This post was written by Morten Lund

New Blog Comming


Im getting a new blog design and some functionalty – and I really look forward. Its gonna be very cool – but Thomas – the amasing desinger and creator of the news thing has been a little slow. And now – dear Valued Readers – we will see him naked at Burger King on Wednesday.

  • David

    I hear that he’s so hot! I cant wait! :D

  • Nicolai Elmqvist

    Yo! I did half of it dude and on wednesday Thomas will be spanked by me with a Double Whopper Cheese. We look forward to show you how many burgers this guy can have right up in his butt.

    Tickets for sale now!

  • Lars

    Yieewww – Think I will pass

  • turbino

    super fede briller.. hvor er de fra ??

    jeg mener det.. hvor er de fra ??