This post was written by Morten Lund

Speaking in Faaborg from San Francisco


This morning SF time I spoke in Danish Fåborg via Video – as you see I was a little rusty ;) – and with Chinese “morning eyes” ;)

It was a bit strange to speak with out feeling the audience – but I will ask the Ruparena to comment on it. I got all on about not leting ayone hold you down – and mostly not yourself and your fear of others judgement. (But I have to admit that I was close to cancel the sepaking when I was i my bed here in SF – and got a bit nervous about what all these 19y olds would thin about me – and their teachers and their parrents… Im fucked up :).


  • kontorhotel

    no no no– u r not fuc….k up.. you use a mac… thats a sure tell tell sign.. def. not fucked up (-:
    Is there a podcast of the “speak” ??

  • Niels Berg

    Hey Morten.
    It was a pleasure hearing you speak on the video conference at Faaborg :)
    I was one of the “18-yr-olds” :)