This post was written by Morten Lund

Selling more via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I have been looking at 20-30 different companies/ideas/people – to try make a business out of helping companies (with an online presence) to have more success (GET MORE TRAFFIC and SELL MORE) with search engines and online marketing. Its an obviuos KILELR BUSINESS if its done right.

If you know an english service like this – please put a link in the comments.

Im thingking SEO – bot aswords or banners. Within the banner advertising and affiliate network area we have since the very early days seen big companies – DounbleClick, 24/4, TradeDoubler, Zanox and many more – but no one has really been able to put SEO on bottles and sell it as a service yet.

I think Mr. Demib (the wacky Danish super SEO master) has found a way – where online properties can really gain value – no english site yet – see – its advisory meets consulting meets elearning – and will be HUGE – Everybody and his dog need help to understand the world of SEO.

  • Klaus

    Hey Morten, drop me a line if you are interested in discussing SEO stuff.

  • owadenko

    Morten you should have a look at Kliosk…Smart idea. It gives to every blogger the possibility to install a widget who displays rss feeds…Nothing special till there.
    But the trick is that this widget give you free traffic. So it means every time you will send through the widget one click the network of bloggers (manage by kliosk) will give you back one click. it’s bartering and it comes back to the old idea of webrings.
    It’s a french company and BTW they get after few weeks real good numbers…Tom ( still only in french)

  • Florian Dargel

    Hi Morten, check out, an interesting scottish company doing something in that direction.

  • Michael

    Here are a few

    I’M looking for dead-simple products in this field too – it will explode once done right.

  • Alex

    Hey Morten,

    SEO and Internet Marketing is indeed a great business in this day and age. The level of competition in the online domain is through the roof and everyone is now part of the game. I’m a Dane living in Toronto, Canada, and I have more than 10 years experience working with online properties. Now I’m working on a new project,, a SEO/Internet Marketing company. It’s a killer business indeed!

  • Kasper Bergholt

    Hi Morten!

    I agree with your that there’s huge potential in search engine optimization and positioning — if done right. Demib’s service is truly interesting and well-executed, as far as I can judge.

    However, most good SEO/web positioning cannot be fully automated. Google’s bots pick up on automated stuff pretty quickly with good reason.

    The tools Demib offers are primarily comparative and analytical, e.g. own vs. competitor’s keywords/domains, best practice methodologies and the possibility of human-to-human support if necessary.

    You ask for international services comparable to Demib’s:

    WebCeo ( ) covers automated stats generation as well as tools for establishing niches, promotion, analysis & maintenance.

    Best practice SEO guides are legio — but often disputed. In that case, Demib has a huge advantage on Danish ground as bein an established person (with media coverage).


  • Morten Lund

    remember me?

  • Alex

    Some people in this business are charging $1,000 an hour, easy. It’s pretty crazy stuff. It’s like the painting where no one knows the true value until the guy (or in our case, the industry) is dead. I’m sure us Danes (home, or away) will figure out a way to break through this business one way or another, though ;)

  • Kasper Bergholt

    Hi Morten!

    Sure. You visisted the Spleak office a couple of times & it’s hard to forget somebody you’ve impersonated in order to get them an express visa (China). :)


  • Rasmus Sørensen

    Hi Morten,

    Feel free to give us a hollar. Been playing the seo/sem violin since 1999 and have few ideas in that area too. Based in CPH.

    Coffee on me ;-)


  • Tanveer Sharif

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  • Josep Pocalles

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