – Old Media Audience

In Denmark – we have a 100% tax sponsored national radio, tv and – it’s second to none the most amasing television and radio and web you can find. Journalist are top dogs and the quality of the entertainment-  the produce is killer. On top of that the kids content is propably the best in the world (but only in Danish). This institution (Danish Radio) also run a yearly event called

“New Media Days is where Scandinavian professionals from both traditional and new media converge to create the media of tomorrow. The event takes place in Copenhagen on October 8-9 2008 and will bring together more than 800 participants from all parts of the media world.”

– a pretty good event (you can say that its Reboot 24 months delayed – but Reboot is always extremely forefront – so that OK). What really really makes me wonder – is the fact that they yesterday gave the Special Price of Hornor to Lisbeth Knudsen – head of Berlingske Media – stating that she’s has done something special over the last years for the industry – reality is that they have done some beautifull websites and some pretty interesting restructuring but NOTHING SPECIAL consindering that they are a media company. That so fucked up. They could have given Lisbeth the price for being one of the most intelligent Danes – but the audience really showed how little they have interest in New Media by this choice – straight crazy.

DBA should ofcourse have had the price (transforming a paper to the most profitable Danish online company – but they dont do conferences – they work hard) or
Mygdal (one man army innovating for real – and challenging the whole world with his persistant brilliant mind)- or (very profitable) or
Freeway should have been reelected – or‘s founders – or

Ekstra Bladet (Soren is good and smart – and get insane CPM for showing naked Girls (side 9 is about 33% of all trafic) ;)

And I dont even want to comment on the fact that DR’s own website Bonanze won a price as well…