Posted on March 6, 2007

Top of my head

Today Im a little bored – I was in Berlin yesterday (in out same day) – and I feel jet-lagged over a 50min flight ? Hmmm. What did I do in Berlin – well I met a guy who is even more aggressive in his investments then me – and actuallly successful – and nice – very nice. He did have the successful person disease – talk about them-self too much – but that’s because there is so much to tell – and I’m the same way ;)

Personally Im a bit angry at myself for buying the IBM X60 discount version – since it has no bluetooth. I think bluetooth is so penetrated by now – that we dont think about it – THATS PENETRATION (exept me being so stupid forgetting to order it). Thinking about buying this phone – but a bit affraid to be one of those who relly want to be funny and never is :) Im pretty annoyed by my SonyEricsson k700i phone – since the adressbok is full… also testing video conferencing tools – and just got the – will try it tomm.

I have been surfing around for the first time this year – I think – found these wise words ;) – I really think the one about the waiter is 100% right. I could never do a book – and would have nothing to write either – but a screenplay could be fun (just to do it). And for my interest in Branding – this is kind of fun – they should link to Wikipedia instaed…

Dear Valued reader – sorry to inform you about all this nonsence – but I ad to get ot out. To feel productive – to be ON – to show myself that Im not lazy, bored or normal… :)