This post was written by Morten Lund


Just arrived to this VERY NICE – the internet is fast as hell – the service is second to none – the design is Sandorson and Stark updated – the weather is 8 celsius (strange) – Im impressed.

  • Jonas Haurum

    It seems beautiful. What are you doing up there?

  • Anonymous

    My guess is: He is learning the iceland business model and will buy Symantec within short time :)

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if you are imopressed or not, when do you start doing constructive and useful things instead of just using your big mouth ?

  • Morten

    Well contructive things – comes from constructive input – so thats a dificult one… Big Mouth – well thats the way Im born.

    And for people who disagreee or dislike my way of living/posting/speaking/worring – please comment – but dont get on pills because you have to come to my website – there are millions of blogs outthere (more exact +21million)

  • Morten

    Bying Symantec seems like a fantastic idae. Ill talk to the guys up here to find the financial structure for the 16billion deal :)

  • RAF

    Beautiful hotel picture from 66’Norht. Will you share some more fab images from the trip?
    I myself spent a week on Iceland during last autumm. Just love the place. Have probably been there 10 times or so and frankly – It never seaces to impress me.
    Hope it was a good trip in the cradle of the vikings.

    Why buy Symantec when you have BullGuard :)–>

  • hotel pictures

    a wonderful picture.