Grafitti – Me?


Someone in Helsingør has put my name on a wall.. (Probobly not mine)

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The Matrix of Life

I have some trouble these days – and think a A LOT. and I have to say the size of the Matrix is starting to be a little big – what ever I think of there is a new dimension… Am I wacked – probobly yes….

Google search: mathematical multidimensional matrix

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Who Is Who And Who Is Something

loic le web


But I do wonder quite a bit about how networks and circles starts and goes on. Le Web 3 – makes me first wonder: “How the fuck did I get on stage again (after Mountain Partners, Sime (fantastic), TechTour (no good)…) – since I dont really have anything to say – specially since I cant tell my secrets and where I expect to make the next 100mio). Well I really try to be direct – and no bullshit (but then again full of it) and as honest as posible.

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Nic Going To Aarhus

Nicolaj Reffstrup is going big in Clothing.

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Best Add Of This Year

Words are not enough – just watch it

(I would become a client just to support them).

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As Im getting older I think its underwhelming that

1) Swedish waiters ad bartenders are even worse then Danish (its off course just because of the welfare) – but its strange that one have to apologize to get early to a Cafe to the staff – who are all mad and morning pissed (and stay pissed all day)…

2) That its so embarasing to have been wrongly charged at the Hotel Movie system – that even I really dont like to complain… :)

3) Its absolutely UNDERWHELMING to see so many BIG COMPANIES not follow compaetition and open the HIGHWAYS OF OPPORTUNITY to young (and old) and worksome risktakers –

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Im Addicted

I know its such a kliche (like everything else in my life) – but im really addicted to running.

I feel GOOD
I controle my weight
I get high – and keep my short term memory ;)
I really feel that my body works better – and recovers better
Im less agressive … :-/

Im soo impressed with Nike and the way they have cornered all this – ANYTHING ACCESSORIES.

Being a “5min attentionspan guy” – Im just very afraid of loosing this new hobby….

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Zecco – wow

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Linus Art


its amassing to see how the Kids get instantly more creative with a Mac… weird!!!

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Online Newspapers


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Working at Work (The Onion)

What :)

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Danish Election


Denmark is really strange in the good way. We have a world leading economy and we pay 65% tax and security is HIGH and people are very happy (despite a ugly dark winther). Its a big problem that 50% of the workforce in on some kind of welfare –  but is also fantastic to see how welfare (taking care of everyone – instead of only focusing of the loaded ones) has taken Denmark to an amassing position. Im pretty sure it would not work in a giant country (USA, Indonesia…) but Im proud here – and will probably give my vote to Willy (foto) or Helle.

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WWW: Im Shocked How Good It Is


The last days I have been playing with webapps – and I’m very impressed. So many cool and even though “babystage” prototypes – can stop thinking about launching some…

The KILLER over all (winner on integration)

Good stuff

Interesting perspective

Fantastic resource for early stage stuff:

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Im Now (Also) an Appla


I feel like Judas – but I had to move to a Mac and try it out – and I must say that I like it – REALY LIKE IT. Wow. MacBook Pro 15″ – Im very impressed – but its too big.

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Things are not super at our home these days – but the kids get a lot of attention and I really hope they will not suffer from their parents trouble.

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Google OS Social

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I love teenagers Lisa: “Those bitches are so fucked up and dont know how to do anything…” :)

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