This post was written by Morten Lund

Working With People


I have had MANY people around me – considering that I think of my operation more or less as a one-man-army with lots of allied in my 85+ companies, project and “clubs”… But I must say that of all people Rasmus is impressing me to the max. I have also become more selfconfident on what I expect from “people working for me” – but Rasmus is just KILLER/STELLAR/AMAZING. Maybe I like him so much because he is like me – a simple genuine salesmann ;) – but I hope he can turn some big deals around and get better at numbers then I will ever be.


  • RennyBA

    You sounds like a perfect match – I think you both are DARN LUCKY!

    Btw: Do I get your support on my suggestion of the 2008 Peace Prize?

  • thescream

    I think you will like this post/forum:
    nice friends.

  • oliver

    Yeah! you’re right. rasmus is great!

  • serviced offices

    kan det passe at man ikke kan købe backup når man har en Mac.. ??
    virker ikke..

  • Ron Guerriero

    You truly are very lucky. I’m interested to discuss an extension of this wonder in the US. Get in touch. Ron

  • dontforget

    Why not say that you’ve had some pretty amazing people helping you today and in the past? Mark is an amazing smart guy no?

  • mortenlund

    Well thats what I tried to say

  • Robinson

    You’re a real deep thkeinr. Thanks for sharing.