This post was written by Morten Lund

Danish Election


Denmark is really strange in the good way. We have a world leading economy and we pay 65% tax and security is HIGH and people are very happy (despite a ugly dark winther). Its a big problem that 50% of the workforce in on some kind of welfare –  but is also fantastic to see how welfare (taking care of everyone – instead of only focusing of the loaded ones) has taken Denmark to an amassing position. Im pretty sure it would not work in a giant country (USA, Indonesia…) but Im proud here – and will probably give my vote to Willy (foto) or Helle. (Bu would even be more happy if they would also have a look at the TAX System (and lowered it).

  • Anonym

    You gotta be kidding me voting for those 2 fools… Try listen to Helle for 5 minutes o r look at Villy’s mission… That will scare any one knowing about economy in the long run…

  • Lars

    As the entrepreneurial spirit you are. It would probably not be a good idea to cast your vote on Willy. That is unless your want all your DK-based companies subject to hefty taxation.
    This is one of SF´ goals – to tax the companies a lot higher. (a bit like in Sweden)

  • kontorhotel

    are you kidding ??? I would have thought you were a 120% Ny Allince kind of guy ????

    Morten its not April 1st..

    But My heart has the same feeling, as “you”.. go Helle..

    But my tax/economy/selfish/visacard/ego has an other feeling telling me that Ny alliance might be better..

    Lets see..

  • Lau

    Here’s a video with Ole Sohn (43 seconds in), a politician from SF celebrating 40 years of DDR:

    I’m not happy. I hope to leave this country very soon and that SF won’t have me shot, like his friends from DDR did when people tried to escape.

    World leading economy? Not really. Look at Ireland, they cut taxes and went from one of the poor countries in Europe to one of the richest in the world.

  • henrik

    @ Lau: Yes, that worked for Ireland. But we still have the 3rd most competitive economy…

  • David

    Why is it that people think that you have to be ultra liberal to be a capitalist – I mean it works the other way around as well? The good people in this world are adventurous socialist capitalists doing good for themselves AND society.

  • Anders Rasmussen

    I saw you shaking hands with Anders on election night – sure you didn’t vote V? :-)