This post was written by Morten Lund

Upload PDF and get nifty flash

Seems to simple to be true

The PageGangster dudes – have done a SUPER NICE instant upload tool for those who wants to flash the pdf´s. Try it here.

And I just loves those companies and people who makes everything look smoother then apple.. And YES – Im involved :) via the master of the good Life.

  • serviced offices

    looks cool.. but.. come on.. talk about overfancyfying something thats really to fancy to use…
    What happened to Keep it simple… ???

  • http://none Marc

    Who is actually the master of good life? That would be also a blog to read.

  • Húbert Nói

    Hmm.. well.. looks nice, but 199 USD per document! ??

  • david

    I tried it and thought it was nice, although the zoom function needs a lttle work. Quick, go sell it to Adobe for a few million quid;

  • mathew johnson

    I like the flash magazine ‘Ocean Racing’ – that’s my favorite similar interface: